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woohoo, can't wait to get one!

As mouser already mentioned in the latest newsletter we've got a special treat for all DC members who will attend the meetup in Berlin end of this month.

Cody spaceship mugs!

The mugs are a limited edition and you can only get them if you're a DC member and join the meeting.
Come and claim your mug as long as we still have some left!

Mircryption / Re: [xchat] znc support
« on: April 28, 2009, 02:01 PM »
hmm, first idea: could be hacked into the code.
second idea: it would be more of a dirty hack ;-)

i'll put in on my list of features and fixes and get back to you once i have the time to work on it.

I'd have to take a look at this if time allows so it might be a while till you hear back from ne on this.
Are you on Windows or Linux?

Just found some little problem with 0.4.0-alpha:
scenerio: you're connected multiple times (diffrent nicknames) to the same network.
when you try to /keyx with a nick you already /keyx'ed with using a other of your connection, xchat chrashes. :)

How dare you do connect multiple times with the same client to the same network! ;-)
Do you have a paranoid-schizophrenic chatting disorder that you need to encrypt text you're sending to yourself?

I mean, is there really a need for this?

From the top of my head I would say implementing a fix for this could be a bit of work since I'd have to hold different openssl contexts for each opened connection.
Right now there's only one context per /keyx request.

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