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Developer's Corner / Re: WinRAR and software publisher
« on: September 05, 2013, 09:12 AM »
Thank you, Josh and worstje for your valuable input.


Developer's Corner / WinRAR and software publisher
« on: September 05, 2013, 08:11 AM »

I wonder if any of you have used WinRAR to create an installer and add your company or your name as its publisher.  Or, how to add your company or your name as its publisher to an exe installer?

Googling has not yielded an satisfactory answer.


Thanks for your kind words, Zaq, and sorry for late response.

"provide an online access to your website", that was my version 1.0.  It's unable to provided 100% availability, that is, what if for whatever reason you lost Internet connection?  For a student who's taking notes for a class or lecture, that's not acceptable.

"many people are not comfortable in using address like They can think it can be something malicious,"
'popular' mis-perception/misconception, they just need to learn a bit more about computer and the Internet.  Or to education/explain to them by us.



I wonder if any of you have been able to add a desktop icon to a windows 8 desktop.
Our batch script works for XP, Vista and Windows 7 but not Windows 8.  Hmm, what's going on with Windows 8?

@Renegade, thanks for the informative response.  Sendmail and Qmail were Unix-based, not sure if they have Windows version now...

General Software Discussion / Free smtp server recommendation?
« on: July 28, 2013, 07:40 AM »

I wonder if any of you know or use some free smtp server that mainly provides an ability to send out emails without any restrictions?


" a technical problem", there was a typo, fixed.

And here's my new attempt,

You'll see a technical problem...

" the home page should be clearer about what the program actually DOES.", how could I have missed that?  Thank YOU!

Developer's Corner / Re: Anyone on Mac Mountain Lion (Urgent)?
« on: July 21, 2013, 09:59 PM »
Sorry for being unclear.  I were referring to a new version of my software, Knowledge NoteBook for Mac, which has not been released to public yet.  As we know, each desktop application needs an installer, and I need to test this installer more.  I'll pm you right away.  Thanks.

Developer's Corner / Anyone on Mac Mountain Lion (Urgent)?
« on: July 21, 2013, 09:45 PM »
mouser please allow me...


The installer for my new version for Mac seems to be fine, however, so far only one with Mac OS X v10.8 (Mountain Lion) has tested it.  I'd love to have two or three more Mac OS X 10.8 users to test it as well.  If you're on Mac OS X 10.8 and are willing to chip in I'd greatly appreciate it and please pm me.

Thanks a bunch.

This is a quick thank-you-all note for your thoughtful input, I'll share my opinion some time tomorrow.  Got to put a fire out now.

Imho, both mouser and Renegade have interesting take on features and usefulness. 
My take is very simple for consumer software: a piece of software must be useful (it has to reach certain threshold for its usefulness) and simplicity.

And I fully agree that most consumers don't think as we do (we're conditioned by logical thinking by our years-and-years of programming).


This is an old version.

The current one is Generation 2 Version 5.00 (Beta).  But not officially released to public yet.
This version is superior to the old one in terms of ease of use, feel and look, loading speed and functionality.

Which version did you download and install?  The Settings link would tell us that.

@TaoPhoenix, it's a web app that runs locally, hence, one can use it online or offline.

app103, excellent points, thank you, and I'll work on that.

Thank you, mouser.

Here we go.
Candidate 1:

Candidate 2:

Current page:

I'd appreciate your thoughts.


I'm considering to beef up my landing page and have spent quite a bit of effort on a prospective new landing page.  Would it be appropriate to post the URLs for these two pages or even three here for opinions and thoughts?


I've recently realized the Importance of Visual Presentation of a software program for its impact on new users and generally speaking the Value of User Experience.  Hence, have improved its "feel and look" across board and made the search lighting fast.

If you have installed it before you may want to run the updater,


""We are not amused".

Why don't you just speak for yourself?  So damned obnoxious!

Admin: pls disable / remove this thread

It's not exactly an app but hopefully some of us may have a bit of fun with it...

After playing with it for at least 50 times for fun or work I realized that my thought patter does not seem flexible enough...
(This is the first time I start to sort of lay one image upon another after some freaking 50 times already!)

"Immediate new features or feature improvements:
(1) The Note Entry screen would take up about 88% of the whole screen.  Currently the solution is F11 key.
(2) Same for the Note Editing screen.  F11 key won't have impatct here though.
It has been addressed with the latest release of Version 2.80.  And an updater would be released very soon.  Thanks.

@Paul Keith,

Put it bluntly.  If a potential user hesitates because this simple 30 days free license key requirement (a simple email to the software provider would suffice to obtain the key, 2 minutes or even less to get it done) despite a substantial interest then we're sorry that person would be out.  Has the user's privacy been violated by sending an email to the software provider?  I don't think so.

Even Google anf Facebook would require users to sign up for some service, 2 minutes or more and they may ask for more info.

btw, it's not a "30 day license key system" but rather a simple necessity.


My conclusion is that Knowledge Notebook certainly looks very interesting - very impressive too - but, because of several of the points raised in the discussion and the website,
I'm confused by the above contradictoary statement.  On one hand, you stated
"very interesting - very impressive too", my guess is you formed such an impression based
on this thread as well as the KN website, but then, you also stated
"because of ... and the website", you seem to have an issue with the KN website,
what's it?

you are able to be more open about your strategy for the marketing and development of KN
Many of us have been users of software program of one kind or another, how many of us
have demanded the software program "manufacturer"/provider to share that type of
proprietary business secrets before using the software?  Probably less than 1/100.
Disclosure of your identity seems a reasonable call or pm may be helpful.

until some of the apparent constraints are sorted out
Please be more specfic, if you were referring to some of the nitpicking, please
check comment by 40hz 

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