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I have been running comando for abour 3 months now and really like it.

It does a good job Blocking attacks from outside. Controls which programs can access the Internet or network. Recognizes known safe programs. Blocks malware-style leak tests. Resists termination by malware-style techniques.

Initial bombardment of program-control confirmation pop-ups can be annoying—as with most firewalls. But that gets better as you use it.

That looks good. You might want to check out one I found and use it is FREE and it has some other neat features

I do not see a category for Registry cleaners/optomizers.

What's the Best? / Re: Anti-Virus Package
« on: June 02, 2006, 09:17 PM »
I have read all the posts here and
The general opioion seeems to be that Nod 32 is best without hogging resources.
I personally have been using Avast for about 2 years and am pretty satisfied with it as a free program.

I find it strange that no one has mentioned EZAntivirus from computer Assoc. I just heard about it from a friend who had many viruses embedded on her computer. The guy repairing her computer used to work for CA and he claims that EZ is the best product available and used by large corperations.
Check out what topsecret software had to say"
Here is a link for the software special 2 year subscription for 19.95

Has anyone tried this AV program?

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