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bioshock, but no system shock 1/2?
that alone makes his list/video void.

DC Gamer Club / Re: Steam, and the gift of game...
« on: September 01, 2008, 01:11 PM »
Thanks for offering your help y0himba , a mail has been sent.

To me, Steam is a Godsend.  I can format this computer, or any other one, install Steam, and all my Steam purchased games are there.  The download takes a while of course, but in the end it's just like offsite storage.

You can also choose to backup your games or, if you have them on a different partion just reinstall steam in that directory.

And as a small sidenote, you can't play TF2 (on the pc) without steam :)

DC Gamer Club / Steam, and the gift of game...
« on: September 01, 2008, 09:32 AM »
I've been wanting to get COD4  (and preferably on steam) for some time, but I am not really to fond of the part where I have to pay $69.99 + tax, which in my case is 25% making the game almost $90. Especially if I can get the game for the US price which is only $49.99.

I'm hoping that some of the american DC users are using steam and would help me getting the game by them buying it and sending it to me as a gift.
I would prefer to send the money through paypal or donationcredits* to whomever decides to help me. Then again I don't really think there are other possibilites.

*hopefully someone can refresh my memory here, I can't remember if paypal takes an amount of the donated money, IE you donate $10 but paypal takes some of it and you end up with only ... $9 for donationcredits.

Been toying with this the last couple of days, but I just can't get my camera to take pictures in RAW format no matter what I do.
And that really sucks since I was so happy when I found out my camera was supported and I could finally take pictures in raw.
Hopefullu I'll figure out somehting to allow me to do it.

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