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Thanks Miles, TipOff works just like I hoped and in fact, I have used it now in about 5 files that needed descriptions and sources!  It works in FILES but not in FOLDERS so I am going to play around with TreePadGen and see if that is what I need for FOLDERS.  Yes, I am running 32bit Win7U.  Again, thanks a lot for your help and I will return the favor...

There was once a nifty proggy that did that but it has disappeared after the author abandoned it.  It added a Notes Tab to the screen when you click on Properties.  In that page I was delighted to write WHERE I found the download/file, the DATE I installed it, HOW it worked for me and why or why not it was uninstalled (and still had the Notes Tab altho in the Recycle Bin).  It was a large enough page to make NOTES, preserve any Passwords or Serial Numbers associated with the Program like even short instructions or Notes for a File where I could note names, phone numbers, email address, etc.  Yes, I KNOW I could set up a TEXT file to go along with the other file(s) and then have to make a Folder for both of them but it would be so much nicer to be able to have it in the Properties pop up Tab.  I am not a programmer but if I was, I would be on this like fast!  And even as Shareware it would go for say, $5....for up to Win7.... Thanks for reading....

N.A.N.Y. 2010 / Re: NANY 2010 Program Idea Suggestion Thread
« on: December 10, 2009, 05:12 AM »
Hi Guys,  I am sure I suggested this before, but here goes... I would like to see a tab added to files' PROPERTIES that would allow for the insertion of TEXT to explain and take notes about a particular file WITHOUT having to add a .txt file along with an .exe or such, just keeping it all together in one Tab.  There was a neato proggy many years ago called Anotater that did that but its wheel ran off after WinME.  In Vista, for instance, the Tabs under Properties has General, Details (and anything else you may have added) and NEEDS another tab like Notes or Comments or whatever.  When the above WAS working, it was gr8 for DL date, Install date, the URL of where it was found, ongoing comments about the proggy or file, etc. ..... I REALLY miss that baby!  Any takers?  Thanks.

General Software Discussion / Re: Magic Jack Phone ?
« on: June 25, 2009, 12:27 AM »
Hey Guys, Glad to see this thread still going in spite of the genuine negative and fake positives... well I thought I would just drop in on this thread after having MJ here in Costa Rica for over a year and a half now and yes, it has some warts, but even tho you didn't ask, I can say that I am still very pleased with my MJ and especially with what it costs me.  I bought the dongle and the first year for $39.95 and then a few months later bought the additional 5 years for $59.95, so for under $100 I have SIX years of international phone service including the dongle.  I have spent about $20 on international calls to folks that don't have MJ so all in all, I am way ahead.  As this is "newer" technology, I expect some warts but considering the investment and the service it provides, it is hard to beat.  The call quality is fine and the long distance is provided by AT&T so I have had no problems there.  Hey Mouser, I know you have a very critical and orderly mind and I hope that one day you will discover the relief of no more long distance bills... No, MJ didn't hire me or even bribe me and I don't even like their tech support, but you gotta admit it works fine.  There is an UnOfficial MagicJack Forum that has lots to say about MJ and even how to make it work without the dongle sticking out of your laptop USB port... Maybe more later if I change my mind.

General Software Discussion / Re: What's your mouse of choice?
« on: March 06, 2009, 03:57 AM »
Hmmm... One day I got a pain in my right wrist (I'm right-handed) so I moved the mouse to the left hand and have never gone back....and the pain went away.  I can still mouse and make notes, still mouse and do the keyboard and number pad, still mouse and drink coffee, still mouse and... It only takes about a week to get used to the switch.  The mouse?  A $1 PS/2 TINY laptop one (two button 3rd button small wheel) that on the bottom says, "Optical Mouse Model CM103" Made in China.  It is so small that I don't even need to spread my fingers out!  Can even pick it up and mouse on the top of my leg.  It used to have the click-click-click mouse wheel, but I intervened...inside, it is a plastic gear on the side of the wheel that bumps over a plastic stick inside... I just bent the stick out of the way and now have a "smooth wheel" like all the other guys.... and it is set for 3-lines-at-a-time so goes fast.  I guess its all I need. 

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