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more details for example 2:

Example 02:
If I use SpinZip for zipping = no errors.
By luck, could you make the default compression number being 5 (= I assume it is normal compression) ? Or may I be able to change that in the .ini file ?

But with RecurUnZip, errors displayed
And the folder created is void (unzipping was really too fast!). I assume it is because RecurUnZip uses IZARCE internally.
Moreover I am just noticed that this time 3 empty folders (0,1,2) were created in C:\Users\jity\Desktop\RecurUnZip  !

Thanks in advance ;)

Hello skwire,

My pleasure. ;) Thank you to you! ;)
I agree with your suggestion as with example 1 (7-zip) the octets size are the same in both unzipped folders located inside the long path.

Thanks in advance ;)

Hello skwire,

Thank you for your fast answer. I appreciated. ;)

Here are more tests under Vista (C:\ is formated in NTFS). I hope this help. ;)

Example 01:
If I use 7-zip.exe

Folder to be zipped:
C:\Users\jity1234\Desktop\1234567\0 1234567 dec09\1 OT1\
C:\Users\jity1234\Desktop\1234567\0 1234567 dec09\1 OT1\1

zipping is ok and has no error.

if I unzip 1 in the folder
C:\Users\jity1234\Desktop\1234567\0 1234567 dec09\1 OT1\super01\
C:\Users\jity1234\Desktop\1234567\0 1234567 dec09\1 OT1\1 OT1\then_the_files_unzipped_here

unzipping is ok and has no error.

Example 02:
If I use SpinZip for zipping = no errors.
But with RecurUnZip, errors displayed

Example 03:
Same than with example 01, but with winrar zipping in .zip
No error in zipping
but, errors in unzipping :
!   C:\Users\jity1234\Desktop\1234567\0 1234567 dec09\1 OT1\1 Cannot create 1 OT1\efl_infoEF38706-des-le-premier-1245-de-1234567-les-1234-123456-12345678es-subiront-12-1-de-12345678ents-en-2010_20091214_144224_files\1931275723x50TopTop2Top3x01Middle3Middle4Middle5LeftLeft1Bott.js
    Total path and file name length must not exceed 260 characters
!   Le chemin d'accès spécifié est introuvable. [means : The specified path was not found.]

It seems normal as the file has 285 characters.

Example 04:
so I have some problems in my original not_zipped folder.
I have moved it to C:\essai\1 OT1\ with the freeware Supercopier2 ( http://supercopier.s...q=node/type/download can detect errors in filenames apparently). The size in octet and number of folders and files are the same in both unzipped 1 OT1 folders.

If i use Winrar
Folder to be zipped (extract to : .zip everything else are the default options):
C:\essai\1 OT1\
C:\essai\1 OT1\1
ok with no errors

if I copy and unzip 1 in the folder
C:\essa2\1 OT1\1 OT1\then_there_all_the_files

Please notice the second same folder.

The size in octets and the files number is the same, but there is one more folder (the second "1 OT1").
If I check the properties directly inside C:\essa2\1 OT1\, the properties are exactly the same.
So the work has been done properly. ;)

But when I delete manually the unzipped folder (1 OT1), I have a Windows error message:
"It is not possible to put some elements which have a too long name in the bin, do you want to delete the folder permanently ?"
I choose yes and I see the green bar becoming red during 2 seconds then it finish the job in green properly.
I don't think that this problem is really important !
If I test the folder C:\essai\1 OT1\ with LongFile.exe (freeware )
I have diplayed the files that have more than 100 characters (please see the image :

 size ScreenShot00981.png).

Even if I add the 15 characters of "C:\essai\1 OT1\" , I still have to understand why I have the windows long file name error. Anyway, thanks in advance if anyone knows why. ;)

Example 05:
same beginning than example 1 but I copy and unzip the zipped file in the folder C:\essa2\  with winrar
I have the same ok result than in example 4.

