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try Browster. however i think it works only for search results..
  Thanks guys! I tried <a href="">Browster</a>on IE 6. It works but only on a few sites. Still, I got the fun to play with it.  ;) The problem was that I could load the links way faster in another instance of IE than what the pre-view could load 'em. If that makes any

Cooliris has a version for IE. Not yet compatible with IE7 though

Sweet! I'm going after <a href="http://www.cooliris....ite/download-ie.html">it</a> right now! I refuse to let IE7 take over my system after I tested Beta 2. I love tabbed browsing, so don't get me wrong, Maxthon just makes me way more happier on that end.

General Software Discussion / Re: VERY Useful Firefox Extension
« on: December 12, 2006, 05:43 AM »
Now that is awesome!

I want it for IE!

It is a really nice site. Thanks peteg05 for the link.

I've been going to the site daily ever since I first read your post about two weeks back. I also have gotten every daily release there in that time. Only one program(a screen-saver) that I downloaded from them gave me a problem. Everything else works great.
There are no "hidden catches" and the software is good quality but sometimes has a suppressed feature. All of the suppressed features in the software products are very minor ones, ones which I sure do not miss.
The known "catch" is that the software has to be downloaded,  installed & registered within their given time period. The time period to accomplish this is always 24 hours and they say sometimes more, but I have only seen 24 hours allocated thus far.
The only downside to this approach is, if I re-install my OS I think I will most likely lose my registration to all the software I have gotten from them.

Five days ago, I finally registered there. I have received only one email from them since, a confirmation email. Along with that email they sent me a super duper bonus link

The games are similar to BigFish/PopCap Games in type and quality.

I love 'em :)

Thanks very much,


Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
« on: November 18, 2006, 02:50 PM »
KeyLaunch is now using the .net framework that has made it much more appealing to the eye but it comes with a cost. A signific one at that when it comes to memory usage. KeyLaunch 2 sits happily under 4 megs of memory while I have gotten KeyLaunch 3 up to almost 28 megs of usage. KL3 averages staying in the range of 17-22megs usage.
Xavier knows of this problem and will quickly fix it as soon has he figures out how to.

KeyLaunch 2 used to drop to it's knees when searching over large folders containing 25,000+ files.
That no longer happens with KeyLaunch 3. KeyLaunch 3 can handle scanning folders of such size while it continues with scanning others because now it is also multi-threaded.

KeyLaunch 3's searching engine has been greatly speeded up also. That combined with the ability to now easily direct it to look in specific areas should fully give it back the magic it once had.

Remember I've only had the privilege to test a nearly pre-alpha of KeyLaunch 3 to date.

Xavier is entering the Beta stage of development now. He is going to send me a early stable beta sometime today or tomorrowish to try.

I am still in disbelief that not only has he actually listened to my mere suggestions, that he has actually implemented them and has made such radical changes in KeyLaunch's basic architecture with the speed that rivals a rocket.

That dude sure has one loyal customer now and totally Rocks in my book!

However, I promise you guys that I will try my best to remain unbiased in my opinions on where KeyLaunch is concerned...although it may be hard.  :P

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
« on: November 16, 2006, 04:37 AM »
Oops! I nearly forgot!


I tested out SlickRun. I thought it is really neat. Then I started to think...that it is just a glorified keyboard shortcut app with an added pain of having to find a little box to type into.

I played with it some more and I ended up concluding that it is both of the above.  :D

It is more than a glorified short-cut handler because it allows one to make memorable keyboard combinations by tagging the key combos to a name of your own chosing.

That is a very nifty for me. It also makes it truly the first keyboard shortcut handler which I actually could handle trying to use everyday.

I give it   :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Thanks for telling me about it.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
« on: November 16, 2006, 04:12 AM »
That's a bummer hear about your feelings on ObjectDock, but I agree with 'em. It is awesome at first but that feeling seems to fade quickly with it here too. That happened to me with all of the Docks eventually.
Y'Z's Dock kept me happily playing with it the longest out of 'em all. ;)

I have some more news for you on KeyLaunch 3. Xavier Flix just wrote me about a 1/2 hour ago. He sent me a very early early nearly pre-Alpha version to test tonight! WaHoo! It works! Many of the options are not available yet, but it can search & launch very fast on my machine now! The very first version of KeyLaunch that I had was so fast back in 2002 that it seemed to be magic. Now I think it has taken a giant leap in re-capturing that magic it once had on those smaller HD's of the past, without clunking your system down with any file indexing. :D

I can't share my alpha copy with you...yet. I wish I could.

