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You let a baby drink alcoholic beverages? :o

it's beer, not an alcoholic beverage :D

But then he wanted more!
I managed to stop him only by drinking everything myself right away.
Moral of the story: Baby Cody makes you drink!

After a day at the zoo, the proper German way to relax is with a cold one.  Of course one of the several locally brewed ones.
Cody sampled it as well and approved of the taste.

Yesterday Baby Cody went on a daytrip to Wilhelma, the Stuttgart Zoological Garden.
Weather was beautifully sunny and warm, perfect for little Cody to fly around a little.

Att times it was hard finding him again, just check the attached photo.

I just arranged a daytrip for tomorrow!
If everything turns out as planned Baby Cody will have a story or two to tell :)

What came out of the day trip?

sadly that didn't work out as planned :(

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