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It's terrific!  Many thanks for adding the additional features.

BTW, are the column widths supposed to be settable and sticky?  I see the width info in the ini file, but the columns seem to open as something different.

Well, whattya know?  It works like a charm. The little round red X doesn't grey out like the text when the button is clicked, but one click does the job now.  I'll do more testing tomorrow.

Many thanks.

3 runs reeeally slow and the Cancel button still doesnt work. seems to work best, now that we know we can't run it from the temp directory.

4 required a TaskSwitcher intervention to kill it since it was using about 95% resources on my wimpy processor.  I tried fervently to get the Cancel button to work before that .. no go.

I was just thinking that a sortable column for the Modified Date as yyyy/mm/dd would be useful.  Would that be possible?

Also, Rt.-click Open Folder (a 'simple' Explorer window, without the tree .. faster).  Obviously this could only be an option for a single highlighted file.

If config.ini was instead named playtime.ini (whatever.ini actually, in case someone renames it), then there would be less potential conflicts with other programs in the same folder, should they be using the same config.ini name.


Ahh ha!  I often run apps I'm testing from the Windows temporary directory.  Well, I've found the very first one that won't work right if you do ..  it finds all the video files, but none of the audio.  Anyway, I moved it to the desktop and, voila, now it finds everything.

Kinda weird it doesn't work from %temp%, but heck, it doesn't need to.  Strange XP-sp1 bug, I guess.

Now, I wonder about the Cancel button which still doesn't work...

Thanks all.

"The Cancel button won't enable unless a scan is going."

Yep, that's when I tried it.  I set it scanning my Destop (with subdirectories), hit 'Cancel' (it was highlighted red), and nothing happened (it remained highlighted).  I tried it numerous times in case there was some sort of timing issue.  The program just kept scanning away until it finished...

Whoops, meant to say it doesn't see any of the Audio files.

Unfortunately it still doesn't see any of the video files, and the Cancel button does nothing...

Still doesn't work .. doesn't see ANY of the audio files.  Started it without an ini file.  WinXP-sp1 (in case that matters).  Also, I just noticed that the Cancel button, doesn't.

Thanks for adding the additional options.  It makes the app even more useful.

For some reason the mp3 and wav files are not being seen in the folder I specified, but if I add those extensions to the front of the list then they are.  I didn't check to see if other extensions are affected.  Perhaps the list is too long?

PlayList is yet another great app.  Any way these three options could be considered?...

1) Add an option to NOT recurse subdirectories (just do a single folder)

2) Add an 'Abort' button (kill a long listing)

3) As a way to process only playable media files... add an 'extension list' for file types to be included in the test.  Alternatively, a list of extensions to exclude.  Perhaps the list could just be hand-edited to the ini file.  I know that one could use the option to not list files with 00:00 time, but why 'read' .exe and .txt or even .jpg files, for instance (consider the folder with 10 movie files and 2,000 'other' files).  Also, some 'broken' media files display 00:000, and I don't want to skip those.


fSekrit / fSekrit still in development?
« on: December 27, 2010, 11:33 AM »
It has such potential...  Any chance of releasing the source for peer review?

Post New Requests Here / GUI for XXCopy
« on: April 08, 2010, 03:32 PM »
Perhaps a big request...

XXCopy is one of the most flexible, powerful copy/backup programs around.  Problem is, it's all Command Line driven.  Is there any way to create a GUI for it?  Perhaps a GUI for the 'free' version would be a good start .. that one only has a mere 200+ command line switches. ;>)

Is there any interest in this, or should this be posted at a board for 'larger projects?

Thanks .. TT1.

"BTW, TT1, did Tags 2 Folders work okay for you?"

Before I do this I'm still going through and tagging my files.  I have several that have no tags, just "author - title.mp3".  Do you know of an easy way to write the author and title to the v1 and v2 tags from the filename?

The 120dpi fixes look good, but I need my reading glasses to see the tiny text...  ;>)

Sorry for the delayed reply.  Here is a screeshot of the app, plus a couple of others...

Finished Programs / Tag2Folder issues and request
« on: February 19, 2010, 02:17 PM »
I hope this is the appropriate place to make comments and suggestions.  First off, great little program .. just what I was looking for.  These are some thoughts that came to mind as I tried it out for the first time.  I hope they can be of help...

- Tags2Folders doesn't remove its temp folder/files ($$$$$_Tags2Folders_temp) it created in the Windows temp directory.  Is this intentional?

- The program has a problem when used on a system with a different DPI setting ( on Desktop, Settings, Advanced, DPI setting, set to 120dpi).  Some of the text is partially missing. (see:

- Doesn't maintain Created datestamps on the copied/moved files.  Could this be added.  Sometimes Created is useful when sorting/finding/organizing files.

- There's no way to pause or abort the process once started, short of hitting the big "X".  Could the 'Go' bar act as a toggle?

- If files are already in the destination, could you skip the copy/move if filename and MD5 matches (as an option).  This might speed things up, effectively copying/moving only those files that aren't already in the destination.

- Could config.ini to be changed to Tags2Folders.ini?  That way the program could exist in a directory where other programs create or read a config.ini.

- Config.ini doesn't remember Copy/Move option.  Could this be added?

- Will this work with 10,000+ files (due to limited buffer space, etc.)?  I just want to make sure before I let'er rip...  ;>)


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