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I am currently having this problem with my main puter, Windows 7 Pro.  Currently I am trying the delete mouse driver, which was Logitech at the moment.  Wondering if you have to leave the USB section alone?  Have various mice and USB ports but one of the frustrating things is watching a proper install bubble come up but the mouse not working despite the recognition of an install of a driver. 

I had many years of activity before this hit.  In a pinch, I would restore an early image but that is not something I really want to do,
Ghostbuster has a gazillion ghosts, so maybe I will do a quick image and then give that a try. Never knew about it.  At the moment I am running good after one Logitech deletion from the Device Manager, but I have no idea if this will last.


Ok, I got uBlock and uMatrix loaded.  Do you like to add some of the auxiliary uBlock lists? I'll start with the default on 3rd party filters.

NoScript, for now, I put on its lesser mode (it allows scripts but looks for clickjacking and stuff. Your recommendation there?

I actually did not have ABP loaded.  The reason was that I was thinking more of ads at the time (which I don't mind) rather than resources.

And I was thinking of reinstalling Firefox, per one recommendation.

Instead, I went back to NoScript.  I've had a mixed feeling about NoScript (Girogio got into some battles with AdBlock Plus a while back, plus taming NoScript itself to act properly takes some effort, plus I have no conceptual problem with seeing a bunch of script ads, plus one time he had a Ask Toolbar opt-out thing, some of this was over 5 years back.)

However, since the major problem is unresponsive scripts (which leads to finger pointing everywhere when you look up the scripts) it seems that he might have the best answer.  So far an hour or two of use and the improvement is marked.  The missing link.  Of course, many pages are allowed manually to do their script thing (e.g. the page may not render right or be largely blanks) so far that page override has not caused any problems.  (He allows override of all top-level pages, what I am looking for is all pages of specific domains, although that might be the result of "Allow all this page".)

Slimjet now loaded.

Ok, when I have the Evernote Windows (ADDED: ie. Desktop Client)  "App" installed (which will be any "home" computer, simply not a library or friend's puter) I can paste a picture right in and it shows up fine on the web. 

That is sufficient for my general need.   I'll simply want to learn how to use something like Imggur to similarly do a temporary clipboard paste (using Alt-Prt-Scrn followed by Ctrl-V ) when I am away from my home puter.  I realized about the Windows App when I went back over this discussiion:

Paste images from clipboard in Evernote Web interface?

Similarly, there does not seem to be a "Home Screen" on the web interface.   I asked about that here, with no reply yet.


I use the Restart button that is given by a add-on (currently "Restart My Fox") .. but sometimes I am too late and Firefox has hogged up.  (I keep a PsKill Firefox button on the taskbar). An auto-restart every hour would be nice, allowing that there has been a one-minute lull, I have not seen a restart tool that works automatically.  Doing this by seconds is dumber than Clinton and Trump combined.

Similarly, there are issues with the Session Manager extension, to save the previous work, lately it has been giving blank "New Tabs" too frequently, so I am going back to the TabMixPlus or Firefox session manager method.  Afaik, none of these are great, but they do help.  I'll try Session Manager again in a month or so, it has been pretty good over time.

My related problem is that Firefox tends to go in "(Not Responding)" mode too easily (the hogging up mentioned above.)  No other program does it, and it can happen with only 10 or so tabs open.

Firefox still remains my browser of choice, the multi-row and flexibility of Tab Mix Plus & Lazarus are the two main reasons, plus I use the toolbox bar as a type of pim and handy-dandy place that works well for some stuff.

Lazarus may be on Chrome.  Plus, I still like Firefox in general more than any alternative, although Pale Moon and Vivaldi get some use, along with Chrome and others. Chrome is used to create shortcuts pinned to the taskbar  (Evernote, Google Docs, Radionony for bluegrass gospel, etc. and those come up in a Chrome box, which is fine. Also it is a bit stronger for Google - Docs, Inbox - types of stuff.

