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I listened, and for anyone else who may be listening here's what I reply in defense of the iphone:

The fact that the iphone is the only one of it's kind is an asset. It's like a console. Think about it, why  can a console, which theoretically has lower parameters than a computer, run games smoother, and sometimes with better graphics? Because it's os is optimized for the machine, so it uses  100% of it. I remember when I used firefox,  it took almost 1gb of ram!. Now I use pale moon (an optimized for windows mod) and it takes about half of that, or even less (200mb ram).

Jailbreaking is easy, and since the iphone is popular there always will be hacks for it. If you have the right os, jailbreaking takes about 5 minutes, and that's it. You don't have to do it anymore. (Well the iphone 3gs currently has a jailbreaking defense which resets the jailbreak after a reboot or something like that, but I've read they're working on that. )
(But all the previous iphones can receive a permanent jailbreak if their os is pre 3.12 )

Because the iphone is more popular, there will always be more more apps for it, because it's pop.

It's like the ps2 of the phone world, the xbox might have better graphics, but it wasn't so popular back then. It had a brand just like the iphone has now. (Well, the other thing is that now the ps3 is at the end of the food chain, but that's because they've changed their philosophy and microsoft actually did a few smart things).

Plus, the iphone, due  to the ipod touch being marketed as a gaming console has great gaming potential, and there most probably will be many emulators/games for it.
I want a ds emulator on the iphone...

Well if you jailbreak you can multitask and use another app store the cydia store - more apps for the iphone. Right now the iphone seems to be the best choice, really.
And from what've seen jailbreaking is banal. And another plus - I installed itunes without quicktime and other junk. Plus there are some alternatives to itunes, I'd like to tesxt out,  like the "videosoft ipod manager"

And I'm sure there's an itunes alternative somewhere, I'll search for it more when I'll get  the iphone.

Oh and the iphone has the stanza which I can test out with

Ok I'm using windows 7, and  I have two soundcards one for headphones and one for speakers. The thing i want to do is to listen to music on foobar and to listen to audiobooks on traut, I couldn't find an option in that program to set the default soundcard so i would like to asks you: Is there a program that can set the default soundcard for different programs? So I could set the default soundcard for trout to be the headphone one?

I don't know why but no provider in poland I checked gives out the palm, maybe I'm wrong though, and anki beats all other incremental learning/ flash card programs hands down, because it automatically synchronizes between programs. It's like evernote, just for flash cards. I have more than 6000 cards on my anki, and I  want them synchronized. I used supermemo 2006 before and anki is just better.  

The fact that I'm more android inclined personality wise is true, but you have to consider that as of now the iphone is more popular, and right now it's  1 iphone gets an app 2 then android gets an app 3 then everyone else might or might not get an app.

Oh you might know. In which language/ how do you write an android app? I know you use the iphone sdk and html/css cocoa for iphone, what do you have to use for android?
Is it easy for a novice to make an app?

And about iphone being a closed system. I actually like the analogy that the iphone is like a gaming console and the android is a computer. The os in the iphone is optimized for the device, while android is made to work on many different devices. It might not seem like much but I have compared firefox and the windows optimized Pale moon firefox mod, and Pale moon is noticeably better because it's optimized for windows.  It's realistic to assume that the iphone os might be a little bit better because it is optimized for one device. Of course this is only a hypothesis on my part, I might be wrong. I'm in no  way an expert.

Oh and there's  one more thing the iphone has no other device will ever have- the number of 3rd party accesories. Because the  iphone is one device and the different models aren't all that different hardware wise the iphone has a massive amount of third party accessories like for example this

4ithumbs - a tactile keyboard.

True, but I want choice, I want to be able to customizer my system, and the iphone os will stay smooth, because I just want to add some apps. And If I think it isn't smooth no more, I can just restore it in itunes.

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