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Sorry, I ate it.... :(

Oooooo! That's right. They did do that didn't they? (McMillan titles wasn't it?)

Thanks for reminding us Carol. That's something that "should (n)ever be forgot." :Thmbsup:

I am surprised you did forget.  Getting old aren't you. :P
Seriously though, this is the main reason I never did buy an E-Reader.  The concept is great and it is a no-brainer if there were some enforcements for consumer rights instead of focusing exclusively on the distributor rights (and by extension and to a lesser extend content producer rights).

First there was the hardware, with limited/no titles; at least none compelling enough to get people to buy in droves.  Then Amazon started producing titles for their hardware upon release.  That opened up the market, but with it's site fixed firmly in their own pocketbook, it was limited as well.  Then others finally saw the potential and the method and followed suit. 

Next is what I am waiting for - consolidation, standardization, and then real choice.  Haven't seen that yet though.

I am with you 100% 40hz.  I have dabbled in several different distros, use CentOS at work (now moving to RedHat Enterprise, because they are forcing the issue), use Mint Linux Debian Edition with xfce at home, set up others on Ubuntu, etc., etc....

By far, Mint is my choice, especially for the Debian editions...They just work (is this a Mac commercial?).  Once you get started you can dig as far as you want to on any distro, so learning on Gentoo or Slackware seems counterintuitive to me.  Sure you fight through it because you HAVE to, but if you want to learn it from the ground up, do it with the fallback to something you can find instead of frustrating yourself out of Linux all together.  Many find learning through that frustration not worth the effort, especially when they need/want to get stuff done.  

I have gone more the other way though.  As much as I like linux, especially Debian version of Mint, I am leaning far more heavily toward Windows, since I keep finding many of the apps I want or need are there.  Sure there are similar apps in Linux for the most part, but their quality varies far more and the learning curve FOR EACH APP is far higher (in general).  The server side is different (it is generally always high regardless of platform), but for the desktop, I just keep coming back to Windows.  AND...the apps that are for the desktop that are good and supported in Linux are generally available for Windows anyway; but that is just me.  I like most all OS's (not a big fan of System-Z) on the technical level, so I am fairly agnostic there.  Of course there is that corporate side of things - but in the end it is, as the saying goes, ALL ABOUT THE APPS.

I just typed in VBA Programming and got a ton of hits.  I even found this one:

Can't guarantee it is exactly what you are looking for, but it seems to fit the bill.  (I am behind a firewall right now and can't connect to IRC to verify).

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Yep.  Definite Nerd-Porn as my wife calls it....

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