I can now do the next best though. Xavier agreed to let me give you guys here a "sneak peak" of it. He is happy with how the interface looks now...& so am I. There may be a few more adjustments to the interface before KL3 is released but they should be only minor ones.

It's going to retain all the features and keyboard friendliness that it currently has now and also have added new features to make it even more user friendly.

I can barely wait for the time to come for when you guys can test it.

I'm sure that Xavier will let you be one of the first.  ;)

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
« on: November 15, 2006, 03:25 AM »
<a href="http://software.xfx....ilities/kl/index.htm" &nbsp;class="postlink" target="_blank">KeyLaunch's</a> developer wrote me a few days ago. He said that he has the 3.0 version working already! He will be releasing a Beta of it in the very close future.
He sent me some screenshots of it, which I promised not to share, but
I will tell you that it has an entirely new & trim interface with much improved searching options which will greatly enhance it's speed . Every suggestion I had given to him for KeyLaunch 3.0 he has implemented in it & then some with this new version. I still can't get over that as I type this. I pretty much pestered the poor guy with my ideas after he actually listened to one of them.  :-[
I even went has far as telling him about this awesome forum and a bit of the ideals and concepts that it's foundation is based upon, inorder to invite him here. He thinks this place sounds pretty great and also that the monthly draw here is very...interesting.

I regret that I wasn't in full favor of TrayIcon Pro. I love all of the other <a href="" &nbsp;class="postlink" target="_blank">MetaProducts</a> software which I have tried in the past. I know that TrayIcon Pro can be very useful for many, but it's solution just didn't work for me. I'm just so used to having immediate access to my desktop icons & to their positioning that I quickly find myself losing patience while I am using any alternative program solution that will allow me to access my DeskTop shortcuts any other way. Out all of the programs, I have now tried, that use menus and/or sub-menus to access shortcuts, none I liked. So please don't feel that I think your product is inferior because I don't. Far from it. I actually like TrayIcon Pro the best out of the ones which offers a menu access solution.
I thank you Alexander for just being here and listening to my words.
I also thank MetaProducts for TrayIcon Pro and especially for that warm mushy feeling I got inside when I learned that sometimes even big companies do actually care about the little guy and what he has to say.  :-*

Thanks, I'm going to check out <a href="" &nbsp;class="postlink" target="_blank">SlickRun</a>.  Even though I'm a heavy duty mouse user it sounds pretty interesting.
SlickRun is a free floating command line utility for Windows. SlickRun gives you almost instant access to any program or website. SlickRun allows you to create command aliases (known as MagicWords), so C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe becomes MAIL.
Enter a web URL into SlickRun and it will launch your browser and navigate to the specified address. Run multiple programs in a few keystrokes, jot a note, look up a definition... SlickRun is the most natural way to interact with your computer.

That's one fast fix! I'm glad for you.
I did try TrueLaunchBar. When I tried though I basically just installed it and I thought it looked really neat. I was busy working on something else at the time so I left it running with an intention to play with it later. I grew tired and just plume lost my energy to. Anyways, I never did get a round I just became re-enamored with <a href="" &nbsp;class="postlink" target="_blank">Iconiod</a> instead. Which I am now allowing to run at every boot & seems to be the best solution for me. It runs under 2megs of memory at all times with no memory spikes or any hesitation when it makes my invisible shortcuts re-appear. It only has one problem that occurs when it comes to re-correcting lost icon positions, sometimes it can't. I think that's because I habitually dump my temp files. It appears that's where Iconiod stores the positioning info in a file that is always 1kb in size. I have tried backing up the file but it doesn't work. There's no options to change it's backup folder path nor am I sure if it's even the correct file. Ah well, I'm still very very happy with it.

Maybe I should...drop it's author a line

Not! J/King

Hugz to all,


Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
« on: November 06, 2006, 05:41 PM »
 :Thmbsup:Thanks! I too came across it while I was checking out the latest goodies here

It is a really awesome concept.

