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I have to transfer data from a database format called "neoaccess database technology" from 1995 which was used on a product called quickImage. The database format is "object based" so using my hex editor changing a bite on one field at a time an comparing results is getting me somewhere at a snails pace. I figured it wouldnt hurt to ask if any one had done something similar and might have code to share ( C, C++, VB, Perl, PHP, Objective-C, or anything at this point  ) where I could at least figure out why these record pointers are so random.

like offset 13F:  2 bites represent the number of records which can be a max of 0xFFFF

the first record pointer is located at 0x55BA

Thank you if you have any answers for me or even for any comments you might have.

Living Room / Re: Karen Kenworthy RIP
« on: May 07, 2011, 08:42 AM »
Her Programs will live on!  I am sorry that we lost a member of the newsletter community. Karen's newsletter Email was read by thousands of people that enjoyed her writing.   

Is it me tired of looking at text? I typed Renegade and it shows as Reneqade?

Anyway thanks for the reply Renegade.

I found this program:
Which does most of what I need but it does not work on some wiki dumps for some reason.
anyway for now it is the best I have found.

Thanks for the reply Renegade.

Does anyone know of a good parser for wikipedia content? I don't want to write a full parser if I don't have to.
The parsing shouldn't be too bad in perl ( or any language with regex ) but I feel there should be a program since this sounds like something a lot of people would do.

export a file from wikipedia: (I would use a random animator name as an example "Craig_Clark")
wikipedia export

then from the xml page I would only use the text part
  <text xml:space="preserve" bytes="3618"> text text 3618 bytes of text </text>
but what I need to do is convert the wiki text (ex:  [[animator]]) to regular text (ex: animator).
anyway thanks for your comments.

I liked this book because it has PHP,Javascript and MySQL:

Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites (Animal Guide)

You need all three to get you going and the book has samples for all three

pspad for writing code, textpad for sorting files and reg ex , edit plus for running and editing scripts, notepad++ just because

faulty capacitors
my dvr
my mother board
a washing machine

It seems that my whole life would be better if I changed all of my capacitors!

I am printing T-shirts "First check your capacitors"

Try this:
I haven't used it but it seems like it should work plus you would be able to charge for internet usage  :D

Living Room / Re: Laptop or Desktop — which are you?
« on: November 21, 2007, 11:51 AM »
Asus - Eee PC - Pearl White:

comes with LINUX not windows but you could buy windows and install it.
on sale at BESTBUY for 399 plus S&H taxes and Recycle fee.
it is backordered so it would take about 2 weeks to get one.
I was doing reseach because I want something portable to write code.

Living Room / Re: To wide-screen or not to wide-screen
« on: November 21, 2007, 11:27 AM »
LG L1933TR     1280 x 1024  BEAUTIFUL SCREEN
it is a 19'' screen I've had it for 8 months. I dont do gaming but for programming it is the best. Text is sharp and bright.

It does not come with dvi cable.(or maybe It does I dont remember)
Sorry Im not good at reviews but for sure if I had the money I would have two of these and that would be my widescreen.

(really I dont have a single game to try this monitor with but movies look good!)

I forgot about SpinRite and I guess only if the program has saved your butt then you see
how useful it is. if your computer cannot read your partition info and you run SpinRite which tells you
that the sector is bad you run SpinRite then it is good, you'll worship it.

I got SpinRite when the $1,000.00 / 10meg (thats meg not gig circa 1984) drive wouldnt work anymore and it did its magic and the company was saved.  I think that in this days of $100.00/ 500 gig drives all you have to do ( like I do ) is always have a second copy of your drive. ( I do a daily back up) just swap a drive and you are back in business.

but for the record SpinRite does work.

to manage any kind of datafiles nothing works like ParseRAT
I haven't found anything that comes close to it:
take a file (any file fixed length, csv,txt,HTML,dbf) use parserat and turn it into any file (csv,txt,dbf,etc...)
split fields combine fields parse names , address, city state , female? male? it will tell you.

by the way the best program I use on all my computers is PowerPro!!!
the learning curve is steep (if you want to do fancy stuff) but it is worth learning it. click on an icon run a program or
open a menu a folder run a PowerPro script, etc.......

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