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Is modding a ps2 also illegal?


Really? I knew it voids the waranty but i never thought installing a chip to run backup copies to of the original games i own is illegal. why?

But I always thought I would be able to make a hard reset using itunes and then download all my apps and stuff to my iphone from  itunes, because it syncs it.
So even if a virus would brick my iphone I would be able to restore it using itunes, or am I wrong? I  mean I really like to play with software configuration so a little jailbreaking now and then wouldn't be such a problem for me.

What makes me sad is that I read somewhere that jailbreaking an iphone is considered illegal by apple. I mean why? Is modding a ps2 also illegal?

Also here's another - for the windows phone 7 - if the rumors are true it will be even more restricted thant the iphone, and because it will be less popular a "jailbreak" or an wm 7 equivelent will take longer to make.
(Just like the gamecube wasn't modded for a long long time, just because it wasn't popular enough for anyone to bother to do so)

Jailbreaking isn't that hard I heard it takes like 10 minutes or so....

Well right now I'm personally most inclined to Iphone I decided to wait till summer until they release their iphone 4g or whatever it will be called. Mainly because I'll be able to buy an ipod touch for my girlfriend and we'll be able to pay multiplayer games (Ok I know this is a strange reason, but a big one for me). Windows mobile actually is dead to me. No literaly windows mobile 6.5 is dead even to microsoft. They officially claim it's dead. Why? Because  the windows phone 7 won't support apps written for wm 6 or 5, meaning it will not be backwards compatible.

I'm still thinking about android though. Mainly about the new htc Desire

My problem with the iphone is that I will have to jailbreak it to make it useful for me, and I don't know if my provider will have htc desire. (Orange pl. (I'm in Poland). (It has the iphone) (And I'll get it practically for free because I'm gonna get an expensive data plan so the iphone will cost me about 50$).
The thing that also lures  me to the iphone is the massive amount of accessories for it. Like a strap on physical keyboard. (You know to make the virtual keys "feel", so you can type without looking).

Another thing that makes me thing  is ' how will the iphone 4rd generation look like?" It will most probably have more ram anc cpu (Probably 1ghz), but what else? I think they'll include an additional camera in the front for video calling, and that will be it, it will be called the apple Ieye.
(Of course that's just speculation). Or maybe they'll include a physical keyboard, or build up the voice command so it would be even more powerful than the more powerful microsoft voice control?
Or maybe they'll ape android and get an additional button in the keyboard for dictation.

Seriously if it weren't for the fact that i think that the ipod touch is a great gift for the girl I like, who's not so technically inclined. (You know the iphone/ipod touch is a phone even grandma and grandpa can use, apple likes to be user friendly). She could read books in the park...

How about + Tasque
(Tasque is open source I think).

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