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Most of the time I use the Start button to stop the computer.

For those interested in the distribution graphs, it may be worth having a look at the Wikipedia article on Pareto.
One section reads as follows:
 "One of Pareto's equations achieved special prominence, and controversy. He was fascinated by problems of power and wealth. How do people get it? How is it distributed around society? How do those who have it use it? The gulf between rich and poor has always been part of the human condition, but Pareto resolved to measure it. He gathered reams of data on wealth and income through different centuries, through different countries: the tax records of Basel, Switzerland, from 1454 and from Augsburg, Germany in 1471, 1498 and 1512; contemporary rental income from Paris; personal income from Britain, Prussia, Saxony, Ireland, Italy, Peru. What he found – or thought he found – was striking. When he plotted the data on graph paper, with income on one axis, and number of people with that income on the other, he saw the same picture nearly everywhere in every era"

Treesheets presents an idea in a CONTAINER...then any sub-ideas will be INSIDE that container, and you can do this to infinity.  This is presented VISUALLY in just that way, which is awesome.  Furthermore, the navigation features of Treesheets have this cool visual effect of making you feel like your digging INTO an idea.

What is frustrating is that there doesn't seem to be any way of drag n dropping an idea out of one container and into another.
To me, this is an essential feature of organising information - being able to go back after I have made an initial layout and moving stuff around - maybe between two layouts that are side by side.
Then again, maybe there is a way to do this in TreeSheets and I've just missed it. Help, anyone?

Tornado Notes - and it was great.
Somewhere around ver 5 or 6 I lost half my data when transferring to a new machine - and because it was a "no longer supported version" I gave up on the program.
Then EverNote looked like the way to go - until it disappeared into the cloud along with the readable ink feature - Grrr
Now I'm trying to learn my way around InfoQube

One things puzzles me - the distance from earth to moon is given as 400,000 km and the distance from earth to sun as 1,400,000 km and worse still the distance from earth to Alpha Centauri is 1,000,000 km (even closer than the sun).
Have I totally misread something - or have other people seen this too?

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