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How do other members of shackspace react to Baby Cody?

at first people were like: wtf, where's the bird coming from, what does it want? whyyyy?
but cody explained everything very patently and by now he's practically part of the family :)

I just arranged a daytrip for tomorrow!
If everything turns out as planned Baby Cody will have a story or two to tell :)

Mmmmmm, power tools :D
And that little spark in Cody's eye when he was near the torch... I tell you, watch that bird!
Cody also personally helped putting up masking tape all over the space.
Two busy days end with a trip on the Stuttgart U-Bahn.

I'm sure there's more to come soon :)

Cody arrived at the new location in Stuttgart Wangen where he checked out the new hacker lounge area that we already freed up and the heaps of trash that were caused by that.
He also found some ancient bird depictions on one of the doors. Must be a good sign!
A quick trip down the center corridor and Cody fully approved of our soon to be server room :)
Painting was done as well, Cody checked up on that.
Time for a spin on the "no fan". no, seriously, that's not a fan!
Cody also found some tools like this router.

Here's what Baby Cody did over the weekend.
First he traveled a bit by train to arrive at the old shackspace location where he was amazed by the mural on the front wall.
Cody got busy right away and helped loading the truck with stuff we had to move to the new space!

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