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How do other members of shackspace react to Baby Cody?

at first people were like: wtf, where's the bird coming from, what does it want? whyyyy?
but cody explained everything very patently and by now he's practically part of the family :)

I just arranged a daytrip for tomorrow!
If everything turns out as planned Baby Cody will have a story or two to tell :)

Mmmmmm, power tools :D
And that little spark in Cody's eye when he was near the torch... I tell you, watch that bird!
Cody also personally helped putting up masking tape all over the space.
Two busy days end with a trip on the Stuttgart U-Bahn.

I'm sure there's more to come soon :)

Cody arrived at the new location in Stuttgart Wangen where he checked out the new hacker lounge area that we already freed up and the heaps of trash that were caused by that.
He also found some ancient bird depictions on one of the doors. Must be a good sign!
A quick trip down the center corridor and Cody fully approved of our soon to be server room :)
Painting was done as well, Cody checked up on that.
Time for a spin on the "no fan". no, seriously, that's not a fan!
Cody also found some tools like this router.

Here's what Baby Cody did over the weekend.
First he traveled a bit by train to arrive at the old shackspace location where he was amazed by the mural on the front wall.
Cody got busy right away and helped loading the truck with stuff we had to move to the new space!

Hey, I also could visit cody - I´m also from Stuttgart. Where did you get your new Shackspace?

The new space in Ulmer Strasse 255 (aka 0xff) in Stuttgart Wangen.  We're still very busy fixing up the place. The old location (kind of stripped down now) is in the middle of the Nordbahnhof area.

Adventures of Baby Cody / Baby Cody arrives in Stuttgart, Germany
« on: March 11, 2011, 01:27 PM »
Hello fellow DCers, it's been quite a while since I've last been active on the forums.
This is going to change now since I'll be reporting on Baby Cody's adventures in Stuttgart.

A few minutes ago Cody flew through the door of shackspace, the Stuttgart hackerspace.
I managed to snap a quick photo of him when he landed right in the middle of one of the electronic lab's workbenches.
The guys at shackspace are currently in the middle of renovating their newly acquired space and then moving their stuff from the old to the new one.  Cody kindly offered to help with the logistics and will be supervising the move!

Stay tuned for more Baby Cody news over the following days!

General Software Discussion / Re: on OS updates and breakage
« on: February 07, 2010, 08:37 AM »
You haven't managed to break a system beyond usability, but you got your gentoo stuck in un-updatable dependency hell?  :huh: :huh: :huh:

I was still able to use it, just not update :D

General Software Discussion / Re: on OS updates and breakage
« on: February 07, 2010, 07:40 AM »
huh? pondering? i think the only reason you do not ponder is the fact that windows doesn't even give you a frickin' choice in the default setting.
"there's updates to be installed, you have to reboot". pardon me, what kind of updates? ohh, i see, keep protecting the stupid user from too much info :/

i've been running linux for way over 10 years now as my main operating system and i openly admit that it's not meant for everybody.
but i'm also pretty much blindly accepting any updates i get (i do glance over the list just to see what's affected).
in 99% of cases i didn't have the slightest problems, and mind you, i think it's safe to argue that on your average linux distro there's a lot more updates than what microsoft puts out.
the 1% is the odd kernel update that might cause a little hickup if you're running fancy hardware.
anyway, i haven't managed to break a linux system beyond usability or anything i wasn't able to fix myself right away in ages.
hell, i was even running a un-updatable gentoo system stuck in dependency hell for a year (neglecting updates on gentoo for more than half a year is no good idea) without problems.
since then i've switched to ubuntu and am happier than ever.

then again, it's not for everyone and who am i to evangelize anyone on their personal preferences.
just ticks me off if someone overgeneralizes and trolls about it :/

Finished Programs / Re: ZIP to PHP converter
« on: January 05, 2010, 06:45 AM »
you, sir, are awesome.
this is simply ingenious.

Living Room / Re: Third DC meet-up of the German faction
« on: November 30, 2009, 02:27 PM »
i'm drinking tea out of the mug right now and can verify housetier's statement regarding the mug-specs and general awesomeness.

