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Living Room / Re: Wiki Democracy
« on: October 01, 2007, 11:52 AM »
from a idealistic and naive point of view i want to see this happening
on the other hand, being a mix of pessimist and realist i'm not so sure...

then again.. seeing what's happening here in germany i so want the ability to contribute more directly and not have total morons and lobbyists  decide what's good for the 'stupid people'



CRTDBG is a rather blunt tool ;-) pretty much telling me: you leak / you don't leak
and I'm not sure it works cross-dll / cross-language

anyways, thanks for the info

thanks for the reply mouser,
since i'm not the GUI-type but usually a linux-only user (except for prostitution work related stuff) this shouldn't pose a problem.
i found AQTime myself after some searching and i have to say it looks quite nice.
turns out... there's no real memory leak after all :( *curses at image acquisition drivers*

Hey there fellow DC'ers
I'm sitting at work here right now, having to deal with a _very_ nasty problem that totally smashes my system's heap, slowly, very slowly... (to the point of no return other than rebooting)
The application is an especially nasty accumulation of C/C++/Managed C++/C# code.
So it got everything, from malloc to new to gcnew.. garbage collected items, and items that need manual disposal.
Everything split up in half a ton of DLL files.

I already found this thread here and was wondering if any of you could recommend any other tools (preferably free software, but if it's payware, whatever, as long as it does the job) to do leak testing, memory profiling.

linux-based valgrind is pretty awesome for this, but well, linux.
i'd need something similar for win2k and xp.

i know leaks are a very common problem to any non-trivial program, so i assume most of you have already had to deal with this problem.
please share your knowledge :D

try hydrogen from
there's also a windows and mac osx version in the download section
and here's the best part: it's totally free

Living Room / (Webfind) CS Jokes - Collection of Computer Science Jokes
« on: September 30, 2007, 09:31 AM »
thought I'd share my latest find since it wasn't already posted here ;-)

Two strings walk into a bar and sit down. The bartender says, "So what'll it be?"
The first string says, "I think I'll have a beer quag fulk boorg jdk^CjfdLk jk3s d#f67howe%^U r89nvy~~owmc63^Dz x.xvcu"
"Please excuse my friend," the second string says, "He isn't null-terminated."

Living Room / (Webfind) Flash game: Double maze, twist your mind
« on: September 29, 2007, 12:27 PM »
Double maze
Use the arrow keys to move the two balls around and land them on the yellow stars
and press Control to reset the level

Living Room / Re: Whats on your desktop?
« on: September 29, 2007, 12:19 PM »
I dont like how dialogs that pop up centered are split between the displays, anyone know how to fix that?
Hey if You find a way to fix that, let me know, I would like to know.

works fine for me on linux ;-)
it's called 'hinting' and also takes care of windows you resize to full-screen only are full-screen on one of the displays
for me it's done using xinerama (X.Org builtin), as to how windows does it, no clue. ;-)

Living Room / Re: Whats on your desktop?
« on: September 29, 2007, 04:32 AM »
look ma, no icons!
i also prefer using my own photos as wallpapers since kinda hard to get dual-screen wallpapers i like


i sign my emails with

welcome to the club ;-)

to why i do this...
i guess to separate the signature from the content

haha, yes of course
i assume reading fingerprints from 5 meters away only works under lab-conditions... for now.

Living Room / THE cup for the uber-tea-geek
« on: September 28, 2007, 11:00 AM »
Mugs to help you mix your favourite brew to just-how-you-like-it by matching the colour guide on the inside.
Available in Tea or Coffee styles.

It's 'just tea' for me :D

The TENORI-ON provides six different performance and sound/light modes for broad performance versatility,
and these modes can be combined and used simultaneously for rich, complex musical expression.

Looks like Yamaha is jumping on the Monome bandwagon...

"We can read fingerprints from about five meters .... all 10 prints," said Bruce Walker, vice president of homeland security for Northrop Grumman Corp (NOC.N).
"We can also do an iris scan at the same distance."

hell yeah, who needs privacy anyways...

well, it is a good thing to know how stuff works
sadly, most of the time one doesn't have the time (or virtue) to dig into the details.
esp. if you're coding stuff at work where money and time matters ;-)

Living Room / Re: (Webfind) Programmer Personality Test
« on: September 24, 2007, 12:50 PM »
looks like i'm a DLSB:
You're a Doer.
You like coding at a Low level.
You work best in a Solo situation.
You are a liBeral programmer.