I  have an update to add myself. It also comes with a story.

Do any of you here happen to remember TechTv? Shows like Call For Help and The ScreenSavers were my daily diet in 2002. They offered good solid PC advice for both the casual and more advanced PC users. I found them to be invaluable when I was a newbie to PCing.

Back in 2002, The ScreenSavers offered all their viewers a shareware program for free. It was a Launcher and/or a file searching utility. I got it and it quickly became invaluable to me, although it's interface was rather plain, it is/was FAST!

Somehow, I eventually lost it, just lost it and I eventually forgot it's name. Yet I never got past missing having it. I have been looking for it off & on for a very long time.

During that course, I have tried many launchers and searching utilities with the hopes of re-finding it or at least a suitable replacement.

AppRocket http://www.candylabs. Came the closest on speed but it uses indexing which eventually makes it buggy & starts crashing when used with a super large database.

FARR was the best substitute that I eventually found and that is how I ended up here.

Shortly after my last post here I began re-missing that long lost launching app again. With a last ditched effort I once again tried to re-find it. That is not an easy feat when one can not remember a proggies name or who even made it.

After a few hours of searching this time I hit paydirt on GooGle :)
With a simple 2 word search: Screensavers search

I finally refound my long lost and favorite launcher! It's called KeyLaunch!
It's made by Xavier Flix & can be DLed from here

I was so elated with finally having it back that I immediately bought it when I discovered that it is still being developed.

After I installed it, I noticed that it wasn't has fast as it used to be. Back in 2002 I think I had only a 2 gig HD. Now I have 3 hard drives onboard with the smallest being 80

With that in mind I came up with a few ideas to speed it up and to also improve it's users interface. I was so excited with refinding the app & with my ideas that I began a correspondence with it's developer, Xavier Flix.

He loved my ideas and also admitted to becoming very motivated upon hearing them.

He has now begun to work on developing KeyLaunch 3.0. It's going to have an interface comparable to AppRocket's with added options to set up more than 1 user customizable pre-defined search thus regaining the speed it once had on smaller hard drives.

He's going to send me the his first Beta as soon as he gets it more stabilized and I can hardly wait!

Stay tuned!


TY much Mitz!

I'm still freaking that I actually won something here!

I also learned much too and I still am.

It's super nice to see a happy face....any happy face....especially yours right now.

Now...where is that silly link which I need to give to you.....

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
« on: October 25, 2006, 01:19 AM »
Thanks Vegas...I needed that  :Thmbsup:

What's your wife's cell phone #, Darwin?  :P


Well since your outdated piece is used for work related activities also be sure to point out that your productivity would be greatly enhanced if you have a machine which can keep up with you...that your current glorified calculator often slows you down thus causing you to forget where you were ;)

I totally forgot to mention in my review about MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219 that it does have an option to show only the shortcuts' icons without having their names listed. The icons were very small in the shortcut list and that made it kinda  tough to recognize 'em with a speedy glance. The size of the icons could be due to my screen resolution 1024x768pixels which I am using. I never thought of that until now. If MetaProducts could give the user a choice of which size the icons will displayed in TrayIcon Pro it would be a great move. Lowering it's memory usage & speeding up it's menu display time would be definite pluses. Also if the shortcuts' menu could have a user choice for it's background color...with the nearing release of Vista a glass background option would be really sweet ;)

I did check out the Beta of VistaStartMenu 2, yesterday. I think it is a super concept. I love how it's menu allows side scrolling. That is well needed and long over due need for many Windoze users. I can hardly wait to see a fully functional version of it also.

I also downloaded True Launch Bar and promptly lost it somewhere, LoL. So I downloaded it again just now and I have just installed it as I am writing this. WoW!

I see or should I say I don't see it anywhere in my Task Manager! Now this is the kind of puppy I really really do like :)

It has many options so it will take me a day or 2 of playing with it before I can let you know what I think. It looks super great so far. Thanks for telling us about it.

