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I tried the earlier versions of Dragon 3/4/5 and the time spent making corrections took longer than typing it would have (at about 30-40 wpm).
Convinced that it had to be the way ahead I persisted in getting upgrades to new versions with ongoing disappointment at the amount of money I had spent for the benefit gained.
However I tried again with ver 10 and was impressed with improvements. Now I have got ver 11 (and a Win 7 64 bit computer with 8Gb RAM and an i7 2.8Ghz cpu) and a Plantronics bluetooth headset. Just beginning to work with it but it looks really good. Although - I did have one occasion when it slowed to an abject crawl (like 5-10 seconds before responding to a phrase!) Next time I fired it up the problem had disappeared. Not sure what happened - a web search indicated that folks have experienced that sort of problem from time to time. I'm not sure of the technical issues, you can follow it up here if you like   
The little I have used the headset has been sitting in front of the screen. However I have tried it in an adjacent room and it worked fine, even without a clear line of sight. Twenty meters up the hall and with 5 walls and a shower in between it didn't work at all! For walking around in the same room you should be just fine.
In case you're wondering - no, I didn't use it to dictate this. I don't tend to use it unless I know I am going to be doing a significant amount of typing/dictation and I didn't intend to ramble on as much as I have.
Hope this helps.

Living Room / Re: Why do we go out of our way to be unhelpful in forums?
« on: September 28, 2010, 03:10 PM »
I LOVE IT when people reply to requests for information with pointers to further information on the topic plus tangentially related information. The reason is that from time to time I come across information that I probably would never have found in my own google search - maybe because I didn't phrase the search terms well enough or didn't bother paging through to the 680th result.
I agree that a comprehensive review of a product by an experienced user which covers exactly the ground you want to know about is great. However, I'm more than happy to sift through a dozen or so pointers which might (or might not) address YOUR particular needs -because one of them may be really helpful to ME.
This, I think, is where the value of a forum to the community is not the same as the value of the forum to an individual in that community. An individual may seek very detailed advice on specific techniques for catching a rare species of fish. There may be a deluge of replies about catching related species and perhaps even some pointers to sites promoting new and unusual fish finders. Some of these replies will be extremely helpful to half a dozen lurkers in the forum who seldom post but visit daily because of the amazing helpfulness and friendliness of the forum. I do appreciate, though, it could be a bit frustrating for the original questioner. I think there is always going to be a bit of tension between the value to the individual and the value to the community. Perhaps flagging the post with a MAYBE USEFUL comment near the beginning would allow folk to skim past those posts if they wish.

General Software Discussion / Re: how to create algorithm graphs
« on: September 26, 2010, 04:46 PM »
From memory  TeeChart Office can produce bubble charts similar to the one shown. It's free so could be worth a look.

General Software Discussion / Re: Raster to Vector imaging software
« on: August 20, 2010, 05:06 PM »
Inkscape could be worth a try. It is open source freeware. A Desktop publishing program with a raster to vector utility (Potrace) now built in.

You might like to take a look at this
The program is yEd Graph Editor - and the price is right!
I only downloaded it myself a couple of days ago and have just begun to look at it. The range of diagrams you can create appears excellent, and a good number of samples are provided - some of which are business modeling with swim lanes etc.
The output looks very nice too.

Example graph

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