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Thanks, guys!


xtabber, your situation is very similar

when you image the c: do you bother with things like the small FAT and Recovery partitions with the C: OS?


Macrium apparently simply did not want to keep up with the Linux and liked extra functionality in using Windows PE (perhaps stuff like working with the saved files or restore alternatives?).  However there are various flavors of PE for different Windows OS, so it does not make sense for the quick and simple restoring of an image.  There seems to be more possibilities for glitching out in making the CD as well. They even inquired of their customer base, with mixed returns. They sort of said .. well use the older version 5.x but that is a kludge method AND every time I found what was supposed to be a 5.x version it started to install .. as 6.x.  I really liked them otherwise.


The cloning idea is good.  My fav local store in Hyde Park showed me how he does that for anything he sells (also he mentioned the Apricorn cable).  However, a clone tends to require the same system, or one identical or close to identical, to be sure of working, so it does not seem to have much advantage for me over the simpler placing of an image on a Terabyte drive, or two. Wouldn't the burner test puter have to be pretty similar, more than just disk save? 

Ideally, I will use redundancy, e.g two image programs, and two externals.   Since the actual image can be done from Windows, the 15-30 minutes mean little, although I try to keep the system steady.  They claim to be able to image while you work, (some sort of snapshot technology?) .. I am not sure if that is a fine idea.  So far, I have not seen a need to shell out for actually making the image. Your thoughts?

LastPass is pretty good in searching a name ( e.g. Southwest) and say you have a few accounts (you handle some friends and family) they all show up and are easy to edit or delete or change the folder. They also give good info like when last accessed and let you place helpful info in the name field or the Notes.  Plus when a site is not picked up by LP, (e.g. some tricky pop-up signons.)  it is pretty easy to add by hand.  Properly done you end up not just with a Passwords Manager but a password information spot that becomes an easy "go-to".

If I move away from LastPass, I would like to know if other programs have comparable functionality.  I don't mind the idea of being USB or Dropbox based or simply a local file on my disk, which I xfer as needed.  However, I don't want to lose much of the reasonable elegance.

Your thoughts?


My goal in image backup is simply to have a clean reinstall. Preferably using the simple Linux method rather than Windows PE. (Why not, for simple clean reinstall?)

Thus, my images will be made either when the OS is super-clean, or a few weeks later when all the basic programs are loaded, and lots of little tweaks are made (e.g. settings, Firefox and Chrome extensions, etc.). Not when the system is getting sluggish.  At that time, I am simply backing up data files.

We start with a couple of partitions that are:

Recovery or Dell or stuff like that, small. 
*: -           39 Mb FAT "Hidden"  (maybe the file allocation table? for the OS?)
*Recovery: 10 GB "Active and Boot"
c: OS
d: data file for programs - Linkman Notezilla, and dozen more.
e: email for 70 GB of Eudora mail, and maybe mirrored on a search program or Bat later.
l:  a place for future linux dual boot

(I would generally stick c: and d: on an SSD when I have one, I want to see if Linkman works quicker)

That is all one disk.   On data backup, I make up my own schedules with d: and e:  (recently I decided to separate them, so a backup of d: was not cumbersome).

What about image backup?  (I am willing to have a pro program from Aomei or Macrium or Paragon or Easeus or somebody.  I am bypassing Macrium for dropping the Linux disk in ver 6.)

Do I simply choose the c:  With the idea that the recovery and fat will still be there.
Or do I do the selected partitions on the disk (all except e:,why backup that huge system file that is backing up another way?)
Or is it better to bite the bullet and simply backup every partition.

What programs do you like.  Am I right that I should not put the huge unnecessary e: into the partition (after a reinstall I would take a recent email backup).

Does any of this make sense?

What programs do you like? Do you get a pro? Do you wait for them to be onsale? I did pickup a free Paragon Backup & Recovery™ 16, version  And do like Aomei. 

Feel free to give free-form thoughts about your own image backup.


My thoughts:
There are three main types of navigation.

1) Start Pages with hybrid bookmark navigation
2) Searches on the fly
2) Database with search (Linkman) - this is good but it is not top-down elegance and visual ease.

So let us look at Start Pages.

Start Pages is an interesting area.


Xerpi as my master GoTo .. the reason is that I can write in notes very easily and fit a lot on a page and its got that javascript easy movement and delete.
Weaknesses - unelegant, dormant, no improvement and support. I'm not even sure if I can change a password. looks nice. Good on widgets (how is the weather.) It can be decent for RSS Feeds. 

igHome I might play with.  It is billed as iGoogle-like after google killed iGoogle.

