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what is the +sall modifier! ?

Execuse me mouser...
ignore my previous post. I reinstalled the latest ...60 and it works fine. My fault.

it is me again, my issue was resolved with 59 but got broken altogether with 60. Now, the '+' alias modifier does not work at all, not at the beginning of line or elsewhere. If I may ask that you take a look please.

The '+' alias modifier works fine now when used at the beginning of a line. Issue resolved. thanks

As always, top notch work. I want to thank you for these magic touches of yours.

I welcome pretty much all these enhancements and bug fixes. I would like to pose these 2 questions please ...

- The alias keyword modified '+' does not work if it appears at beginning but works fine if at the end. That is, it launches the files immediately vs. providing it as an argument to alias results. I can live with it but was not sure if this is  your intended behavior.

- You had mentioned there will be some performance enhancements in one your posts but did not see any in the change list. What is the status on this issue?

For everything else, a big thank you.

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