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General Software Discussion / Re: Directory Opus 9
« on: April 12, 2007, 01:16 PM »
I wonder if we can apply the DonationCoder discount when we buy the upgrade. I originally bought it because of the discount code and only paid $32. I'd hate to pay $41 to upgrade something I only paid $32 for. If not, I doubt I would upgrade. I'm sticking with XP for awhile so this isn't a must have upgrade for me.

Why anyone would use this, I have no clue.

Get Locate and use the -r switch with something like SlickRun or FARR and you'll be happier than you were before. ;)
Maybe it is because they do very different things??? Locate only looks for filenames. GDS, Copernic, etc search inside files/documents for content.

Can Locate tell you where that pdf is that has the words "some content" in it? I doubt it.

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Avafind mini review
« on: March 12, 2007, 02:45 PM »
However, I've switched to Copernic 2 and while it is more stable, find it like molasses as well.
Slow at what? Searching or indexing? I don't notice much system degradation at all with Copernic. I'm running it on an older (slow) laptop.

What I like about Copernic is that it doesn't need to open a browser window to display the results, unlike Google's Desktop Search.

I have a freeware program that will scan single/multiple pages and save to PDF.

What is the program?

Sorry, I just noticed this request from a while back. The prog is Scan2PDF.

... exported the registration data from the registry...

do you have to do that on the day of installation? (i.e. today?)
They only allow you to register it on the day it is offered. You can save the registration data anytime after that. I use Total Uninstall to monitor the install. Then I run Total Uninstall a second time to monitor registry changes during the activation.

Yeah, I'm interested in giving this a go too. I installed it this morning before work and exported the registration data from the registry. Giveaway's scheme only permits registering the day of the download so if you reformat your drive, you're screwed unless you save the reg data from the registry. I haven't had time to play with the app though. I'll take another look after work tonight.

I started off with the CP/M operating system, and used Wordstar, Supercalc, and dBase.  I upgraded to a PC clone, and copied these data files to my PC.  Through the years I upgraded these DOS based programs, and I continue to use them today.  I can't find better Windows programs which allow me to customize them to the same degree.  (But I need to use Microsoft and Lotus products so that I can talk to people who use them.)
Surely you jest? I had those same CPM programs on my Kaypro II. I still remember most of the Wordstar control codes. But, I can't say that it was more customizable than Word for Windows. With Word you can customize most everything easily through the options or macros. And, for word processing, nothing beats WYSIWYG.

Living Room / Re: Six Free Online Storage Services
« on: March 02, 2007, 07:43 AM »
Not free but almost: I use JungleDisk which is software tied to Amazon's S3 service. It is only 15 cents per GB-Month of storage used. If you don't have big needs then Mozy is the best way to go IMO.

General Software Discussion / Re: Any app to auto-replace Notepad ??
« on: February 28, 2007, 04:46 PM »
I use Akelpad renamed to notepad. All you have to do is copy it to the dllcache directory first and you should have no problems. I have a batch file that will rename it and copy it to all the required directories automatically.

copy akelpad.exe C:\windows\system32\dllcache\notepad.exe /Y
copy akelpad.exe C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe /Y
copy akelpad.exe C:\windows\notepad.exe /Y

I think I might try using a combo of both Powerpro and AHK. PP allows me to build very easily a custom toolbar with my own icons. I have custom toolbars for several programs and each button behaves differently for Rclick, Mclick and Lclick. For example, I have toolbar that only is active with Firefox that replaces FF's bookmarks toolbar with my own toolbar of favorites.

It does appear that AHK's scripting capability is very comprehensive so I will be playing with that some.

You didn't read many thread here, eh? ;-)
Actually I did read them all so I take a bit of offense at your jibe. But, I do appreciate your answer. I saw no mention of AHK being able to do toolbars. Nor did I see a reference to forums, only IRC.

I am intrigued by AHK but I am a long time Powerpro user. I saw that a couple of you are familiar with both programs. Does AHK offer any advantage over Powerpro? I currently have PP controlling just about everything on my computer and it uses very little resources. The program is still being updated but I have to admit, it is starting to show its age as it still has a lot of remnants from the past in it. Plus, it is not portable which I'm reading AHK is.

Can AHK create custom toolbars that are active only when certain programs are running?
Can AHK control the clipboard?

I'd love to give AHK a whirl but I have so much effort invested in PP right now I'm reluctant to switch. I might try running both for awhile and see if I can do everything in AHK that I currently do in PP.

One thing I do like is that PP has a very active usergroup in Yahoo Groups. Is there any such thing for AHK besides IRC?

Living Room / Re: What is the most useless key on the keyboard
« on: February 10, 2007, 04:18 PM »
Notice that there's no right winkey, num-lock or scrl-lock in laptops!
(actually, there's num-lock and scrl-lock, but you can only get to those through fn-key, which renders those unnusable)
Hmmm, my HP laptop has a Win key.

No key is useless if you use a macro program. Personally, I use Powerpro (freeware) to assign macros, menus, functions, etc to all kinds of keys and key combinations.

Do any of these third party apps allow video calls through MSN? My wife uses MSN Messenger to make video calls to her family. I'd love to dump MSN for something lighter. Do any of them have plugins to do this that a novice (my wife) could figure out how to use?

If you are going to use Copernic for searching then what is the advantage of Paper Valet? I have a freeware program that will scan single/multiple pages and save to PDF. By using intelligent filenaming and folder structures, it is very easy to find documents, especially if you use Copernic. 

I have a copy of Paperport 9 but I uninstalled it because even that didn't do much more than I could do with a manual system. I already had a search program (Copernic) so I didn't need Paperport to always be indexing in the background. And, pdfs are more portable than .max files.

There are plenty of good options out there. For a single solution, Paperport should do it all.

Personally, I use a simple scanner and a comprehensive folder structure. I bought Fineprint and pdfactory just recently as they are discounted for DonationCoder members. Another great program is Scan2PDF (Freeware). That will allow you to scan in documents, including combining pages.  I like to save magazine articles this way instead of keeping stacks of magzines laying around. Easier to find that way too.

Mostly, nowadays I can get most of my paperwork digitally off the web. All my financial paperwork comes digital now. I feel it is safer that way as I'm less of a threat for identity theft.

Along the same lines, the Scrapbook extension for Firefox is great. I save and categorize articles from the web using Scrapbook. An alternative is to print web articles to PDF using pdfactory.

Because I usually save in PDF format, I have rarely needed an OCR capability.

If you want to get famous via the web all you have to do is:
1. produce a sex tape and then leak it.
2. Show up at all social events acting as if you are a prima donna
3. be born into a wealthy hotel family

I suspect he means a U3 enabled USB drive. :Thmbsup:

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