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Wow.  This app is really gaining some attention!
I was taken aback, though, by the comment "Whilst in Hibernation it barely draws".  'Barely draws' what?
Is he implying there is little power consumption during hibernation?
That is incorrect.  The machine is OFF!

Living Room / Re: Nearly caught by spam.. [or 'Saved by Thunderbird']
« on: February 13, 2010, 08:52 AM »
By the same token, whenever I receive a phone call from "your bank" or "the phone company" I simply ask for the person's name or department and tell them I will hang up now and call the published phone number for that company - asking for them.

I recommend a simply solution to Fight Phishing.

A funny story is an argument I had over the phone once - someone from "my bank" called and I wanted me to verify my identity.  I immediately challenged them by asking for my account number.  She could not provide it.  I asked for the last four digits of my social security number.  She said, "I do not have that information in front of me".
So, I asked, how can you confirm my identity over the phone when you don't have any of my personal information?
I think she was about to cry (apparently a college kid just hired by some fly-by-nigh company to make these phone calls and collect information).

After playing with WAVE for a few months I was a bit under-whlemed, too, by BUZZ.
But, it appears to be in its infant stage and provides all the 'services' of Twitter/Facebook/etc (albeit those services are arguably useless) in one convenient place.
I am reminded of the 80s when, in corporate IT, you heard "No one ever got fired for choosing IBM".  Google seems to be the one to follow.  It is remarkable that Google can provide a service (without any hype) and steal attention from the other, more established, services in a few days.  Even Microsoft in its hay-day couldn't do that!

I am on-the-fence about BUZZ.  And I am disappointed that all my efforts to learn how to write apps for WAVE may be wasted if BUZZ does not provide the same capability.   But having everything in my GMail account - which provides THE BEST spam prevention, bar none - is quite convenient.
The trend to push everything into 'the cloud' is one I favor.  A single, very light, interface to all my data makes my computing truly portable.

Living Room / Re: How can we *share* better in 2010?
« on: February 13, 2010, 08:38 AM »
In the current environment of the "social Internet", we all tend to 'promote' (e.g. discuss, blog about, IM, share links) the things we find interesting and exciting.
I agree with the sentiment that DC is unique, interesting, fun and exciting.
So, I propose that all who feel strongly about improving the exposure and image of DC simply commit to blog/tweet/blip/buzz about it on a regular basis.

The recent 'press' that apps like CircleDock & BootSnooze has gotten is surely a great boon for DC.


I also agree that having some merchandise available at a reasonable cost would be a good alternative source of revenue, while keeping some special merchandise set aside for special gifts and such.

I agree.
Try CafePress and create some desirable 'logowear' items.  We all love coffee mugs and clever T shirts, don't we?

{I have an official DailyWTF mug and stickers from Google.  I am such a geek!}

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