Symbaloo and NetVibes are two with a greater installed base.  Neither has hit my fancy, partly because of overuse of real estate and a glitz feel.  However, I can always reconsider.

There are others. 43Marks, Protopages.  Protopages I just loaded up again, and has a pleasant feel.


The problem with theFreeCountry is that, among the big boys, they mention Macrium, yet omit the similar situation of decent free versions from Aomei, Paragon, Easeus.


For speed of creating special pages and then an index of page of pages, is OneTab a good option?  It lacks the native ability to assign titles, and change the text, but it looks like you can make pages very quickly on the fly.  Maybe you use one of the other start pages as a master index to 25 or 50 onetab pages you make ?   This is similar to using the bookmark bar, but more visible and more shareable.

I am simply curious as to what you have found to be the most pleasant work ways.  I am especially thinking of shareable pages of 25-50 urls. Or, on the other hand, very pleasant pages of my own that include top-down bookmark sectioning (pages or boxes) and maybe widgets with stuff like RSS Feeds.

In the long run, I see working with two or three methods.

Your thoughts?


Yes, that is a strong and clear enough recommendation for me to move ahead with Pocket Informant on the iPad. Thanks!

Can two or three ipads access the data from one account. (For just the price of admission in each one, maybe about $7 if I remember?).  Normally that would not be an issue, but Evernote now limits their Basic account to two devices (although they do it nicely and it is easy to drop one and add the other.)

Then you can export back to Windows (perhaps losing out on tags and merging). Or do sync. This is the flip-side of the VueMinder alternative where the robust end would be in Windows.  The Synchronization Chapter 6 starting on p. 58 is rather impressive.

The Bat! Professional is on sale on Bits Du Jour or $30.

I still use and like the old 2006 Eudora 7.1, as do many of us, although the weakness in foreign language fonts, unicode, hurts a bit.  And the future may bring some questions.

And I have The Bat! loaded from earlier this year, it seems to be a little less friendly in the way it places pics as attachments, where Eudora might be willing to show you the pic inline. 

I was seeing HTML (or whatever it is) in my Bat inbox, although in a somewhat stripped down format.  Eudora has that option to use the Microsoft viewer (this is the type of thing that could go kaput in some future Windows version.) which tends to show you what they tried to send.

Natively The Bat! thinks in terms of individual mailboxes in the display, so you might show five Inboxes, Outboxes, etc.  And I prefer the Eudora method where it is all one box, and you do it all by filtering.  Presumably you could get The Bat! to place all the mail in one set of boxes through filtering?

Feel free to mention other programs, I am particularly interested in the strengths and weaknesess.

From what I can see, in general, The Bat! is one of the few programs that has filtering and searching that is comparable to Eudora, my key point after stability (also mandatory are a decent RTF editor and pasting pics from the clipboard right into the letter you compose.)

Is this the time to pick up The Bat! Use it for some outgoing unicode stuff (I can do that in gmail, too, usually some Greek font from Bible programs) and begin really trying it out?  For an eventual switcheroo.

Or should I wait?  Is there better?



Do you get a smidgen of category or layering capability?  A little sophistication?

I am actually keeping my "event calendar" now in my Firefox toolbar, in one folder with a couple of subfolders (e.g. "Weekly Farmers Markets" "2017") and I keep them in date order.  As long as you are working with a few dozen events it works well, although of course it is funky in that you don't have reminders, or a visual calendar, stuff like that.  However, once I place the event in, it is at least very easy to go right back to the page url.  (This is especially good for things like concerts, movies, meetings, that you might want to note .. e.g. Snowden is playing with a live feed after the movie tomorrow night, I just think Stone might have made it a bit risque.)

This is my current Rube Goldberg calendar system.  If I had a good iPad utility, I might keep that as my Windows method. 



I do have a license for VueMinder Pro.  That would probably be as good as it gets on the Window side.  Presumably, you lose some view and category stuff when you land on the other end at the tablet?  That was what I was hoping to avoid. Plus it is nice if you can add an event from the tablet side. Still might be the best way to go, top-down from Windows.

However, I wonder what the best sync (iPad mainly) to Windows calendar that might really work, similar to how Evernote (for all the grumbling) really works. Good desktop client and reasonable web interface plus they have a good app.  The trifecta!  (Thinking this out, why I like it. The web interface means libraries and hotels work immediately. The desktop client is optional if there is a robust web interface.)

Thus, the company would really have to have their own app and Windows desktop or web interface software. I may be asking the impossible.   I don't think a browser calendar will be robust enough.