Living Room / (Webfind) Programmer Personality Test
« on: September 24, 2007, 12:48 PM »
There was already a posting about a Myers-Briggs Test before on DC, but this a very short version, made especially for the programmer types.
I think it'll hit the target audience quite well being posted here ;-)

Below is the programmer's personality test.
It is based of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and has been changed to relate to your programming personality type.
This is not a joke test and is really only relevant to programmers, however anyone is welcome to take the test.
There are 12 questions with 2 answers for each question and you must choose one answer from each and every question.
There are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers, your answer will simply show what type of personality you have.

i sure hope you used dcraw for raw conversion, otherwise you might have re-invented the wheel

the basic idea for image conversion usually is:
- load format x (this should give you a bitmap)
- convert said bitmap to destination format y

i recommended using libjpeg (
just spare yourself the effort of reinventing the wheel :P

esp. for image processing algorithms the already existing solution is magnitudes
better/faster than what you would come up with.
unless you're a image processing god, or the problem is very special ;-)

There's a beautiful princess, prisoner in the highest tower of a castle, guarded by a mighty dragon, and a fearless knight must rescue her…

This is how each language would manage to rescue the princess from the hands of the dragon
  • Java - Gets there, finds the dragon, develops a framework for dragon anihilation with multiple layers, writes several articles about the framework… But doesn't kill the dragon.
  • .NET - Gets there, sees the idea of the Java developer and copies it. Tries to kill the dragon, but the monster eats him.
  • C - Arrives, looks down at the dragon, pulls out his sword, beheads the dragon, finds the princess… And ignores her to see the last checkins of linux kernel cvs.
  • C++ - Creates a basic needle, and gathers funcionality until he has a complex sword that he can barely understand… He kills the dragon, but gets stuck crossing the bridge because of memory leaks.
  • ... click here for the rest of the extensive list

Living Room / Webfind: How to hire and treat your own hacker
« on: September 01, 2007, 04:53 PM »
Just (re)found this gem of hackerdom:
How to hire and threat your hacker in a corporate environment.
Link to the full text below the TOC ;-)

Section 0: Basic understanding.
0.0: Won't my hacker break into my computer and steal my trade secrets?
0.1: Was it a good idea to hire a hacker?
0.2: How should I manage my hacker?
0.3: Wait, you just said "10 times", didn't you? You're not serious, right?
0.4: I don't understand this at all. This is confusing. Is there a book on this?

Section 1: Social issues
1.0: My hacker doesn't fit in well with our corporate society. She seems to do her work well, but she's not really making many friends.
1.1: My hacker seems to dress funny. Is there any way to impress upon him the importance of corporate appearance?
1.2: My hacker won't call me by my title, and doesn't seem to respect me at all.
1.3: My hacker constantly insults the work of my other workers.

Section 2: Productivity.
2.0: My hacker plays video games on company time.
2.1: But it's been two weeks since I saw anything!
2.2: Isn't this damaging to productivity?
2.3: My hacker is constantly doing things unrelated to her job responsibilities.
2.4: My hacker is writing a book, reading USENET news, playing video games, talking with friends on the phone, and building sculptures out of paper clips. On company time!
2.5: But my other workers are offended by my hacker's success, and it hurts their productivity.

Section 3: Stimulus and response
3.0: My hacker did something good, and I want to reward him.
3.1: My hacker did something bad, and I want to punish him.
3.2: I don't get it. I offered my hacker a significant promotion, and she turned it down and acted offended.
3.3: My company policy won't let me give my hacker any more raises until he's in management.
3.4: I can't believe the hacker on my staff is worth as much as we're paying.

Section 4: What does that mean?
4.0: My hacker doesn't speak English. At least, I don't think so.
4.1: I can't get an estimate out of my hacker.
4.2: My hacker makes obscure, meaningless jokes.
4.3: My hacker counts from zero.

guess i'm the first to vote "i don't use windows"
thanks for including this option :D

Living Room / (Game) Crosswords Flash Game
« on: July 19, 2007, 11:11 AM »
Whether you're a crosswords nut or just the occasional bored player, try this one.

a lot of standards are the same for each standards body.
eg. quality assurance  is ISO 9000 (9002, 9004, etc) (international), or DIN 9000 (german), or EN 9000 (european) and often gets a long name like DIN EN ISO 9000 or similar.

Typical behavior.

Microsoft joins the committee to draft ODF, stays silent, doesn't contribute.
But what they do is grab all the good stuff and figure out a way to "improve" (read: add something proprietary) the format and stab everyone who made an effort in the back.
Corporate leeches.

Not much to say about that one other than it's pretty simple and nice for maybe 5 to 10 minutes.
Make a bet, watch the shellz change places, and pick the right one when it's done spinning.

As you can see from the screenshot, it is kinda simple (I was betting all each round).
26,214,406 points was when I stopped, clicking the 50K button was becoming quite a chore at that point ;-)

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