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Well sandboxie will do it if it's already installed on the host PC. Portable apps should work too, that is the basic idea of them, but they don't necessarily provide guarantees to that effect.

The place to go to find out is xda-developers, I see they even have a forum section dedicated to the Kindle Fire. If it's possible, then the guys there will know about it. In facts it's likely they'll be the ones who made it possible.

But note, while playing with such mods is generally very safe, it usually voids any warranty.

The discount is over, the each day a new 10 apps are available and we're now on day 2.

Also Deozaan - the Market and it's compatibility checks are really annoying. If you do any tinkering with your phone then it'll often get confused and say an app is incompatible when in fact it runs perfectly. That said there are modded versions of the market app out there that disable the compatibility check, and the geographic checks so an app is always available.

You do hear about things like firmware updates for harddisks which can improve performance. But I must admit I've never looked into getting any myself. The only time I've flashed new firmware for my PC was to update a BIOS to support a 64bit chip.

I do flash my phone quite often, but I see that more as software upgrading rather than firmware?

Living Room / Re: Google scares me, I think.
« on: November 24, 2011, 07:13 PM »
I'm not so sure that Google intelligently rerouted the message, rather it probably reroutes every message and the ones classed as read don't get highlighted.

Either way, Google is VERY scary, Facebook is even more terrifying!

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