Maybe I should discuss this on the Evernote forums too.

Looking at DuoServe (starts at $20 mo..oops) and Ominder (skimpy calendear functionality, in the genre of SMS messages.)  (urls above).


The nice thing with Evernote is that it has generally very smooth and easy integration from Windows to my tablets (mostly iPad although Android is nice too). I add a picture in Windows, it shows up in the tablet. I write up a new note on the road, jottings, in the tablet, it shows up in Windows. There are limitations, of course (e.g. you can't add pics by pasting in the tablet) but it is the smoothest integration I know. It has actually been very helpful and thus I am now an Evernote and Notezilla guy- (Thank you Gautam for working with that Notezilla data question., I'll try to get back to you in a few.)  The two both have superb features.


Now I want similar in calendars. I would like to avoid a 2-step, working though something like a Google Calendar as an intermediary. Yet I would also like to have reasonably decent  filter/category/ tag or
layering functionality. e.g. Show me all the events related to local happenings. Or all the business events.  (Right now my calendar is kept in my Firefox bookmarks bar, which is actually quite nice for some Windows elements.  However I missed a little event yesterday, the tree-hugger sloop Clearwater event on the Kingston, NY beach, and I decided I need improvement.)

Your thoughts on a good  Calendar software method?  That makes you happy on Windows and the iPad?  Adding new events on the iPad is not so important, though, since you can make an Evernote and get to it later.  Adding events will generally be done on the home Windows puter.  Viewing will be home on Windows or iPad.  The viewing, at least on Windows, should be moderately sophisticated.


And today is the 2nd (usually last) day of the 40% discount

Bits Du Jour

Maybe. I have not gotten involved with Stardock (if that is the one you mean)  but it might be something to work with.

Rainmeter has a prototype or something like that with a skin called Winpad


Switching gears, does the iPad (or Android) have a page index system possible (maybe using widgets).  Ipad allows 11 pages, and it has that funny thing where it places icon up toward the top. (You can not place them with spaces.)  So a pseudo-index page would be nice. It might be one screen, or a half-screen, and you could name each page.  Granted, we have another section for this type of question. The OS would have to allow a "Go to Pages" function.  Or allow an appropriate Macro.


General Software Discussion / Re: Firemin: reduce FF memory usage
« on: August 02, 2016, 07:43 AM »
Some thoughts.
The biggest problem is when these things become too obstrusive and unwieldly.

UMatrix is very impressive in how they inform you and let you change things, e.g. keeping Google-Analytics red while greening the site in general. 
UOrigin I have to research, it tells me .. something (I use the Firefox buttons on the toolbar.)

NoScript may not be so necessary with those two, I turned off NoScript and rarely get the popup where a script needs a reply. Plus I do not find NoScript easy to work with, even after you say take everything from a site, you may have to do more.  It should know how to run downhill. And it is uneven as to whether it has the "Allow" all for a url option.

My biggest problem is Youtube, although I think it is just a matter of getting used to how to turn UMatrix green. I tried to check online if there is a global whitelist for UMatrix for Youtube.

Steven Avery 

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: GS-Base Mini-Review
« on: August 02, 2016, 06:43 AM »
Sometimes you can find the old version on FileHippo or OldVersions.  Apparently not with GS-Base.  So yes, trickery or subterfuge is involved.

And I keep all program install (.exe .msi style) downloads in a "Temp Download" folder, usually on a d: which is more subject to being saved.  Then occasionally that is backup up to the cloud, or it might be on the local backup thing.   This is small potatos in terms of size.

On GS-Base I have changed the folder name (every download is put in a descriptive folder name) to indicate that is a 12-month deal (indicating that even if I trim the files, this one is important.  And it acts as a quick reminder on a new install.)

Generally by saving the downloads you bypass this shark attack. My CAM Business Card program is an example, I have a valid license for Ver 9, they are up to 12, it is a good program, but not one I want to be forced to upgrade.  I went to the backup.  Maybe my old SiteSpinner.  Stuff like that.   When upgrades are based on new important features, normally you don't mind a modest upgrade if you get a lot of use from the program, but the programs vary wildly as to whether much is involved in an upgrade.  And you may be simply doing a retest. And some do "churning" of versions.

In semi-defense of the programmers, apparently it is hard to monetize this type of software after the first blasts of interest, ergo all the various advertising, install and pseudo-subscription tricks. Nonetheless, if you have a trick that you hide, that is not good.  I remember one program recently (maybe GS-Base) offered download protection for about $3. Meaning, we will save your version handy later.  Without saying that it would force an upgrade if you did not have the file.