Linkman has a little lull in searching on my moderately fast Dell, due to the 100K+ bookmarks, while it seems to do fine on a stronger Dell.  Thus, I plan to test Cacheman, also by Outertech, to see if one OT product helps another. (Already have a license, maybe.)  The best solution is probably an SSD.


Thanks Gautam.

My concern is that I need one note system that is totally system independent.  Looks decent on all systems, keeps the same data (preferably as close to real time changes on multiple platforms as possible, on this Google Docs is very strong, I have not tested Evernote.)  Google docs, though, seems weak on the notebook-folder-access implementation, at least by what I have seen so far, perhaps there is an add-on.  And you can make folders in Google Drive, but Google Docs seems to ignore them in showing you your documents. And Google Keep seems just too weak for anything robust.

Evernote, despite some "blah" elements, seems to cut that mustard really well, if I am thinking of some one program on my tablet, or laptop, and home computer.  As a browser program (like Google Docs) it does this well. (And I pin it to the taskbar on Windows.) I can incrementally update it on any of the sources quite transparently.  Evernote for me is best for active current notes, maybe 5-10 notebooks, like what am I doing today, or what are the travel notes for the next week or two.  I'm unsure whether I would use Evernote much beyond this "current, immediate" sense, for holding documents, work in process, etc. It is not pretty like Notezilla, and does not use real estate that well.

Notezilla shines, for me, as the permanent quasi-complex and handy note system.  Remember, you also have the popping up to a webpage, with a good implementation.  And you have the Notes Browser systems, which I find stronger than Evernote notebooks (which apparently can be enhanced with stacks.)


And I also use Xerpi as a startpage that holds a bunch of information, however, I cam concerned that it is pretty much abandoned in development, blog and support.  It works great, but I recently did not succeed in even trying to change my password.    However, no alternative has ever been close as a start page implementation.

Linkman is another general information holder.  With massive amounts of info combined with url access. I revolve a lot of my activity around Linkman access. This is often my prime research tool, with careful grouping of related notes through keywords.  Then from that comes writing (e.g. Atlantic Word Processor, email, direct to forums.)

Listpro is still pretty good for a simple database.


What have I missed?


> Evernote for clipping, speed and similarities across platforms; visually intuitive and works well without organisatiion

I was hampered by the fact that the simple structure of Evernote with Notebooks and Notes, and how you say "Done" and stuff like that is somewhat rough.  Today, I had a few minutes and sorted it out.  They really need (unless I missed it) to emphasize a "Help" or "Learning" mode that gets you through the basics.   They have a way of making things look stark, and the buttons don't have text underneath (modifiable?), you hover.  There is nothing real complicated, but they manage to make the simple intimidating.

Now, I like Evernote.  Maybe I will look at Premium and web features.

Notezilla will remain my master home based note system (and on my laptop when travelling), it really has some incredible elements.

Evernote is something I will use at least when I am travelling (replacing Google Docs.)   The multiplatform, the decent organization, looks good, now that I am past Stark City.   I don't think they have a dashboard, kanban, type of mode (ie. like Google Keep and the best, Notezilla, which works with multi-structure.)   Although Notezilla has integration with iPad, etc for a few reasons I don't see that as simple, straightforward, and non-$ as Evernote ... when travelling.

So for me it is Notezilla and Evernote, at this time. 

For document processing and storage and holding (research), right now Google Docs is the main one, I am not currently using the Rightnote types of programs.  Often on the desktop I use the Atlantic Word Processor for the actual composing.  It handles the Greek fonts pretty good that I sometimes need for posting on Bible issues, my main loss is when the color RTF gets lost in moving text from one spot to another.


Hi .. late to the party and have a lot of ketchup. (Wait, I did this back on p. 27, well it helps me review.)

Application: Firefox 43.0.4 - Win 7 Professional

These 12 I know I use and like and a few of them are why Firefox remains my #1 browser, even while I have learned to be a bit more conservative on open tabs. I used to shoot for 75-100, now I am happy with 20-50, and often less.

