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Did you think of trying out the free version of XYplorer, XYplorerFree?

Yes. tried it, didn't quite like the way the icon/files are displayed. They are too big ,and take too much space.

I'm happy with QDir so far, there is only small annoying feature about how the tabs are displayed that I hope it will be resolved in future. I don't understand by what you mean by wrong features, I see everything there can be customized.

I use twin windows instead of default 4, seems to work fine.

Was using old xplorer2 pro 1x previously and unwilling to upgrade but I found this one which has all similar pro features and free!


imtrobin, nice to see you.  You're involved in the making of the game? or the making of the trailer?

Making the game.

Hi mouser, still alive but less active on software. Seems like the world has changed. Anyway, here's what I'm working on .

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