I know google techs want to show their English savvy .. but "deprecate" ?

If you need a fancy word for dumping a service, find something else.

Thanks. You already had it! The Stickers is what I will usually use, although not automatically at startup.  Your implementation is solid with the two options.

The background color is a feature I might add, various light colors. 

The "favorite" for a memoboard .. hmm nice, have to read the docs, maybe it is the memoboard equivalent of a star for the individual notes?  A way to group a few of the active memoboards together (show favorites?).

Here is a little question.  Is there a method possible to do any external linking or opening to a specific memoboard (or note). e.g. As a parameter on the notezilla.exe?

Hmmm.. import or export to Evernote?  (At this point I see a major place in the sun for both Notezilla and Evernote. )  Note: Evernote is a bit finicky on how it handles cut-and-paste RTF stuff (It does have something called "Paste and Match Style", afaik it does not have a standard text paste which in Notezilla is "Paste as Plain Text").

Granted, I can put a link to an Evernote Note into Notezilla and use that as an occasional coordination spot.  There are occasions where I will simply want to use Notezilla pointing to Evernote.  I had an example recently with a little complex note about phones on a family plan.

As to Notezilla regard sync and tablet .. I am still in test mode .. also on sending notes to another IP or network puter.


Readers take note .. all the fine features in Notezilla can easily be missed if you don't really kick the tires.
And apparently coming soon to Bits du Jour!

Here are two or three absolutely incredible features in Noetzilla, even before considering specials:

1) the pop-up to a web page or to an application

(Notezilla goes by the "window" name, some other stickies work by the URL, both have advantages and it would be nice to add a url additional implementation in Notezilla. However, url does not help with an application window.   The ability to know that you have notes that come up when you are in a particular site or app is really really strong, and I use it everywhere.)

2) Stickies give a full real estate usage on a screen.  Note programs like Rightnote and Evernote struggle here, even Templates are a struggle.  This is a huge visual plus.

You can see maybe four notes at once in a note browser, you can scrolled up "today" notes on a sidebar. (I keep an edge free with MaxMax, there are many ways to do that).

3) Notes Browser implementation is strong - it is a fullblown Evernote or Rightnote alternative in that sense, allowing that this is an Evernote specialty.  Sub-folders is key here, stuff like stars and favorites.

And Gautam chose a nice icon in the taskbar, you find it immediately :) .


When you are in a memoboard there could easily be a dozen notes on the board, some open, some closed.  A few will generally be right at the top.  But some could be down, way down, maybe the equivalent of 3 or 4 screen areas ... thus the dragging back up is laborious. Up screen, drop, Up screen, drop, Up screen, drop.   A close and condense option would simply drag everything up with a little space in between each note.  They could even be in a column format, since you are likely to maneuver them around afterwards.  It is just the difficult of bringing them "uphill" that is a bit cumbersome.


Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: GS-Base Mini-Review
« on: July 29, 2016, 01:22 AM »
It was there today.  An another 1/2 hour.  Looks good, more robust than Listpro, some similar advantages.

After that mouse was running fine, try to load Alfa eBooks Manager and an immediate freeze.  No data in the program, just trial.  Think it happened before.  Maybe can replicate.  Not now. Zzzz

One advantage of a tablet in terms of daily practicality is that you can easily set up what we can call "launch pages" around a specific theme. (Business, Travel, Bible study, etc.) And in those launch pages you can combine native "Apps" with web browser pages. (In an iPad you do the web pages in Safari by morphing a web page into the Home Page screen and from there moving it anywhere, although in terms of the resulting icon there seems to be some gotchas.)  It seems like 7 pages in Android and 11 pages in Ios (and real estate is increased when you group buttons together as well, so you have a button with five airlines. This is especially helpful for occasional use areas.)

Historically Windows puters are a little funky in trying to give you such launch pages.  So this is some of the Microsoft push with their Windows 8 and 10 and puters like the Surface thing that try to bridge Apps and Windows. (As I understand.)

I still greatly prefer Windows 7 over Windows 10 for heads-down work.  However, I would like to emulate this type of hybrid launch pages into Windows 7.  Historically this has been limited on the browser side, because a browser can not easily launch a program. On the Windows side, I do use "Pin to Taskbar" and Classic Shell to make it easy to find frequently used programs. Visually though, that gives very little. It is not that type of visual spur you get when you have a nicely-designed launch page.

Do you have a recommended way to go a step further.  One of the launch programs?  Can we get a pseudo-desktops that are launch pages in the tablets where each one has a theme or two, and we can quickly go in and out of the launch environment?  (Like you do with the button in ipad or the home icon on Android.)