- Tab Mix Plus
- Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar - thus I use this as the hierarchichal adjunct to the superb Linkman keywords using regular bookmark-to-toolbar adding
- LinkmanFox
- LastPass
- Lazarus: Form Recovery
- Session Manager
- All-in-One Sidebar
- Download Manager (S3)
- Extension List Dumper 2
- Restart My Fox
- WikiWand: Wikipedia Modernized   
- Flagfox    

No tab count extension at the moment.
Page Rank seems neat, it is included in the robust Flagfox as opening tabs.
Various tools that make phone numbers hot.. I go back and forth .. Skype is not thought to play nice.


This next group I think I might use some, this is a tricky specialty area now:
- Docs Online Viewer
- Google Docs Viewer
- Open in Browser

Plugin- PDF Xchang Viewer


These relate to gmail - I am also looking at a website's tools called Hiber, this is a specialty area as well and I am actually not sure where I stand.

- Rapportive - (gmail) Making email a better place -
- Vibe for Firefox -    Rapportive for the web. Hover on emails, and get complete information about people


There are various biz tools I consider, one was:


but I think it did so much on my google searches that google started to ask me to be sure I am not a machine.


AdBlock and NoScript and such I have mixed feelings about, right now they are not on, I may go back and read your experiences, I would use them more for speed than security. At the moment, by reducing tab usage with some of these other tools, rendering is quick. I find that Firefox up to about 30-40 tabs and another 5 on Chrome and a bit more elsewhere is ok.


Here are nine that I might be conceptually using, but not in praxis.
- FlashDisable    
- iMacros for Firefox   
- Personal Titlebar
- ProfileSwitcher   
- User Agent Switcher   
- Send Tab URLs - to email or clipboard.
- Super Start - Speed dial, simple todo-list.
- Tab Set Saver - a good extension idea, that needs a couple of tweaks added to make it really useful
- Textarea Cache   - it is meant as a possible supplement for Lazarus, which does not do Facebook.


There are certain areas where I use Chrome, google stuff and it has a very easy pin-to-taskbar (something I recently learned and like), Use Chrome for google hangouts, ongoing Facebook conversations, Live365 (ending soon), and other stuff. The lack of Tab Mix Plus multi-row is the big limitation. 

And I have a bunch of other browsers installed, PaleMoon in my Linkman "user defined" and has TabMixPlus, Lazarus and more.  Vivaldi and Opera and IE have a small place and I installed a few others for play.



"how can an ipad or android tablet to use a generic phone number incoming?"

By a generic number I mean either:

a) your normal home number, e.g. as part of a cable system, or from the phone company.

b) your normal clamshell cell phone number  (yes, I still like those things)

c) a special number created and sued for this purpose

This could be using:
 Facetime, Viber, GoogleHangouts, Skype or something else.

Is there a way to let people call you, and get through to your iPad or Android, without the specialty of an iphone style device?



"note, or document, behind the note"
Steven, is this like linking 2 notes so that you can jump from one to another?
More or less, but the idea is that the behind note is simply an expansive note that might have more features.  It might be overkill. It is possible that Kanban NEEDS that feature because of limitations on the front screen (e.g. fixed size).  I'm thinking.

Shade, my biz group is recently working with one online, Kanbanchi. I think they are good for visual collaboration, my sense so far is that they are not as excellent for a full blown note replacement. Remember, I am using Notezilla as, more or less, a replacement for most of the things for which I would normally use Rightnote, Keynote, Treeprojects, etc. It is true that the Kanban joins Notezilla in addressing one of their lacks (non-column orientation) so in that sense it should be looked at.  Plus, any time Rightnote, etc. have a solid column orientation, I would look at it again.  Anyway, Shade, I will look at Kanbanchi and any others with that idea in mind, could they really become a full-blown note system?  (Possibly by using urls to your shared Google Docs, possibly if they have decent native editing.) They would have to have the tree indexing, the fine RTF, take pictures in natively, good search, etc.  The colorful aspect and quick use of Notezilla is one reason it is so pleasant to use.  Plus, the stick to windows would generally be missing in a Kanban, and that is key to how I use Notezilla. Hmmm...

