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Whether Onedrive starts up with or without FARR, still get a problematic sync message.
Yup, Onedrive tells me it can't sync FARR if it isn't set to sync in its folder options.
You can't win!


Yes, FARR folder is in "documents" which i have "unsynced" from Onedrive and thus should no longer have that notification.

Just noticed that Windows 10 "My Documents" is now only "Documents".
Have to quit dabbing around with Linux and concentrate on Windows only.

I don't recall ever explicitly giving Onedrive permission to take over "My Documents".
As far as i know (think), Onedrive desktop syncs "documents" with Onedrive "documents" online.
Isn't that the way it should be?


I've disabled Onedrive (a pain in the *** compared to Dropbox).

And why would FARR install by default to Onedrive documents folder?

How did it get there?
Does FARR install there by default?

Maybe i should try to re-install FARR and check if there's an option about that?

Find And Run Robot / What is FARR's connection with Onedrive?
« on: July 23, 2019, 08:10 AM »
I've got Onedrive by default and sync it only with Documents.
Why FARR is messed up with this is beyond my understanding:

Must always exit FARR for Onedrive to finish its sync.

I use OneNote clipper to save text from pdf articles.

I mean in the bar at the bottom.  I'm not sure if SlimJet shows it's downloads in the bottom bar...
Thought my screenshot via Screenshot Captor wasn't that bad!

So it's not working for you - well, my Brave sync code isn't registering on their service, so i guess we're even!

VirusTotal extension is a good addition for (Firefox and) Slimjet (or Chrome based clones):

@wraith808 - perfectly agree with the goodness of being able to choose what pleases us most.  :Thmbsup:

For the record:

Here is Vivaldi downloaded with Slimjet:

Here is Vivaldi downloaded with Brave:

Both have Dark Material Pro theme.

i stumbled upon "dark theme material pro":

It looks a lot like the dark theme that comes built-in with the Brave browser. :Thmbsup:

I see we have a "brave" fan here!
Well, did download Brave to compare and its default dark, or dark theme from Chrome store or even Windows dark settings still not as nice.
The "Dark Material Pro" installed for Slimjet has greyish tone for inactive tabs, thus making the active one more noticeable.

Themes aren't everything, but when i find a nice one, i stick to it for a long time.
Slimjet's bookmark autohide and scroll through tabs with mouse just enhances this feature.

Don't spend time browsing for themes, but after removing a "morpheus dark" which i could no longer find again,
i stumbled upon "dark theme material pro":
I like the way the active tab stands out as black and the others more greyish/light black.  :-*
Fits in well with browser gui style too!

If someone finds similar turquoise, i'd take it out for a spin for sure!

General Software Discussion / Re: Mozilla shoots itself in foot
« on: May 06, 2019, 07:59 AM »
@Shades - we are creatures of habit.
Firefox has always been a love/hate relationship for me.
Nightmares of extension incompatibilities, slow to boot and surf...
Still, no matter how often i've gotten upset with it, for some reason, i just come back to it.
The others just don't match it.

@anandcoral - good for you!

Had beta installed and with "Firefox Data Collection and Use" re-checked, all came back to normal the next day after the hick.

Wonder if it's not a Mozilla tactic to get users to leave these options on?
Conspiracy? oh! oh!

General Software Discussion / Re: Mozilla shoots itself in foot
« on: May 05, 2019, 01:53 PM »
I've been a user and proponent of Firefox since day one back in... 2002 with Phoenix!
Like many, i was tempted in commenting on Ghacks but did not.
While their "Quantum" leap was a huge deception (especially because of Legacy extensions taking the boot),
this latest bump in the road might very well be the last one for me.
Have been testing quite a few different browsers since then (mostly Chrome clones) and Slimjet seems to have found a niche in my heart for reliability and features.
Waterfox? Just doesn't do it like Firefox.
Palemoon? Just feels and looks like an old clunker (even with themes).

