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Hi Tom,

Can't help you much sorry. I hunted for Gulf Coastal for a while - but without success.
I just remembered that a while back I found the program somewhere and tracked it back to the Gulf Coastal site - but that was a year or two back.
I've not really used it (just thought - that must be useful for something one day - and downloaded it)
So if you have it and have looked at it - you will know as much as I do (maybe more :D)


Hi all,

There is a program called Columnizer (freebie) - from Gulf Coastal Software.
It does a lot of stuff with aligning columns, adding or deleting lines or characters. I really don't know whether it is of any use in this situation or not, but thought I'd mention it


Imatch does lots of stuff - may be worth a look.
I've begun using it, but i'm in re-installation mode after a hard disk failure so haven't got back to it yet

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