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i can confirm that running FARR "as administrator" allows the Everything plugin to work correctly. So, i'll probably just use this method.

Okay, what am I doing wrong here? I've got everything running with admin rights and I also have FARR running as admin (See screenshot). I still can't get this plugin to talk to Everything.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 7 evaluation
« on: May 29, 2009, 08:21 AM »
I have to say that I do like Win7 but I am still not as comfortable with it as I am with XP. It is fast and stable. 

What I don' like about it, is that, like Vista, it redirects files and registry data to all kinds of different locations. I'm used to XP where I could backup just a few key locations and be good. First, it puts programs into 2 different ProgFiles directories if you run 64bit. Then it spreads user data into a myriad of different folders. Finally, if you run 64 bit, it will direct your HKLM entries into a new key called WOW6432Node. This greatly complicates a backup strategy.

32 bit only.  :(

I wouldn't get too excited. I took a look and some of the features they advertise are not yet implemented.

Autosave will not be in the Public Edition...
Currently Autosave are also not enabled in the Professional Edition and the Server Edition. We are testing how to deal with big-size file.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Backup4All Lite ... 4 Free
« on: May 18, 2009, 12:37 PM »
I have a license for Titan but no longer use it. I've tried quite a few different backup solutions but keep coming back to SyncbackSE for its flexibility and ease.

I use Farstone's ramdisk (forget the official name and I'm at work). The main reason I like it is because it will automatically save the disk image at shudown or whenever you specify. That is important to me because I put my entire Firefox profile on the ramdisk. I want to preserve any changes I make to it. I have been very pleased with the product and the speed increase in runnng my FF profile off the ramdisk.

The problem with any such list is that it depends on personal preferences. For example I much prefer Xnview to Irfanview. Both are great but I prefer Xnview's browser to Irfanview's. Again, personal preference only.

I like to read these lists solely to find new software that I might not have heard about.

PdfCreator from SourceForge has an toolbar (crapware) that can optionally be installed during program installation. I opted out and have not seen any other mal effects indicating spyware.

Personally, I don't see the problem with this or any of the other programs that do this. These guys are offering quality programs for free. If some want to support them by installing the toolbars, more power to them. They do give you the option to opt out. I can think of lots of quality programs that do this. (CrapCleaner, etc)

For those that just blindly start hitting the OK button during installs without looking at what they are saying OK to, I say they get what they deserve.

UrlSnooper / Re: Unable to sniff
« on: April 30, 2009, 03:54 PM »
Gosh it's fun to just look at thread titles on the front page without looking at the forum for context.

JkDefrag is so good that I can't imagine why anyone would trust beta software to be moving all their data around. Some beta software is safe to test but I wouldn't think a defragger would be.

Thank you, I just bought it.  :Thmbsup:

Or, you can just buy it from Newegg for $15 after rebate. ;)

True Image at Newegg

Official Announcements / Re: April 2009 Giveaway Results - Posted
« on: April 23, 2009, 10:46 AM »
Woo hoo! Thank you.  :D

Living Room / Re: How many furries here at DC?
« on: April 22, 2009, 02:03 PM »
I keep waiting for the punch line. :o

Found Deals and Discounts / File Locator Pro Discounted
« on: April 22, 2009, 11:46 AM »
$21.95 down from a regular $29.95
File Locator Pro Offer

I'm not sure I share you same concern with the snapshot method. If you didn't have java or .net before the install then the snapshot uninstaller would simply take you back to where you were before the install; no java or .net.  Why would you want to keep the secondary support software if you didn't need or want it before you installed the program you are uninstalling?

The economy? In the US? Whom to believe??  Bad example!

An educated person might know 10.000 words meanwhile so called uneducated person might know only 2000. It makes no difference and should not be used to create "division" among societies.
The breadth of vocabulary is not the same as knowing proper grammar. You can use proper grammar knowing only a couple of hundred words. I don't think that knowing how to speak properly is used to create class divisions any more than knowing calculus is.

If you were going to read the Wall Street Journal for investment research, which would you tend to trust more:
- "We believe the future of the economy is on the upswing"
- "We be thinkin yo gonna have mo money nex year"

I disagree. I believe there has to be right ways to use the language and wrong ways. Just because one learns the wrong way from your parents doesn't automatically make it the right way. If you go to a poor, uneducated neighborhood you will hear the language spoken very differently than you would from a well-to-do and educated neighborhood. I will argue that just because you weren't taught the proper way to use the language doesn't make improper language proper. I doubt a book written in ebonics would ever be considered a literary classic.

I hesitate to write this because I know it won't go over well but I've got a thick skin and can take the flame.

I don't mean this as a critique at all. But, if you want to be known as educated through the proper use of the language, then you need to refrain from swear words when they are not needed (as in the thread title). I'm not a prude and I've been known to throw a few swear words out there myself, after all, I spent 28 years in the military. But, I've come to realize that swearing only served to reflect negatively on myself.

I don't go around criticizing swear words on the net but, if the thrust of this article is how to speak properly then I'd be remiss if I didn't point out the irony of using curse words in the title.

If you are using Firefox, you must still set gmail as the default handler in Applications tab of the options page.

Thanks. but...
(Only attached the .exe for the lazy people, becuase people who use ahk will know how to do it.
So, if I don't use ahk I'm lazy?? :mad:

I like being able to add something to my database while I'm at work and have it show up in my local database on my home hard drive. Of course, I've chosen to have a synched database. I could have chosen a local only database but, I am not as concerned about having my data on the web. Having said that, I don't keep personal stuff in the online databse. I use Keepass for that. If somebody wants to break into my Evernote account and see my recipes, DIY notes and lifehack articles, then let them. They'll find I live a pretty boring life.  :-[

3 types of notebooks:
Local notebooks reside only on your computer and never get synchronized to the Web server.

Synchronized notebooks get synchronized to the Web server, but are private and only accessible with your username and password.

Published notebooks get synchronized to the Web server, but are public and can be viewed, but not changed, by anyone who knows it's URL (Web address) and by search engines

No, it's stored locally then synced.  If you don't want it to sync, then don't put in the password.
Yeah, I don't know why ver 3 is getting such bad press. It offers the opportunity of online storage/sync but you can use it solely offline just as you could ver 2.2. Personally, I like the online capability and I much prefer ver 3's interface.

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