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Living Room / Re: Top 10 Signs Recursion May Be a Problem In Your Life
« on: December 20, 2007, 02:05 AM »
0. When cutting stuff into smaller pieces you cut it in half, cut each piece in half, cut each new piece in half ....

damn, i'm doing this already, no kidding :D
makes for nice, even-sized pieces :D

A little question about OTR. Though it works really good in MSN (turns out Adium packs OTR by default in the package), I am curious about the privacy scope in the IRC. Can it be used when talking in the public chat of the channel or does it only works when I am having a private IRC conversation, with, say, Ralf Maximus? (shameless plug for Ralf to join us at #donationcoder sometime. That, and being the last poster :P)

AFAIK OTR only works for 2 parties. I'm not 100% sure, tho.

There is a similar problem with key-agreement using DH1080 for mircryption/fish.
The 'simple' solution is:
- generate a long and random password for the public channel and set it
- perform DH1080 key agreement with each party that wants to talk encrypted in the channel
- exchange the channel password of the so secured private 1on1 chat
- manually set received channel password

i was planning on incorporating code to automatically perform this rather simple task in mircryption/xchat but haven't found the time to do it yet.

for instance, meet in person and exchange keys in a safe/secure environment.

For GnuPG/PGP it should be enough to exchange the fingerprint, of the key, because said fingerprint (e.g. 0986 736D 468B 5D28 7C6A  811D D609 3240 38BA B1B4) is much shorter than a key

of course, but only in person or over a secure channel ;-)
if you can mitm key exchange, you can mitm fingerprint exchange :D

Yes, but what I was talking about is what housetier mentioned: if the other part doesn't use the plugin, you can't encrypt the information you're sending as well. Practically all my friends use WLM, except one who uses aMSN, and another who uses Adium (when he's on the Mac, anyway), and WLM is not exactly the privacy champion, more the opposite <_<

I use Miranda for everything, so no problem there :)

if they value privacy, they will switch to a client that allows more security.

there is also OTR support for adium.

Hmmm, can we get Microsoft to use encryption in Windows Live Messenger? (That would be the only way to have encrypted communications with ALL my contacts in MSN).

use pidgin
i use pidgin for all my IM contacts, specifically: icq, aim, yahoo, msn, jabber
should work also with miranda, or, if you like it non-free: trillian

Messages are encrypted before sending, and are decrypted before displaying them to the user. So, again, the evil MIM (man in the middle) cannot peep in to find out what you are talking about.

i just want to point out some important details

neither mircryption, fish, nor otr are safe from a man in the middle (MITM) attack.
same holds true for pgp, and therefor gnupg.
the wikipedia article mentions OTR as a counter measure against mitm, this is not true

this is not a problem with the encryption itself, but with the way keys are exchanged / agreed upon.

fish and mircryption use (can use) DH1080 (which is straight forward diffie-hellman key agreement) to exchange secrets.

to work around mitm attacks one has to establish a truly secure channel to exchange secrets, or part of a secret.
for instance, meet in person and exchange keys in a safe/secure environment.

to make it more difficult for eavesdroppers one can use multiple weak security channels to transmit parts of the secret
with the intend of making the exchange happen in so many places at once, that it's too complicated to wiretap all channels.

anyways, nice article housetier!
and to everyone: protect your privacy!

General Software Discussion / Re: Is it time to move beyond Cygwin/X?
« on: December 11, 2007, 07:34 AM »
if you just want to use the box as if you were sitting in front of it
you can always use VNC

back when i was still using windows as my main operating system i also used xwin32 which did the job for the most part (some 4 years ago)

Living Room / Re: Better run like Hell!!! I AM BACK!!!!
« on: December 11, 2007, 06:06 AM »
yikes, that sounds nasty
glad you're back!
get well!

very nice mouser & least once I replaced all the @'s with -'s. It was taking up 2 lines here.

The beauty of scripts, easy to modify :-)
That's one of the reasons I chose Perl script over C plugin for implementation

An XChat port of the script can be found here:

Works for Linux/Unix, Mac, Windows if you have XChat with Perl scripting support

I've posted one of my unofficial GOE entries here: https://www.donation...r/mircpak/index.html
It's JrHourlyMarker, a script for mirc ( that adds hourly markers so you can see when messages came into your windows while keeping timestamps off.

mouser forced me to port it to XChat.
I'm serious, I still have marks all over my neck from him strangling me :D

anyways, long story short, here it is:

you'll need xchat + perl
if you're on linux or mac, you might already have it
if you're on windows and you don't, check out activestate's activeperl and re-install xchat with the perl interface

General Software Discussion / Re: what does uninstall really mean?
« on: November 24, 2007, 08:22 AM »
first and foremost it means what the programmer who wrote the installer meant and made it to be

now, when it comes to drivers, this is another story.
usually your driver is a combo of .inf and .sys (once you get rid of all the installer usability candy)
windows puts the .inf somewhere in \WINNT\ (or \WINDOWS\, depending on your windows version) and the .sys into \WINNT\system32\drivers\
besides those windows tends to hold old versions of the driver under different file names in other places (yes, it's kinda vague like that)

what your windows device manager does on top of that, is report the version number it finds in the .inf file (just a text file) and not necessarily the version number of the driver itself (right click on the .sys file, properties, version-tab)

now just imagine this scenario i found myself in at work just recently:
we're using a 3rd party USB device with a specialized driver and firmware made for us by said 3rd party.
as it always goes, it's not perfect, so there will be new driver versions.

