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I went ahead and pulled the trigger on PDF Converter Professional. Bought it as a downloadable copy from for $64.99 plus today only (while funds last) they have a 15% back offer if you pay using PayPal. You would get the credit sometime in January.

One feature Acrobat 9 Standard does that its previous version does not is the creation of Forms. You had to get Acrobat 8 Professional in order to do Forms.

Last week I recall and advertising PDF Converter Professional 5 for about $62 shipped. Newegg has a downloadable version for $64.99. Prices seem to fluctuate often. The documentation indicates this product uses online activation. I am trying to decide between this product and Acrobat 9 Standard which I can get as an upgrade for $99.

I don't know how safe this is but it works for me most of the time: In cases when attempts to safely eject the device does not work, I open Task Manager and terminate explorer.exe. I would then select the Applications tab and click on New Task, type in "explorer" (or explorer.exe) and hit OK.

Some people may not be aware that you can eject the device either by right-clicking or left-clicking on the icon, left-clicking being faster.

A tool I have not used recently, but which I think would also help is the free utility Unlocker which can be found here:

I recently started using Avast which has a free version for home use, one cool thing is that after the initial installation it prompts you to reboot the machine and it will then do a full drive scan before the OS loads. This should clean any viruses it detects before they have the chance to execute and replicate.

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