I am the same way has you when it comes to running StarDock's goodies. About once a year I install it all and play with it for a week or so and I act like a little kid playing with it all, then I just stop using it . I usually keep WindowBlinds going after that for a few months but not the rest of the stuff. I love themes though and I can't live without 'em. I remember when I first switched over to XP there was not very many programs made for it during the first year. Not many themes either, so I used WindowBlinds all of the time back then and I also ripped the Themes from my Win98 copy and they worked well in XP & still do. I think the 98Themes will work well with the way you have your calculator setup. ;)

My copy of ObjectDock is probably over 3 years old. It averaged from 3megs when idle to 11megs of memory while it's menu was being accessed that's really not bad at all but horrible when compared to your version. Your version or any new version would be nice to have.
The memory usage of todays ObjectDock just may beat out the top contender that I found for consumption, Y'Z Dock.

Ahhh...I see you guys already have been there & done that....I was so excited about it.

I read up on the links which you both kindly have supplied.

I was worried about my private personal info possibly being at risk And I am glad that is not factor.

What I noticed while using it and I still am and will keep on using is this https://www.donation...17.msg30669#msg30669

There are no more "glitches" for me either.

I use both DU Meter & Cool Beans System Info Meters to monitor my incoming & outgoing connection speeds. I just recently switched my ISP to SBC Global & I forgone installing their unneeded connection software junk and have my PC set up to connect to SBC directly.
The past 2 weeks I encounter connection "glitches". Meaning about every 3-4 minutes both my meters & also my down/up-loaders show nothing for about a full minute of both incoming and outgoing connections. My PC isn't hesitating and is very responsive. When I had AOL I never encountered this glitch. When I connect right now to another ISP which is configured the sameway, I again experience no glitch.

Why I am experiencing these glitches solely with SBC I have no idea.

I think it's due to a combination of my firewall(Zone Alarm Pro Suite) and PeerGuardian 2 taking a battering.

What I do know is that for past 3 days since I've been using OpenDNS
with my SBC connection everything has been better. I get no more connection glitches, ZAPS is alot more quite than usual and PeerGuardian is only blocking a hand-full of IP's compared to what it used to. I have not yet been blocked from any site which I normally frequent and my bandwidth is a notch higher. Plus PoGo loads alot more better and a few others. I am also experiencing fewer disconnections.

The only Blocked Page I have run into is here and it is only a sample by OpenDNS to verify if it's set up correctly or not. So it does show you a page to inform you if the site you are attempting to view is indeed blocked.

The fix TYPOs thing & the possible Phishing site warning. I'm neither for nor against when it comes to myself. For you newbies out there I recommend you to keep the Phishing filter enabled. It offers you another layer of protection of which most Phishing protection APPs are bombarded today with keeping their lists fully updated now-a-days. Those of you with static IP's can also easily disable both features via OpenDns's website here
So this isn't even a tangible complaint.

They clearly state that if an occasion should arise that an address can not either be found or resolved that you will indeed be directed to a search which will display advertisement. This is how they can keep their servers running and free for you & me.

I still have not encountered their search page. However when and if I ever do get to encounter this page, it sure won't upset me due the surfing smoothness I've gained. Besides that I am positive that ZAPS will happily block the ads that this page may contain & I'm sure many other ad blockers out there will too, for those who don't wish to seem them.

OpenDNS also boast that their web-caching abilities are better than a normal ISP's. This boast means absolutely nil to me.

To experience any increase in speed from any ISP's cache one has to surf with their ISP's provided browser & I never ever use those anyhow.

I have not run a ping test. I don't need to and I don't care. What I do know is my connection is now 100% smoother with fewer disconnections and my firewall protection is rattled way less often.

If I should ever run into any now unforeseen problem with OpenDNS in the near future I will definitely tell all about it.

If you haven't tried it I still think you should.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
« on: October 23, 2006, 02:42 AM »
TY for your posting pointers BRO I read 'em all up and re-edited to the best of my abilities. I have no idea on how to find previous reviews though :-\
I apologize for my hurried initial post.

Thanks for Welcoming me to this nice Forum Darwin :-*
I also Thank You Much for taking the time-out for replying and giving me some valuable input in order to help me with possibly solving my yucky looking DeskTop Quest.

To be fair in my review I did also re-install OBjectDock. I didn't mention it because the version I have is very old. I liked the Tabbed feature  of ObjectDock the best, yet I felt like I was crippling it by setting it to that style of view at the sametime. Geeze, let's face it the regular view packs way more eye-candy ;) The tabbed view is more usable yet not so pretty. I feel like I am in a battle on which interface to use...the damn if you do and don't approach(sortva).