So, I am a little confused right now. Maybe before zipping I should process some kind of test ?? :
check if files inside folders have more than 100 (better than 260 characters limit as folder is not included in the test I assume), if yes rename automatically to 50 characters ?
As I save a lot of html pages, the renaming should rename both the htm (or html) file and its related folder, so I could be able to open such kind of files properly in the future. ;)
Then, finally doing the zipping. ;)

Many thanks in advance ;)

Good morning skwire,

Many thanks for your fast answers and help. ;)

I did some tests under Vista. Alas they were not all successful, I keep getting the following error : "The following files had problems extracting:".

By luck could you also add such options :
- if unzip successful, delete the zip file
- if errors, it does not display the list of the kind of errors the program has met (example: in zip file, the files glop001.html and gyeop.htm are in error)!
- I don't know if this could help but I had the following options set up in unziplify (see image )

I am not sure, but I assume that if the last folder (which contains a zip file) has a space in its name, it is causing an error (it also could be some accents "e" instead of "é" or some several "." or other special ";"... in a file name inside a zip file).
Maybe some bugs might be due to the file IZARCE.exe ? I know that previously there were some errors with other zip command line programs (ex: Powerarchiver see https://www.donation...dex.php?topic=4657.0), but not in Winrar command line...

Example: I used spinzip (great program !) to create 10Mb zip files (with compression = 5) in folder "1 OT1", it worked without errors and created 17 zip files. ;)
Then I used "RecurUnZip.ahk" and asked to unpack files in the same folder and got errors (see image "iz" below. All the subfolders have been created but they are empty)

I am doing to test also in xp and let you know if I have the same problems.
Many thanks in advance ;)

Hello skwire,
 I would much prefer if you could do it for me as I have no clue at how to do that !
Thanks in advance ;)


I like your suggestion skwire. ;)

Thanks in advance ;)


I would like to unzip any zip files contained in a folder, and its subfolders, and its subfolders and....
I was using the freeware unziplify but it does not seem to work well anymore on my computers (xp or vista). It falsely says that my zip file is corrupt even if atfer some test Winrar and 7-zip software say everything is fine.

I am using an Autohotkey script which does the zipping with Winrar command line software perfectly but could anyone help me do the unzipping ?
Here is a 2006 old thread which explains how I still do the zipping :

I guess it may be possible to use an Autohotkey script using the Winrar command line software (so like that I would be aware of unzipping errors) but I am open to any other suggestions.

Many thanks in advance ;)

New to this!
This page helped me also understand what is a bookmarklet !

General Software Discussion / Re: Texter (LifeHacker)
« on: October 30, 2009, 10:28 AM »

By the time a texter is available, I am using PhraseExpress. It is freeware for non commercial use.

See ya ;)

Maybe try this paying online service (there is a 15 days trial ). I use the free version (no transfert possible with it - you can maybe send to yourself an email with the documents attached... or use web service like ...)

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox not safe at all
« on: January 29, 2009, 08:35 AM »
oups! with my apologizes! Thank you ! I thought I was answering to another donationcoder message!

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox not safe at all
« on: January 29, 2009, 07:13 AM »
Maybe try this paying online service (there is a 15 days trial ). I use the free version (no transfert possible with it - you can maybe send to yourself an email with the documents attached... or use web service like yousendit...)


Crash => Maybe try the new 1.1 version (only in french for now)

( )


I don't know if this helps, but here another related freeware

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: zip all main sub-folders at once
« on: August 06, 2006, 02:48 AM »
Here is a summary of the solution, thanks to wr975 ;)  :

1/ Buy winrar (forget Winzip, Powerarchiver or PCAL...) (you can use the discount available here https://www.donation...hiveTools/index.html)
2/ Download and install Autohotkey (freeware, then you can double click the script
3/ Save the following code as "whatever.ahk" script file:
FileSelectFolder,SourcePath,,0,Select Source Folder
   If SourcePath =

FileSelectFolder,TargetPath,*%SourcePath%,0,Select Target Folder
   If TargetPath =

   FolderSize = 0
   Loop, %A_LoopFileFullPath%\*.*, , 1
      FolderSize += %A_LoopFileSize%
   If FolderSize >0
      RunWait,c:\Program Files\WinRar\WinRar.exe a -r -ep1 -m3 "%TargetPath%\" "%A_LoopFileFullPath%\*.*"
Note: -m5 = compression ratio (0 to 5). Change it to -m0 for no compression... -m3 standard compression... -m5 max compression
You can also add "-inul" after "-m3" if you don't want any error to be reported by winrar.