Gautam, I will write you this AM, I was travelling for about a month in Tucson/OroValley and Asheville areas, (now back in Dutchess County, NY) so this type of stuff was low on the priority thing for a bit. Yes, the Firefox (especially) add-on, Chrome #2, would be very nice, all browsers helpful, it would shore up one area, window and page definition, taking it from very good to great.  It is hard to overestimate how helpful it is to have a page come up when you open a program or web page.   Your notes about something then have placement, yet they can still be found in the hierarchal tree or simply by search (which could be improved a smidgen).  This 3-layer cake of finding and using notes is what really makes Notezilla, on top of the color-comfort-RTF-friendliness.

Here is another question.  Any combination of "snap to grid" that lines up in columns?  And/or preformats that are already lined up (e.g. in 3 columns) would be good.  Granted, I can see that because of the screen variableness, this may be more work than help.  Notice that this is, more-or-less, a Kanban feature brought over to Notezilla!

There is one additional area that Kanban is interesting, what you might call the "note, or document, behind the note".  Would this be a feature in Notezilla?  Inquiring minds...  Similarly, any sort of mini-table feature might be interesting (think Rightnote) however that is getting into a whole nother realm, maybe tearing the envelope.  The idea of a note behind the note, however, should be considered. True, the minimizing of a note is the current way of saving space, I may have more thoughts on this after more Kanban usage.

I think the biggest problem with Notezilla is getting people to realize its potential. Normally sticky note concepts are simply a minor aid, and I am talking about a full stretch of the envelope.  However, it works!


Here is another, a major improvement:

Stick to Window -- > "Stick Note to Windows selected below:"

ADD to that as one new Window line the current url, allowing it to be shortened, as with the window names.
And check the url match, as well as the window API for a "hit".

Many times you are on a page and want a sticky to stick and the page has a generic name like "Order - Mozilla Firefox" instead of "Amazon".  By allowing "" to be part of the url hit that page will be up on all Amazon pages.

Some stickies have worked with url, some with Windows, by having both you will be well-covered.

Steven Avery

General Software Discussion / Re: excel tool - cloud or home base?
« on: November 05, 2015, 01:01 PM »
(I'm not available, for at least the next few weeks... :-[)
I'll know better early next week if we are plowing ahead.  Our web support company in Montana says this is in their bailiwick too.  I'll plan on giving a report here after the weekend.

Here is a new neat request.   I noticed that Windows 10 has OneNote as a printer, with a Print to OneNote option.

Such would be neat with Notezilla.  You could have a special folder for receiving printouts, and then move it later at leisure!  :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Macrium Reflect 6.1 build 909
« on: November 05, 2015, 06:48 AM »
Thanks!  Macrium does such a good job I should look for a reason to get at least one paid license.

The CNet and Major Geeks and FileHippo files are the exact same size, so CNet apparently does not put any wrapper in there. (CNet is available from Macrium)  SnapFiles is behind on the new file.


Sounds good. Hopefully es suficiente.

I realize the net quick messenger style transfer would be a whole new baliwick. An the stickie that does that is missing your superb notes browser structure.  I'm going to think about the quickest, cleanest way to accomplish that.  Currently we use Skype, Facebook Messenger, and played with hipchat.  It would be nice to have a way that maintains Notezilla RTF.  Would I cut and paste into a second stickies program?  Hmmmm.... maybe.  Any suggestions on Messenger programs, preserving RTF?

Good question.

Keep in mind that email programs handle things like pictures in various ways, especially inline vs. attachment. So whoever can help you with this probably wants to know the email program, and the blog (e.g. Blogger, WordPress, etc. or a master control like HootSuite.)

A few years ago I did some tests with Eudora and inline pics mailing to Blogger and Wordpress.  I can look for a thread but could not check my results for a couple of days.  I remember there was variation in picture sizing, although one blog worked well.

I was  trying to do it without any conversion, with HTML conversion the target may not matter.


