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Screenshot Captor / Re: Grab selected region makes screen go big
« on: February 07, 2022, 12:50 PM »
@mouser - this sounds related to the issue I reported earlier.

Here's a video (OBS display capture) that shows a few captures and most importantly, SHIFT + PRTSCN for a selected region.

You can see how SSC "can't see" the right side of bottom of the screen.

And here are some screenshots with info about the 8k monitor setup:

Screen 3 is the primary display.

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 10_21_58 PM.png

Notice that "Scale and layout" is set to 150%. This is to improve font clarity and size. It doesn't work perfectly. (See "VLC media player" and the "Windows Explorer" shots below.)

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 10_23_02 PM.png

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 10_23_15 PM.png

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 10_27_50 PM.png

Notice the various font sizes and overflow problems. Windows scaling isn't perfect.

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 10_29_20 PM.png

Notice the small text in the status bar at the bottom.

8K monitor with SSC - display capture:

Screenshot - 2022-01-22 , 9_40_29 PM.png

Notice the clipping.

Entire workspace with SSC:

Entire workspace.png

Again, clipping.

New post...

This gets pretty wonky, so the best way is just to show you screenshots & whatnot.

The 8K monitor - screenshot with Windows snipping tool:

Windows snipping tool - entire 8k screen.png

The entire workspace - screenshot with Windows snipping tool:

Windows snipping tool - entire WORKSPACE.png

Images are too large for a single post. SSC shots in next one.

Can you elaborate a little -- what goes wrong?

I'll post back later with screenshots so you can see. Short version, everything gets wonky and bizarre selections for SHIFT + PRTSCN happen.

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