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Living Room / New Ebook Reader....
« on: October 23, 2009, 09:29 PM »
I just learned of a new E-book Reader set to hit the market right after Thanksgiving (that is the end of November for those of you who don't know the United States Holiday schedule).  It is from Barnes&Noble and is called the Nook.  Judging from features and capabilities, it looks like a Kindle clone, complete with the pricing ($9.99 or less for most books), the delivery methods (3G via AT&T wireless or WiFi), and color touchscreen and E-Ink (curious as to how that would work) (looks like it uses the color touchscreen as a navigation screen at the bottom and the E-Ink is a separate, larger screen).  It is also debuting at ~ $260 on preorder (haven't found yet if this will be the going price).

Just thought I would give those of you interested a heads-up.

Barnes & Noble's new Nook E-book Reader

ADDITIONS: One thing that is interesting is the ability to "loan" any books you own for 14 days to another Nook owner or with an iPod Touch/iPhone, PC/MAC, or even a Blackberry - interesting.....  Also, it provides automatic free WiFi at all B&N stores which is nice if you don't already use AT&T.  It also uses Memory Cards to expand your library beyond the 2GB internal limit.  YES!  THE BEST PART:  Native PDF reader built in!  It also has user replaceable batteries, and is uses an Android based OS (for better or worse).

Another NOTE:  Just found it - Only available in the U. S. at this time.  Doh!

Living Room / What have I done!?
« on: July 16, 2009, 11:42 AM »
That is it, I have completed my application and acceptance for Doctoral Studies.  So now that it is done, what did I get myself into?  Am I really that much of a glutton for punishment?  Between this and a 4 year old and a two year old, I must be a masochist who loathes the thought of sleep.  On the up side, between what my employer will pay and the discount for my military service, it is actually free - as long as I maintain good progress (a C or better in each class they pay for is how they word it).

Guess I won't be seeing quite as much of this site, at least not socially.  Don't worry, though, I will likely be here for more specific information quests and in 3 years (according to the program) I will have a D.Sc in Information Systems and Communications.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Condolences?

Coding Snacks / *SIMPLE* WebCam software
« on: June 05, 2009, 05:52 AM »
Okay, I know my friends here at DC can help, either with a code snack or a direction toward other good software.  What I am looking for is a simple live webcam window to use.  I envision that it would take the input from a USB 2.0 webcam and put it into a resizeable window.  Nothing fancy needed, no recording or editing or anything, just a viewer.  To make it easier to understand why I am looking for this, I have a monitor that uses GridMove to section off my desktop.  In one corner, I just want to be able to see what else is currently going on in the room (I am in a cubical in the back corner, and people sneak up and suprise me alot!).

I have tried several pieces of software including the ArcSoft software that came with it, Debut, and WebCamXP to name a few, but none of them have a simple, resizeable window that views activity in real time.  Either they are embedded in a larger window for editing or they are not resizable.  I guess the makers can't imagine you would want to see a window in anything less than 640x480.  That might be okay if you have a 22" monitor and can have the resolution up high enough that the 640x480 is only a tiny fraction of your screen real estate, but I have an old 17" CRT, and even at the highest resolution supported (1280x1024), it takes up nearly half the screen!

Can someone direct me to a piece of software that can accomplish this?

DesktopCoral / Another Application issue
« on: May 22, 2009, 01:17 PM »
Maybe it is because of what I am trying to do, but this doesn't seem to work right - at least not like I want it to :P

I have a windowed program that I want to essentially always keep visible, but without everything else going over it when I go full screen (actually 2 programs).  However, when I use DesktopCoral, it just moves them over so everything on the desktop shows, but not what I wanted.  I tried following the instructions and even searched the forum for similar issues, but everyone with similar issues are talking about widgets, not program windows.

For what it is worth, I tried using GridMove first.  That sets everything up perfect, but if I open another program and/or maximize a program, it sits over these two gridded programs.  I want the grids reserved and one of the posts under GridMove suggested this program.  A) Can this do what I want?  B) If so, what am I doing wrong to make the program window stay in position? 

Screenshot Captor / FEATURE REQUEST - Edit Enhancements
« on: March 20, 2009, 01:25 PM »
I would have added to the pinned feature request, but that post is locked, so I figured this was the best place to put it.  If there is a better place, feel free to move it.

I use SC constantly lately and I have found a few features I would appreciate that may be in line with the product.  The first one I may have asked for elsewhere, but I will ask here again.  That request is to be able to open files in SC.  If you go to File>Open - wait, that doesn't exist!  That is what I am talking about.  I have a current work around - choose file, use open with... and then select SC, but that is annoying when already working in SC on other related captures.  See, I find SC extreamely easy to do certain things like crop or adding arrows, text, etc. and taking a screenshot of an existing image sounds counterintuitive to me.  Especially if the picture is bigger than the screen and not scaleable (I know, SC can handle that, but why not allow it to open it instead of taking a complicated screenshot).

The second request is a simple (well to the user  :P) expansion of the canvas.  I often find myself cropping the picture down to a menubox (for example) then needing to paste that into Word so I can take another screenshot just to get a white background to write the arrow and information into.  I admit, there may be easier ways to accomplish this already built in, but I can say I haven't found it yet.

Hope that give a few good ideas.

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