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If you have have any problem to make the program "ScreamerMenu" runing

Let me know.

I'll trie to folow the forum during feew days.

Best Regards Rigouli  ;)

Hi Every Body

I have Edited ScreamerMenu Source Code and it work with ScreamerRadio v0.4.3
Scheduling work fine.
I Scheduling can select one of the Favorites Radio (1..8 )

To select favorite radio 1 the scheduled radio name is "F01 WhatYouWant"...
To select favorite radio 8 the scheduled radio name is "F08 AnyCharaceters"

Allot Of improvement must be done for update the rest of the functionalities.
But for me the main functionalities work fine.

PS :The Schedule  Take ~20 seconds to change the Radio and start the recording...
When know it's not a true problem.

Best regard Rigouli  ;)

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