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Seems to work

sweet :)

except that I am being asked twice for the Master passphrase for some reason when Xchat is started.

that's a little odd. however the passphrase entering and decryption stuff is all in code that i haven't really touched to implement the key exchange logic :/

Here we go.
I've re-packaged it a bit and put it on Github.
Please clone the repo from here or simply download release 0.4.1 from here

Now make sure you have xchat-common and libssl-dev packages installed.

Once you cloned or downloaded it, run ./ nix64bit
This should automagically fetch the mircryption source, apply the necessary changes and build the shared object.
Once the build succeeded, you should find the final outcome in ./build/

Let me know if this works for you

I'll try to look into this during the day. Just got up an hour ago ;)

Looking at the most prominent error message in your paste, I'd say you're missing the xchat-plugin.h header ;)

mircryption.cpp:99:26: fatal error: xchat-plugin.h: No such file or directory

You have to install xchat-common and add /usr/include/xchat/ to the include path

Got the issue sorted out :)

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