General Software Discussion / Re: excel tool - cloud or home base?
« on: November 02, 2015, 08:32 AM »
Thanks, I hope to spend some time on this today.  And we don't mind paying for a solid program with a friendly front-end (without losing much functionality of a raw scripting language) if such a program exists. Or contracting for some of the expertise needed, especially if the skilled person has a helpful teaching us approach. 

If we can do this in one day instead of a week, at the moment that would be a super-big plus.  I'd explain the company dynamic to the skilled person.

I'll check my user msg box on this.

Yep, all fine.  Maybe it was added, I remember it used to be missing.  Anyway, thanks.  Title only is not needed.


Here is a new request, that came out of my problem.  Two instances of Notezilla running at the same time on different data files.  This could be by a command line parameter.  This would be a great tool for selective merge.


I remember, one Stickie program was strong on sending a note to another user by the net.  Is this an area where a future release of Notezilla might enhance?  If I could send a note or board to another user, that would be really neat.  (i could also accomplish my selective merge request, but dual opens is the best for that.)


Right now, I could create an extracted dup. (E.g. For the other people in my company) by making a current backup, deleting my personal leaving the company related boards, saving that to a special name, and then restoring my backup and sending special name over to co-workers puter.  Then they rename back. In fact, I may do that today.


Good advice.  Mostly, I will follow the buy new advice, but at least I have a plan on the used attempt. Thanks!

I agree that with a personal printer like the HP Envy, buying new in the box on sale for $50-75 is a no brainer.  Buying any used for $15 is unlikely to be worth the effort.

However the issue can be a bit different when looking at one that is $250 new.  HP Officejet 6500 wireless is the I saw yesterday, with original papers, in a reasonably ritzy Goodwill (Oro Valley, north of Tucson.)

If an extended warranty is 2 years more, store not manufacturer (their warranties are close to worthless) store not 3rd party, costing say 25%, I see it as worthwhile, if you know this will be your daily use.  After all printers are mechanical, they break, and a store like Microcenter will often simply replace.

I did notice that BestBuy says they have a price match guarantee that applies even to Internet sites.  That might be the best all around deal.

Sometimes I see nice looking HP wireless that would cost $100 or more for a refurb and $300 new on sale for $25. Bring some paper along, plug it in, and test? (if it needs ink it should tell you, I picked up a Brother that needed a cyan for $10'at Cartridge World, Office Max wanted to sell a set of colors at $50)

What would be the best printer apps? Ipad and android? (the software part of the question.). Or will it work with native functions?
An alternative would be a laptop and bring an ethernet cable. A smidgen more awkward, and you likely get ok.

Or you could just take the risk.and plunge. 

Granted, there is a lot to be said for buying new on sale from BestBuy, MicroCenter, Costco,etc.  And even paying for an extended store warranty. When it breaks 2 years later, they may even give you a new one.  They do sell printers cheap, hoping for your ink purchases later.

Your thoughts?


Enhancement note: Another one that is sort of minor but would be nice is to include the titles in the searches. 

General Software Discussion / Re: excel tool - cloud or home base?
« on: October 30, 2015, 07:19 AM »
As your data is web-based, you'd be better off using a web-scraping tool to collect the data, instead of manually reading the numbers from your screen.

Yep, your right. Thanks.  Any tool you recommend?
I can see 3 possibilities.  Easy front end, do it all myself.  Some scripting, I learn the specifics.  Hire it out. Definitely i would prefer to do it myself in-house and if the tool cost a bit, that's ok.

Of course, I have to also up my spreadsheet savvy, once the data is available (there is a uniform SKU for linking) so that part of the question remains.


General Software Discussion / Re: Nirsoft's Antivirus Hall of Shame
« on: October 29, 2015, 06:52 PM »
Remember, Nirsoft is the situation of using low-level tools, like reading the masked password. The company has a great reputation, but the only way I can think that could really work with a lot of companies would be if his programs were on the company white-list registry with a checksum approach. That is asking a lot.  Otherwise the programs do things that you want to be warned about.  However, you should be informed, not scared.

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