windows is also kinda stupid when it comes to plugging the same usb device into different usb ports (yes, even if the usb-serial is properly implemented in the device).
so windows thinks (even so it's the same device) that each time you use a different port, it's a different device.
each time installing or requesting the driver.

you can 'update driver' from the device manager. ok. does not always work.
i even went so far as to delete the .sys file from \winnt\system32\drivers\ only to find a very old version of the driver
suddenly appearing out of thin air the next time i plugged the device in.

here's the (kind of work intensive but successful) way to get rid of a driver:
- plug device in
- right-click / properties on the device @ device manager
- remove driver (or uninstall, not sure what's it called)
- unplugg device
- delete .sys file for the driver from \winnt\system32\drivers\ (and if you can find them, all .inf files)
- restart pc
- plug in device
- install new driver when asked

Nice idea - too bad if some application has a custom edit control...

I'm wondering if it works for custom controls inheriting the base edit control.

nice one!
I'll test it if I get the chance next week

Video taken at Assembly07 (Demoscene party).
Using a specially crafted soundfile one of the hackers managed to display the
all too familiar oldskool side-scrollers and abstract shapes to be displayed on an ... oscilloscope!
Just plain awesome.

ok, this might sound a bit confusing, let me elaborate.
mouser suggested i post it in here (original: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=10517.0)

  • windows XP / 2000
  • touch-screen display (for windows this is just a simple mouse)
  • 2 applications (A and OSK)
    A: random application with GUI
    OSK: on-screen-keyboard

the idea:
  • monitor A's GUI
  • launch/unhide OSK as soon as focus is given to an edit control (usually needs keyboard input)
  • if edit control looses focus (or OSK has no more GUI-clicking going on, aka timeout) close/hide OSK

  • make this work global for all running apps
  • make it only work for a list of applications
  • make types of controls that trigger the OSK configurable
  • support for arbitrary OSK apps (windows' own, 3rd party)

is there any OSK app out there that already does it?
i couldn't find any.

thats a nice idea.. wouldn't this be a good coding snack -- a program that detects when you are in an editbox or other edit control and launches a configured application when you are?

post it in the coding snacks request section, this seems like something right up skrommel (or some other ahk coder) alley.

good idea!
doing that right now

coding snack idea: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=10520.0

Glowcode my meet your needs. It has worked well for me over the years.

i tried that one, and it worked reasonably well :)

Glowcode was one of the ones i was trying to remember the name of  :up:

yup, found that one too, but that's quite an investment ;-)

the main thing here is, that if i focus a control that needs keyboard input (textbox, etc) the on-screen-keyboard should pop up automatically.
i've found a couple of virtual keyboards already, but none have this feature

Hey fellow DCers,

I was wondering if there is any on-screen-keyboard solution that automatically pops up the moment an edit control gets focus.
Any recommendations?

Living Room / (Webfind) Oddity of the day: Prime number shitting bear
« on: October 14, 2007, 06:17 PM »
I can't find words to describe this thing... it's just, uhm, odd.
Yet fascinating.  :huh: ;)


Adobe presents prototype lens-assembly to take 3D photographs which allow
to move the camera later on in software or change the focus plane.
They also show what they call the 'Focus Healing Brush' to add focus or de-focus to selected image areas.

Living Room / Re: UK Government wants your crypto keys... by law.
« on: October 03, 2007, 08:21 AM »
These are some pretty shocking data. I just hope there will be a brighter futue.

well, to have a brighter future tomorrow you have to light a candle today...

Living Room / Re: UK Government wants your crypto keys... by law.
« on: October 02, 2007, 02:34 AM »
The Electronic Commerce Bill would make it a crime to fail to give up the decryption key to a message if a policeman thinks you've got it. If you haven't got it, it is up to you to prove you haven't. If you can't prove it, you would be liable for 2 years in jail.

OUCH! Innocent until proven guilty? Yikes!

Exactly.. that's what the German government is working towards too...
They also keep using new words to make stuff sound better, sounds like newspeak, i'm not kidding...

Living Room / UK Government wants your crypto keys... by law.
« on: October 01, 2007, 01:42 PM »
In a few hours time Part III of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 will come into effect. The commencement order means that as of October 1st a section 49 notice can be served which requires that encrypted data be “put into an intelligible form” (what you and I might call “decrypted”). [...]

holy fucking crap what the hell?!
mouser, we need a smile-face that does the hitler salute, seriously...
there's just no way to describe how idiotic, nazi, 1984, [more adjectives here] this is...
i'm shocked (and yes, this comes from someone in who's country possession of hacker tools is illegal)

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