How do you increase your comfort, esthetics, happiness and productivity in this way?  Do you succeed when you go to Windows 10.1 and drink the kool-aid?


Returning to mice, rather than political rodents, I do want to mention that if you have multiple mice around, try them all (with or without deleting drivers) maybe even before buying the new one.  I just made a change from one Dell to another and this one works nicely, the one before .. feh.

Here is the simple test.  Make sure you can can easily truncate a url, e.g. in the browser bar, without jerking and without difficulty.  Generally, if you can do that, your mouse is happy (although it could still be a jerky).  Often, when these problems arise, a mouse "works" but has a problem doing that, it wants to highlight the whole thing and is tuff to get to the exact spot.


Thanks, good answers top to bottom, appreciated.

One of the reasons I highly recommend Notezilla even if you are an Evernote, Onenote or Rightnote afficianado.  The support, the web pop-up and the built-in notes browser structure and the color-friendliness and the ability to paste in the pics and such are all great.  Also, the proper use of real estate on the screen with the memoboard type view is really important (with Evernote I am trying to find the simplicity of at least importing such a column template, likely made in Word, to fake it out a bit).  I tried all the various web alternatives like Listhings and had to let them pass. And in the desktop world, I tried Stickies and some others, and some are good, but Notezilla still was my fav by a good margin.

I will try the IP address. Does that have to be local on your network, can it work with something like VPN of Teamviewer or some general internet access.  Can you expound more excellently?

(And I don't think you do mention IP addy at the entry spot or in the docs.)

The idea of a memo export still remains interesting.  Outside of sync. Let's say my personal Notezilla has one memoboard that is all related to a biz activity and I want to share that complex memoboard (I just noticed you do allow a good number of nesting subboards, normally I would just use one subboard) how would I accomplish that end?  Or similarly all the notes relating to one project or activity, one friend or family member.  I realize that it is hard for a developer to keep a feature that causes a bunch of yelps in actual praxis, how can we find a good compromise?  Is there a selective export you can recommend as working well, I think the only export that keeps the real Notezilla feel is .db .

And one minor new enhancement request.  Let's say you have a memoboard with 10 notes.  You go into the notes browser and they may be way downhill.  It can be a bit of a hassle to bring them uptown. How about a "close and condense" option to bring them all to the top.  (The close will make it simpler.)

At one time I mentioned the possibility of grid (snap to grid, or by numbers) options.  That might be too much effort for the gain, understood, but it does receive honourable mention :) .


I am on 8.0.23. When I have notes that have "Stick to Desktop" I can see that by opening the note and right-clicking.   Also I see now that you have it by a Filter, which is in fact sufficient.  Although a column as well would be nice, which I don't see.

(Remember, an option for the path to a note will be a nice improvement (it could be an option to check yes/no), it could at times make for an ultra-long "Memoboard" column, but that is up to the user... long or short names, 2 levels deep or more, where to place the column, you might make the Memoboard the last one.)

In this nice vid you show a ! column and a Reminder Filter but now you have Due.  Is there a difference?  Did reminders become Due?  And what about "!".

And I have not used stars and tags, and they could be helpful.

On the completed status, the actual header row can take a checkmark, that does not mean anything right?  Only the checkmark in an individual note, which leads to strike-thru. Correct?

You took .db files out of export.  That is because it is not necessary with the auto-backup to folders and the explanations of how to use a backup program?


Let's talk about iPad and Android. Let's skip sync for a moment.

Android has a user-accessible file manager.  Does it read the same .db files?  Could I copy over? 

How about the pop-up stick to window features when using browsers in Tablets?  Is that gone-feature due to architectural differences?

Can tablets use network transfer?


Adding computers on a network

Is that awaiting names that we retrieve from things like HomeGroup?  Or do you have another access method?  If it is homegroup oriiented, could you read the data for us?  Or is there something akin to a VPN or whatever method something like Teamviewer remote access allows file xfer.

A bit more explanation here would be helpful.  I used it a while back, but memory is slim pickens.





While I did a couple of things, one thing is clear.  After I deleted the Logitech mouse in the Device Driver, it rebuilt and I had no additional problem.  So it is very possible there was corruption in that driver (i.e. it was running for President.)


Two features that may be needed, or I have not found it yet.


The column headers on each Memoboard - the ability to set that up globally, or copy a template.

On the columns, a checkbox if a note is stuck to the desktop.


(Earlier I mentioned the possibility of a path showing.)


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