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Living Room / Re: I'm Confused
« on: February 01, 2011, 11:14 PM »
Imagine a Microsoft car! Takes 15 minutes to start  :Thmbsup:

Then again, I'd rather have that than the Apple car, where you can only fill up at Apple gas stations...

Hahahah~! :D

I suppose gas for Linux cars is free, but you need to refine it yourself...

And allow anybody else who wanted to use it to do so.  :P

No, anyone who wanted to clone it to do so :), you get to keep your copy. And if you come up with a wicked new navigation or nitro system, you have to share its specs so others can clone it :)

Living Room / Re: I have a very hard announcement to make
« on: October 14, 2010, 06:55 AM »
First, what you have accomplished can be seen as an example for many young people here. It is more than what many have done.

I don't often think about how some members are so older than me here. When reading posts I automatically assume they are around my age... bizarre huh? Or maybe I just follow the logic of the post and not try to reconstruct a real person behind those thoughts as you would do face to face.

I don't know why you'd say that you are not where you need to be as a programmer as your applications have clearly shown that you possess enough to solve various computer problems. But then your goals might have been a lot bigger, and that is what I want to know. Since I hardly have any goals of mine, I like to spy on other people's goals ! :)
What level would you need to get a permanent employment near where you leave? Do you have an objective way to measure that?

so Archivarius + Total Commander + File System for Tranglos

I find myself in a similar boat, I end up mostly using the file system, naming conventions and a search engine. I was hoping to get a package that would force good habits and be an all in one package, and for something that would be portable, as I do still using windows. Does arvhivarius show formatted code?

I need some advise/tips on organizing one's source code. Since so many of you are developers here I wanted to know how you guys manage your code as well. (A code library with low overhead I guess).
I am taking this step now, as I am switching my main pc to ubuntu and wanted to reorganize my professional and personal life in terms of documents on there.

There are several key concepts that I use to think about the problem so please understand those first.

high maintainence - high feature set (versioning, quick search and indexing, rapid updates and deployment, secure offsite backups, notes/documentation)

low maintainence - low feature set (versioning, throwaway scripts, testing)

Features I wanted for my solution:

- version control (git? or something with multiple project support)
- quick search within contents (???)
- backup (dropbox? mozy? rsync? simple-backup?)
- browseable, ie. must be organized/tagged. Is there a good tagging architecture?
- maintain documentation for all scripts/programs as well (PAD? wiki? txt files with a program? dokuwiki?)

So what do you guys do? and any ideas?

/edit: other discussions similar to this (nothing exactly like this though)

Living Room / Re: How to manage large clipart collections?
« on: August 15, 2010, 11:25 PM »
I had a similar problem but not as extensive as yours. Since this was a work related issue, i assigned one graphic designer to create thumbnails in PNG for all AI files (in retrospect should have chosen jpeg for the metadata, don't know if png has a widely supported metadata structure). Then I used Gallery Server Pro to read the folder structure and serve it on a different pc. So now the collection is accessible via the network, easily searchable, and easy to add to as well. It actually takes care of a lot of these problems.
I also tried to use imagemagick to convert ai files automatically, but for that to work, the AI needs to be saved with the PDF option enabled, else it won't work. I am sure it can convert the .eps files directly though. So this might be a start.

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