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Not sure if it has folder sync but much friendly and free

I can't find a downloadable demo on their website so it's hard to see if it is really that good.

The nice thing about IntelliComplete is the autocompletes words from a dictionary as u type, so you can use it for everything by changing dictionaries. If not for some bugs, it is perfect. This instant V dictionary is seems to be geared towards technical professions only.

Have you tried IntelliComplete before? I tried several text expanders, this is the best I found. Unfortunately, it seems to have a threading bug where it will stop working and you need to restart after using it several hours, and the authors seems to have abandoned it...

Living Room / Re: Konnichi wa, i need an translation.
« on: February 22, 2006, 10:45 PM »
You can try this

My Japanese is only so-so,

This is good and free if your list is less than 300 emails.

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