ObjectDock(my Old version) did run much better on this machine I have now then it did the last time when I used it on my old machine.
I offered no input on it because again my version is old and I have inside knowledge that it has been greatly enhanced in the past few years.

In fact all of StarDock's products have been and now come all together in a buy once packaged form which is very cheap. Not to mention all the free DLs of Themes, Skins and Gadgets a paid user gets. I need to start saving some pennies.

I also found a mostly unknown sort of an endorsement by Microsoft for StarDock's products with the XP enviroment.
The link will take a bit for me to dig up so I will only post it here if you are very interested in reading it up.

Having said that I immensely agree with you that ObjectDock's Features definitely does blow everything else I have tested to date away.
StarDock's eye-candy is able to be used with each and every one of their APPs making all their goodies kinda universal in their products.
The list of eye-candy grows each and every day, anyone can DL 'em for free and use them. Any individual can use 'em & get 'em even if they don't own even 1 of StarDock products....the system icons are fantastic for starters ;)

I disagree with you slightly only on ObjectDock's memory usage. It is minimal and falls in the mid range category of similar products that have tried lately. That could be due to the version I have and I'm sure the newer versions may be much better.

I never ran many of StarDock's simultaneously. Maybe 3 at tops with no probs.

You need to upgrade I just got my current PC, Dell Dimension P4(Hyper-Threading enabled), 512 ram, DVD-R, CD-RW, GeForce 5200 128megs, Linksy's 4 port Firewire, CreativeLabs soundcard, 80gig HD with XPRO SP2 CD including a transferabley 4 month warranty by Dell for just 300 US even, right off of eBay from a private seller 6 months ago. Way cheaper then my first store PC, a HP Pavillion with half of everything above minus the firewire ports that I paid a cool grand for and came with HP's crappy support. It was also a tad cheaper then building my own and I ended up with extra goodies.

Thanks for your links for the Vista start menu & True LaunchBar. I am bringing both in now in order to try.

I also have already checked out Mouser's LaunchBar commander but I didn't get to far when it came to programing it.

It was FARR that initially brought me here to this forum.

I don't use FARR for launching Apps(I should go try that) but I do love it's speed performing on-board file searches and it's ability to manipulate the found files.

Living Room / ..just come on in to learn about a new "trick"
« on: October 22, 2006, 03:25 AM »
..just come on in to learn about a new "trick"[/b]

I won the drawing here and just posted my review.

I came here in order to find a better non indexing file searcher.

Find and Run Robot is close...but not what I once loved and Lost.

I became a member to get FARR's full key.

I also did some reading here.

 I just started playing with VBS a little while ago. I haven't made anything significant to share here and I am trying to learn VB2005.

What I recommend is the below.

Even if you are to lazy to try this....wake up and try it.  :-*

 A Free DNS Server That's Better and Safer Subscriber Eric Villarreal writes, "Open DNS offers their DNS server free of charge to replace the DNS servers that one's ISP uses.  They claim it to be faster, safer (from phishing sites, which are blocked), and smarter as it changes typos like .og to its correct form, .org and so on. I've been using it for a few days, and it does what it claims.  Just one more little thing to keep things safer.” Nice find, Eric. I tried it and it works well.

I needed to write about my PC has less of a battle and usin this DNS server pratically made Peer Guardian almost

Mouser...try it dude.

I'm just so impressed by the effects of normal/casual surfing use that I am recommending this DNS change to be a must Have "DO" for all my friends.

No account/login is needed.


Mini-Reviews by Members / MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
« on: October 22, 2006, 02:37 AM »
MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro 1.7.219
Supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003
Upgrades to TrayIcon Pro from Wingo, Trayicon, Trayicon Standard, Trayicon Menu or Trayicon Standard products are for free, please send an E-mail
Product Support [email protected]
DownLoad Trail here
Meta Products is currently discontinuing all other versions of this product
Tested On: WinXPPROSP2, Pentium4 2.8 with 512 ram

More screenshots can be viewed here

TrayIcon Pro is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003 application that was developed to let you quickly run your favorite applications and folders directly from the system tray.
TrayIcon Pro lets you add icons for these applications and folders to the tray itself or into menus that sit behind icons in the tray. Finally, the functionality of our whole TrayIcon range is brought together in one easy-to-use application.

