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Backup Guide / Re: Pre-review discussion of Backup Software
« on: February 06, 2007, 07:42 AM »

I've also been an extended user of the terabyte software.  It's very lean and does it's job well.  The recovery software has saved me also.

The only complaint is the speed I've seen restoring from the Dos mode. 
I can restore a drive from Windows in a fraction of the time it takes to do a restore of the same drive from the dos boot.

I hear you say, "why not just restore it on a separate windows computer".  That's the rub, if I restore from windows, the image doesn't work on the other computer.  Restore on the target computer of the same image using Dos mode works fine.


Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: WhyReboot?
« on: December 22, 2006, 12:52 PM »
Good idea, I've rearranged my to show the VM also. 

My only concern is that I read something that indicated that watching the VM wasn't a good way to judge because this maintained the maximum size that has occurred.  I might be mistaken, and it was actually referring to the PF usage on the performance tab, not the individual items.

The thing that gets me about watching the Virtual memory is that I've got 2Gb of ram, and even when things start to slow down it's showing more than 512MB used by the system cache.  This says to me that either Windows is being a little odd about cache vs programs in memory, or VM isn't the key issue.

How does the "Paged Pool" and Virtual Memory amount compare?  Should I be more concerned about something else, see table.
Mem Usage+VM size Paged PoolApplication
70MB950MB Dopus

Which one is of more concern?
Is there something else to watch for in the system that can be indicative of an issue?

I suppose I was interested in something that warns, unlike this Why Reboot that is targeted to be used as a check when you're interested.

Maybe Process Tamer would be a better application to try to get this type of service from.

Regarding sys tray / startup I've been very happy with Startup Control Panel.
It checks to see if you want to allow programs to insert themselves anywhere in the multitude of startup methods.  Also, it allows you to turn items off without deleting them.  This is handy if you do want to start them occasionally, or might want to in the future.  It seems like disabling instead of deleting also tends to make most programs believe the startup program is still there and doesn't try to install it again because you killed it last time.

Whoops, the stopping of new programs being loaded to the start routine is handled by a different program by the same author:, but the total file size between them is 100k. 

Happy Holidays.


Finished Programs / DONE?: Keyboard & Mouse cleaner
« on: December 22, 2006, 05:58 AM »
- 2006.12.21 - v1.1: Added option to move ToddlerTrap out of the way.

Now maybe I can watch what I want on the TV and let Blues Clues stuff run on the computer. Whew!

Maybe this should be moved out of "Unanswered/Rejected Requests" to DONE!

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: WhyReboot?
« on: December 21, 2006, 03:13 PM »
How about adding something to the program that warns,

"Warning:  You've managed to get a ton of programs hanging in memory that probably shouldn't be there and eating memory and disk cache.  Your computer will keep getting slower until you do a restart!"

But seriously, any way to add something that could check for the issues that cause this type of slowdown? 
Maybe a baseline at startup, and then warn when some limit is reached?

Sorry, can't be more specific because I don't know the root cause is of this condition.  Just just starts refusing to open, Excel has problems saving, and you get just a "bong" sound when trying to launch some applications.

Am I being silly? :-\


I'll gives this a try, but the potential for computer problems sounds like it might be an issue.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I really don't see the legality issue here.   :-\

It seems like if there was any issue, it would be allowing multiple unique users log into your computer - not doing it yourself.
It's a little like being told you were limited to how many programs could run on your computer at one time (which maybe Microsoft has done in one of their great EULA's!)


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