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Post New Requests Here / DONE: Rescue orphans
« on: June 16, 2006, 02:37 PM »
I have a download area that regularly ends up with "orphans" in folders/subdirs (subdirs with a single file) as their former companions are replaced elsewhere by newer or better versions. What I'd like to do is somehow automate going through a particular dir tree, and any files that are by themselves in their own folder are moved to their parent dir.

If that then creates another single-file dir, these would then be moved again to the next higher dir (either by running the program/script again or by the program/script checking for it). If anybody knows of something that already does this, please let me know.

Living Room / Sites that mix & match other sites
« on: May 06, 2006, 05:46 PM »
Have you guys seen the Lost In Translation website? It feeds your text through multiple translation engines to see if you can still make sense of it on the other end. :D There're some examples posted there, but here's one I tried:
Original English Text:
Easy come, easy go.

Translated to Japanese:
(these characters aren't recognized by the forum software, but they were there, honest!)  :mrgreen:

Translated back to English:
Easy you coming, easy it goes.

Translated to Chinese:
????, ?????
(same thing)

Translated back to English:
Easy you to come, to be easy it to go.

Translated to French:
Facile vous à venir, pour être facile il à aller.

Translated back to English:
Easy you to come, to be easy it to go.

Translated to German:
Einfach Sie zum zu kommen, einfach sein es zum zu gehen.

Translated back to English:
To come simply it to to go simply its it to.

Translated to Italian:
Per venire semplicemente esso a da andare semplicemente relativo esso a.

Translated back to English:
In order to come it to going simply relative it simply to.

Translated to Portuguese:
A fim vir ele a ir simplesmente relativo ele simplesmente a.

Translated back to English:
The end to come it to go simply relative it simply it.

Translated to Spanish:
El extremo a venir él a ir simplemente relativo él simplemente él.

Translated back to English:
The end to come he to go simply relative he simply he.

Sorta like the game where you whisper something to the person next to you and it goes around the room. 

This is one I've been needing for years, and I bet others could use it too (maybe with slight variations). I've got a big directory (folder) containing a hodgepodge of downloads. There're already subdirectories in the same dir, holding grouped files with a common theme. What I'd like to do is move files with a specific part of their name matching an existing subdir to those subdirs. This would ideally support delimiters, or some way to tell the program what part of the filename to use.

A mass-move of zip or EXE files isn't what I'm thinking of here -- more like "* saver*.*" being moved to a dir named "*saver*" (which would break out to savers, screensavers, or something similar -- although that particular wildcard would also include VersaVerter if it exists, which is the name of a cool measurement converter).

If there're multiple "hits", it would it would ideally return a numbered list of candidates, where you could just type the number and hit enter, but if that's a deal-breaker then it could just be whichever the program finds first.

Whatcha think? It sounds simple, but maybe there're coding issues I haven't thought of. :)

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