The new version adds support for Netscape Bookmarks and Opera Hotlists as well as a history of recently browsed URLs. So, you can easily browse Web sites directly from your tray!

Another great feature is the ability to minimize any of your application to the system tray. TrayIcon Pro adds its button next to the standard Minimize/Maximize/Close button to all windows. You can choose to minimize the application to a separate tray icon or to a menu in the tray.

The new version allows you to protect icons from being started with a password - to limit access to some programs if the computer is shared between several users.

Here is my input.

MetaProducts TrayIcon Pro is good...very good.
It is fairly easy for newbie to figure out "How To" program it without the need to dig to through the Help files.

The way it's GUI works is whats a bit abnormal.

The GUI is both tabbed and each Tab also changes with the selection on it's drop down list. While programming my user settings I found the GUI's interface to be a bit of niggle for it was un-Windows like to me. However, once I figured it out, it was a cinch....just remembering How To find an particular option setting each time was a different story.

The program's installer was smooth. I had no complaint from either Kaspersky or ZAPS.

TrayIcon Pro displays a list of shortcuts which you pre-program. To bring the list up...the amount of time....compares to me initially opening my Windows Start Menu. There is a very big hesitation. I only programed TrayIcon Pro with my DeskTop shortcuts.

I have roughly 100 DeskTop shortcut's. I have 3 HD's on board and I do expect things to be slower then average due to the amount I have.

TrayIcon Pro is just a menu of my shortcuts. The same as your regular Start Menu.

I wanted & wished more from it.

It teased me.

It's memory usage grows bigger the longer it's used. It doesn't matter if it's menu was accessed or not. It's memory usage tops at about 20 megs but never lessens after it reaches that.

I found it hard yet easy to use. The hard part was I could open things faster without it by just clicking on my DeskTop Shortcuts what this product is supposed to replace. To give it a fair shake I tested a few other products of same category and I found the above statement to be true with all ;)

I could open things just as fast with TrayIcon Pro as I can via XP's Menus. I found I was forced to read through TrayIcon Pro's list & that takes time. I'm just so accustomed to using Desk Top Icon positionings instead of actually reading to find what I need.

I tried and tested other alternatives.

I found 2 others that meet my needs but still lack.

They are both "Docks"

I don't care for DOCKS yet I do like their punch much.

They both beat Object Dock, in my book, when it comes to their memory consumption.

Y'z Dock wins when it comes to memory consumption.
It's Memory consumption is almost NIL when the "auto-Hide" feature is used....yet it is very snappy.

RK Launcher is a spin-off of Y'z Dock it is an improved GUI of the original Y'Z's

It accepts gadgets from StarDock consumes more memory and I think is stolen code.

Both are freeware. Y'Z' Dock's development appears to have been discontinued sometime in either in 2002 or 2003 and the website is now down(hence the direct link). It's author, M.Yamaguchi works for Konami and it appears that he really upset Apple when he made this app & released it for free to all Windows user  8) I would love to see a Vista version of it done by him.

There is also my old tried and true fall-back app which is the one I think I will return to. I use it all the time to save my DeskTop Icon's Positioning. It's fantastic for that and only needs to be run if the the positioning gets messed up. Accidentally grabbing an icon and hitting the edge of your screen with it will definitely mess them up & some games will too. It also has a feature to make the background of your icon labels invisible. That isn't even the best part yet. It has super duper bonus feature which auto hides your DeskTop Icons, until you mouse over 'em ;)

It's called Iconiod

It is Sillyware and free for all. The Silly part of it is that it can actually make your DeskTop Icons Dance! That is really fun to do at the office to someone who is getting on your nerves :P

BTW, Iconiod is also working perfectly in my Vista RC1 OS. I don't know whether or not if it's installer will, but when installed via XP and launching the executable via Vista it will run. ;)



I just found out that I actually won and I still can't get over that this is for real! Quick, someone, Pinch me! :P

I have never donated to any site before and I am very happy that I finally did and that I chose this great place! I just became a member last month and this is my very first post here.

All of you and your contributions here are just fantastically incredible! I thank all of you involved!

You all RoCK!

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