So, no, i'm not going to post anywhere else about this.
It's just sad to see a once great browser take the ditch (maybe once and for all).

Living Room / Re: Animal Friends thread
« on: March 31, 2019, 08:38 AM »
We adopted a stray kitty over a year ago.
One day, in the tv room, it was standing on the heating unit, leaning on the window sill, looking intently outside.
So, i go up to it, and notice two squirrels running up/down the nearby oak tree.
Now i understood what mesmerized him.
So, i asked him, "Andy, you see squirrels, do you like squirrels?"
He turned around, screaming like a child "No!!!!"
Wish i could have filmed that hilarious moment.

Living Room / Re: Fight back email scams with Rescam
« on: January 22, 2019, 06:32 AM »
Wish there were something similar to do with phone messages.

Sometimes, i wonder if these scammers don't buy a list of phone no. people have canceled and use them as kind of bots.

Be curious though to hear scammer reactions to this re:scam thing.

Living Room / Re: Interesting "stuff"
« on: January 01, 2019, 08:04 AM »
Looking for an apartment?

Btw, Happy New Year to yall!  :Thmbsup:

Spotted on NSanedown but can easily copy registration code from original source:

Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with health and goodness!

@Curt - Extension List Dumper is incompatible with Quantum - boy, Mozilla sure knows how to create a mess!  :Thmbsup:
Are they competing with Microsoft with their Hotmail, Live and Outlook?

At one point i was wondering why Firefox was over 1.5G is resource usage as opposed to Vivaldi or Edge which were hanging around .400-500
Turns out, after removing half a dozen extensions, one by one, it was Adguard the culprit.
So now, i've been using uBlock Origin on all browsers and it is doing fine.
Sure, don't want to point the finger at Adguard since it could be a compatibility issue with other extensions right?
Then again, thought Mozilla would have had all these issues resolved since the day they kicked out all the good old legacy extensions...  :'(

@Curt - two ad blockers on Firefox?
-did i miss extension list export one?

It's been a while since i've used FEBE (which can do quite a bunch of things) so i do tend to forget...
But, every once in a while, i get nostalgic about my first love (Firefox) and take it out of the garage for drive, alas, to only find it lacking in something or another.

- - - - -
Sorry to hear about your issues with Slimjet.
AFAIC, "Share Extension" has been good to me (as well as any other Chrome extension) so far:

Has anyone found an alternative to FEBE that works with Quantum on Windows 10?
Would like export extensions as list with corresponding links to install.

Can't find extensions folder in app data either...

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: autocopy function?
« on: November 08, 2018, 01:48 PM »
It might not quite match what the original "poster" is looking for, but the Autocopy2 extension combined with Cintanotes quick abilities to receive and paste from clipboard (option to add tags to notes and more) might be an option to consider:

Pasting notes from the clipboard
CintaNotes also supports direct text pasting from the Windows clipboard. Select the “Paste” command from the “Edit” menu or press Ctrl+V. CintaNotes creates a new note with the text from the clipboard. It also tries to determine which application has put the data into the clipboard, and if successful, it uses the application window title as the note’s title. Unfortunately, reliable clipboard data source detection is not always possible, and when CintaNotes fails to find the source window, the first line of the pasted text becomes also the note’s title.
If you are pasting a note that was inserted to the Clipboard from CintaNotes, the Title, Tags and date information will be copied from the original note in addition to the note content.
It is recommended that you use clipping instead of clipboard pasting as much as possible, because in the former case more data can be filled automatically for you.

Personally, i use the middle mouse to paste any given note from CN.

Btw, Autocopy2 is a nice Firefox extension i didn't know about.  :Thmbsup:

Do like clipr since it grabs url at same time as selected text (but not needed if using CN):

Another blonde joke?

Reminds me of a Candid Camera tv episode when they had a fast food restaurant with no pickup window.
The blonde placed her order at the speaker, went around to pick up, no window...
She went around the building in her car about 6 times!  :P

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