Living Room / Re: Second official DC Germany meet-up
« on: August 30, 2009, 10:35 AM »
meeting open, the nerds are in.  8)

Adventures of Baby Cody / Re: Germany
« on: August 19, 2009, 04:58 PM »
I can show him around the Stuttgart area :)

Living Room / Re: Second official DC Germany meet-up
« on: August 19, 2009, 04:47 PM »
this event is relevant to my interests

Mircryption / AES-256 less secure than AES-128
« on: August 01, 2009, 07:48 AM »

This just in from #mircryption
I'll just quote it here since lizzy didn't want to sign up just for that:

123446 <lizzy_> hi guys
123504 <lizzy_> we have a BIG problem, at the Pre-panic stage:
123523 <lizzy_> look at today's
123550 <lizzy_> Cryptography is all about safety margins. If you can break n round of a cipher, you design it with 2n or 3n rounds. What we're learning is that the safety margin of AES is much less than previously believed. And while there is no reason to scrap AES in favor of another algorithm, NST should increase the number of rounds of all three AES variants -- now, before there is a reason to panic.
123614 <lizzy_> At this point, I suggest AES-128 at 16 rounds, AES-192 at 20 rounds, and AES-256 at 28 rounds. Of maybe even more; we don't want to be revising the standard again and again.
123614 <lizzy_> And, even more strongly, I suggest that people don't use AES-256. AES-128 provides more than enough security margin for the forseeable future.
123614 <lizzy_> Schneier on Security: Another New AES Attack (1 August 2009)
123614 <lizzy_> http://www.schneier....another_new_aes.html
123614 <lizzy_>
124102 <lizzy_> ..
124143 <lizzy_> i also propose that the number of rounds used be shown ,eg: AES256-16
125559 <lizzy_> see also:

So the thanks really goes to everyone here on this site who has been willing to donate to the site.  :up:

:up: DCers!

Holy Carp, batman! Those mugs are awesome! C-Base looks pretty cool... I wish I could have been there. Meeting everyone would have been great (I'm not so mercenary/materialistic that my only motivation to attend would have been a mug. Honest  :P).

Hush, it's not about being materialistic, it's about mouser being as cool as he is to sponsor mugs!

Just drop by the next time, maybe some time end of August ;-) or maybe December/January again which will coincide with the annual chaos communication congress (26C3 CFP is out, no proper page yet though).

-- snip --
:o Whoever that was, it was not me! I was neither in nor even near Berlin.

sorry about that.
since i was busy talking to someone else at the time of introduction and housetier has name-remembering-issues, we weren't exactly sure about the name anymore X_X

please, whoever you were, state name and rank ;)

Here's a shot of the meetup on board c-base.

From left to right: [forgot name X_X please halp], housetier, gjehle.
People not properly visible are c-base inventory ;-)

Mind the uber-stylish DC/c-base cup in front of [forgot name X_X please halp] :D

Just a quick reminder guys and gals.
One week left!

woohoo, can't wait to get one!

As mouser already mentioned in the latest newsletter we've got a special treat for all DC members who will attend the meetup in Berlin end of this month.

Cody spaceship mugs!

The mugs are a limited edition and you can only get them if you're a DC member and join the meeting.
Come and claim your mug as long as we still have some left!

Mircryption / Re: [xchat] znc support
« on: April 28, 2009, 02:01 PM »
hmm, first idea: could be hacked into the code.
second idea: it would be more of a dirty hack ;-)

i'll put in on my list of features and fixes and get back to you once i have the time to work on it.

I'd have to take a look at this if time allows so it might be a while till you hear back from ne on this.
Are you on Windows or Linux?

Just found some little problem with 0.4.0-alpha:
scenerio: you're connected multiple times (diffrent nicknames) to the same network.
when you try to /keyx with a nick you already /keyx'ed with using a other of your connection, xchat chrashes. :)

How dare you do connect multiple times with the same client to the same network! ;-)
Do you have a paranoid-schizophrenic chatting disorder that you need to encrypt text you're sending to yourself?

I mean, is there really a need for this?

From the top of my head I would say implementing a fix for this could be a bit of work since I'd have to hold different openssl contexts for each opened connection.
Right now there's only one context per /keyx request.

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