Thanks again to all helpers, your help was much appreciated as I was waiting for about 2 years for such a thing! ;)
See ya,

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: zip all main sub-folders at once
« on: August 06, 2006, 02:45 AM »
Wow! Thanks wr975! ;)

I have tried to study AHK help files, but I am pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to find your solution (I tought there was something to do with "Fileremovedir"
! Obviously this was not so easy!)

I am posting a summary of the full solution in my next message.
Thank you again ;)

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: zip all main sub-folders at once
« on: August 05, 2006, 07:03 PM »
Hi wr975,

Thanks for the "-inul" confirmation, it is working now for me! ;-)
It was not working as I have added previously "-ed"  with "-inul" in the same line!
It seems to me that "-ed" is for rar files only!

After thinking of it, I prefer not to include "-inul" as if there was any important error (other than void folders), I would not know about it!
So I will manually removed the empty folders before running your great script! ;-)
(AHK forum suggest this. http://www.autohotke...viewtopic.php?t=3835 I have tried it but nothing loaded for me! Anyway, this seems too complex for me so I keep it simple!).

Thanks ;)

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: zip all main sub-folders at once
« on: August 05, 2006, 01:21 PM »
Hi Wr975,

Guess what? I tried again my solution with MacroMagic and it ...failed! ;-(

So I tried winzip with your code it worked but I couldn't use unziplifly to extract the data! ;-(
Then I tried the free zip program listed here
but 7z supported unicode files but shoudln't work with unziplifly.

Then I thought to use winrar and your were giving me the solution for it! Wow! I really appreciated! ;-)

The only problem that I have with winrar is that even if I click on the background buton, the Diagnostic message window is displayed each time a folder is empty! So I have to click manually on teh "close" buton so your code continue to do its work!

"!   C:\ No files to add"

I have tried to include "-ed" or "-ilog" after "a" in your code alas without success!

   RunWait,c:\Program Files\WinRar\WinRar.exe a -r -ep1 -m3 "%TargetPath%\" "%A_LoopFileFullPath%\*.*"

BTW, IMHO here is the anwser for the accent problem for PACL:
"I have received many emails from people that have problems with archives containing files with non English filenames. Also some peoples ask me for x64 version of IZArc.
Unfortunately I can’t help them because IZArc is created using Borland’s Delphi but it doesn’t support Unicode names and can compile only x86 (32-bit) applications.
That’s why I decided to rewrite IZArc using Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005 (Express Editions are not applicable!!!).
To be able to do this I have to purchase a licensed copy of VS 2005 and probably some additional components. "

I have bought winrar anyway (using the discount available from this great community). ;-)

Thanks again ;-)

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: zip all main sub-folders at once
« on: August 05, 2006, 08:46 AM »
Thank you Wr975. Your help is much appreciated. ;)

Alas as I wrote I prefer not to use PCAL afterall. I prefer to be sure of what my zip program does, so I continue to use Powerarchiver (which I have tested a lot for my data).
Futhermore my process also can handle the empty folders, i.e., zipping nothing! ;)

The big difference for me is the handling of accents (I am french!) so "é" does not become "Û"!

Anyway I have tried your suggestion (BTW, I could not download your compiled exe file maybe because it is an exe file forbideen on this forum, but I followed your guidelines and it worked ok).
Here is the comparison :

It seems to me that your script is faster (maybe 20% rought guess) to do the compressing job.

But mine may be better handling odds files and caracters (accents) contained inside small html folders I guess : see the slight size difference (see attached image) at the end.

