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Found Deals and Discounts / Re: BugBopper-5.00 USD Instead 19.00
« on: July 25, 2010, 02:21 PM »
"Fastist", "Smallist", "Trustworthyist", "Informativeist" ?
It appears to be most 'MisSpelled-ist' !

This made me laugh when I saw it.  My first thought was, "No thanks, I already have two"

Post New Requests Here / Re: I Need, I Pay
« on: July 16, 2010, 12:27 PM »
To locate someone, using a competition, go to Sitepoint Marketplace or Rent-A-Coder.

Best of luck.

That would be OUTSTANDING, Mouser. :up:

Have you just volunteered to do so?

Time of Day Synchronized Slide Show
This is a quirky concept but, as I have always believed, if I have a need for something there must be
at least one other person in the world who would also find it useful.

The idea is to develop a Screen Saver that rotates through photographs on the user's computer.  Nothing new
there.  But each photo will be displayed based on the Time of Day it was taken.  Thus, at any minute
of the day I will be able to see photos I took at the same time of day on some other date.

Here are the 'business rules' for the application:
 o A typical Slide-Show Screen Saver with all capabilities that are assumed in such
 o All photos to be displayed are defined by the user in the configuration - from a set of folders
 o The user can configure a 'minimum display time' for photos.  Every photo will display on the screen for
at least this minimum time.  This prevents the FLIPPING of multiple photos in succession that match the
timestamp AND prevents the change to a 'next' photo prematurely.  In other words, if the 'minimum time' is 2
minutes yet there is a photo that matches the next minute it will be skipped
 o The photos will be displayed based on the current time and the time/date information of the photo (I
believe this can be found in the EXIF; if it exists.)
 o For photos that do not contain EXIF data, the date will be used - these form a 'pool' of photos for
"random" choice (below)
 o When faced with multiple photos meeting the selection criteria any one will be chosen at random from
those that do match
 o When there is no photo in the collection that meets the criteria the Month-and-Day will be used
 o When there is no photo in the collection matching simply Month-and-Day, the current Month will be used
 o If no photo matches the selection criteria - based on date/time taken, the file datestamp will be used
Additional feature/ideas (maybe future):
 o Since we will be reading the EXIF data, the option (configurable by the user) to display the GeoTag data
over the image - as a tag at the lower corner in Lat/Lon format.
 o A 'magic' key that will identify the currently displayed photo - perhaps placing its location on the
Windows clipboard. {I find myself, many times, see an image in my screensaver and wonder "Where is that?" or
"I want to print/copy/review that one"
 o The ability to include the path to photo-sharing sites (Picassa does this and I love it)
 o Added logic to 'remember' which photos were chosen at random so there is less chance of repeat.

I would like to do this myself, maybe even as a commercial venture, but I simply do not have the time.
I was hoping someone in the DC community has the time and desire to make this idea a reality.
This is an application I would find very useful (and will gladly share some Donation Credits)

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