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I don't want to unlock it, I want to jailbreak it. Two different things. I want to be able to connect a bluetooth keyboard to my phone amongs other things.  And I want multitasking, and I want some other free cydia apps. (Among other things i want the home screen to look like the one in a htc device, you know so it will be more functional and there's tons of stuff that a jailbroken iphone can do that a normal can't)

True the massive number of apps came latter, but it came for a reason. I heard it's fairly easy (I might be wrong) to write an iphone app. Most apps are based on html javascript and css, and now all windows phone 7 apps will have to be based on .net and silverlight, which are harder to do for a total novice.

So they think limiting features is what made  the iphone popular. Not the smooth OS, or the massive amount of apps? Sometimes I think MS huff's something.
And with the windows phone 7 MS actually decreassed the limited amount of apps they have, or will have, because they make it hard for amateur programs to code for wm 7.

Hmmm I see, so then the iphone would be paradoxically the most 'open" system because of the most developed jailbreaking community, and it's more popular = more crackers and hackers are  will try to hack and crack it.

True,true I might take that into consideration, I don't wanna break the law or anything,  but let's not digress to a copyright discussion here. Do you guys think that a jailbroken iphone is as "good" as an android device?
As i see it the iphone now has a lot more apps but that might change in the future.
Then again I'll only have the phone for 2 years, after that my contract with the provider will expire and I'll buy a new phone:)

Ah I see in the us, wikipedia doesn't say anything about poland, but since it's such a common practice on  the polish ebay and other such sites to advertise modding of consoles and jailbreaking of iphones, I guess it's legal here.

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