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Living Room / backup question - how much of a risk is fire?
« on: January 30, 2007, 09:55 PM »
This is just a general observation on my part... :)

I am researching for backup options and free software alternatives from True Image and Norton Ghost.
I find out from comments from different forums and articles that people normally save a copy of their software at friends house or in a fireproof safe.

Is fire a common problem at your country?

Where I live, fire concerns is not brought too much to my attention, so i am not worried about it.

Ha, maybe i am too naive... ;)

according to this

mouser got to go through quite a lot of greek to get to omega.... :D


Just tried V2, and i loved it especially with the faster search speed and directory search.... :-*

Excellent work, mouser... :Thmbsup:

Two things to comment:

1. Is it possible to put a date modified column at the search display...easier for me to view my recent document...

2. was playing around with the skinning part of FARR, and was spooked for a moment to find stuff. Did not choose it as i dont want human skin on my FARR... :P

thanks lanux, thats fast.... :-*

Hmm mouser, i thought you are going to release the public version at this newsletter....

Since you are not ready for the public release, can i have the current alpha version please?

Thanks :)


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