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LaunchBar Commander / Re: Hotkey commnads via icons
« on: September 21, 2010, 10:39 AM »

I am an owner of a slate-pc (tablet without keyboard) and i've been looking for a program that can send hotkeys via icons like for ages.. =)
And what is discussed here really get's pretty close to that, what i'm searching for.
Though i'm not completely sure whether an ahk-script would solve my problem.

Consider this scenario:
A very simple task, that occurs like a thousand times daily. I just want to copy some text from one program to another.
OK. I select the text. I click on the dedicated symbol in LBC. At this moment LBC gets the handle and the ahk-script would send the ctrl+c to LBC and not to the active window, where the selected text is.
Same with pasting the text.
So one disadvantage with this script-solution would be that some special hotkeys for special programs need to be sent directly to that special program.
I think, having symbols that can send keystrokes to the active window is an essential function especially for tablet/slate pc's.
There are countless hotkeys, that could be used, to make life easier on a machine without keyboard. This would boost the handling with tablet/slate pc to a newer level!!
Unfortunately I haven't found one single application yet, that can do this.
Any suggestions??


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