Thanks again, ;)
See ya,

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: zip all main sub-folders at once
« on: August 05, 2006, 04:40 AM »
Dear all,

I finally found a solution. ;-)

After trying for 2 hours I gave up PCAL (too simple zip program contrary to Powerarchiver after reading their forum) with Drag and Drop Robot (sorry Mouser the command lines even after your great help were too complex for me)!

Thanks to f0dder, I tried to use the great shareware MacroMagic instead (with Powerarchiver).
I joining the macros I have created (in total this simple thing took me around 3 hours as there were a lot of simple tricks to use).
First download the joined txt files, rename them into ".key". Load them into MacroMagic.
Now all is working ok you just have to be inside your main folder, count manually the number of folders to zip, make the change in "zip_main_folders_Add_here_inside_N-1_repeat.key".
Example: in total you have 8 folders, so you have to change this key "zip_main_folders_Add_here_inside_N-1_repeat.key" into 7 repeats (=8-1).  Then go into your main folder and I am using the keyboard keys CTRL + ALT + O to do the job.  ;-)

Thanks again. ;-)
See ya

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: zip all main sub-folders at once
« on: August 04, 2006, 06:41 PM »
Thanks Mouser for the fast reply. I appreciated. ;)
It seemed to worked once, the files in my subfolders were zipped, but not the subfolders.
Then it stopped working the next time!
Maybe it is me or that it is too late for me now! ;(
Thanks again ;)

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: zip all main sub-folders at once
« on: August 04, 2006, 06:28 PM »
Hello Mouser,

Wow many thanks! ;) Alas I tried but I was unsuccessfull! ;(

I have tried with the command line program made by the powerarchiver team.
It is called PACL (pacl401.exe)

I add this in the command line :
C:\PACL\PACOMP.EXE -a -c1 -P -k "" "%2"

and set "allow dropped folders"

I add my folder "C:\test\91" in the folder queue.

Press start.

The ouput says it is ok. But if I use the option "redirected", I have the error :
Archive: C:\test\
  preparing to compress...
   *** WARNING: Nothing to add or update...

I am enclosing their text file manual , I hope you can be better than myself on this one! ;)

Apparently even my basic line is wrong! :
C:\PACL\PACOMP.EXE -a "" "%2"

I have also tried unsuccesfully :
C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\POWERARC.EXE -a -r "" "%2"

Thanks in advance,

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: zip all main sub-folders at once
« on: August 04, 2006, 04:09 PM »

I am using the great freeware unziplify (http://www.silverban...m/tabdown/unziplify/) in order to unzip with only one click all zipped folders inside any zip file contained into a main folder.
I would like to have a software which would do quite similarly the opposite!

I have this mainfolder :

It contains several sub-folders (and each sub-folders contain many files and folders which don't need to be zipped separately) :

I would like to just have to click on a context menu buton (right mouse click) on the folder "c:\main_folder\", so it will zip all the first sub-folders at once :

Note: I am using currently Powerarchiver as a zip program.

Thanks in advance for your help ;)

See ya
EDIT: The solution is in the bottom messages (use a free Autohotkey script and buy Winrar : see https://www.donation...57.msg33048#msg33048)!

Hi Kab,

Now with the website, I see! ;-)
I have no direct abd easy anwser! Maybe someone can do a script with Perl (just a guess!)?
Maybe also gather all links in html at once and keep only text?

page 1
page 2
Page 3
page 13

Here is an idea that would work: I would use the shareware "Macro Magic".
(select manually the number of times the macro will repeat)
record the macro (mouse gesture plus click) : click on the page, CTRL+A ; copy text; go to all_text.txt (created before and already openned before the macro work), paste text, go back to html , click on the page, scroll down , and click next with mouse

This should work. ;-)
See ya ;-)

In case you haven't tried: try first to print the text using the print link inside the webpage article (not the EDIT/Print option of your browser). It often gather all the text at once! This is ok for many articles found on online journals.
Hope this helps, :)

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