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So the thanks really goes to everyone here on this site who has been willing to donate to the site.  :up:

:up: DCers!

Holy Carp, batman! Those mugs are awesome! C-Base looks pretty cool... I wish I could have been there. Meeting everyone would have been great (I'm not so mercenary/materialistic that my only motivation to attend would have been a mug. Honest  :P).

Hush, it's not about being materialistic, it's about mouser being as cool as he is to sponsor mugs!

Just drop by the next time, maybe some time end of August ;-) or maybe December/January again which will coincide with the annual chaos communication congress (26C3 CFP is out, no proper page yet though).

-- snip --
:o Whoever that was, it was not me! I was neither in nor even near Berlin.

sorry about that.
since i was busy talking to someone else at the time of introduction and housetier has name-remembering-issues, we weren't exactly sure about the name anymore X_X

please, whoever you were, state name and rank ;)

Here's a shot of the meetup on board c-base.

From left to right: [forgot name X_X please halp], housetier, gjehle.
People not properly visible are c-base inventory ;-)

Mind the uber-stylish DC/c-base cup in front of [forgot name X_X please halp] :D

Just a quick reminder guys and gals.
One week left!

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