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General Software Discussion / Re: I'm tired of being told.
« on: October 04, 2009, 03:22 AM »
I had trouble seeing point of your link in the context of this thread. May be you posted about Hitman as a reply to "Im tired of being told" post? Like dump resident 24/7 protection and just use Hitman? May be you did not. Well, if you want to know pros and cons about this one has to start from page 1. Reps. do not speak loudly of problems, like for example lack of quarantine so not able to deal with FPs. Might be ok to detect infections for the file types it can handle, removal/repair seems impossible to do safely. Impressive if Hitman can remove the latest and greatest rootkits, must have some offline features for that. Most other tools, even dedicated rootkit cleaners, struggle with this. Here just an added bonus in a file scanner. Of course that is how they announce product, called advertising. Cant see how it is more than an extended VirusTotal service. Not sure how much importance you think it has.

Have you tried it out? Seems to me it is hardly useful as an on-demand scanner. I put 9 highly malicious files in a c:\1 folder. Hitman skips. Report 2 files as Malware, both FPs. Not too bad actually but I have doubts how much it scans. Seems mighty fast. I move those 9 files under program files and try again, still skipped! So does Hitman check add/remove before starting to scan? Weird, but at least nothing went wrong during removal/repair :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Security Essentials
« on: October 03, 2009, 03:30 PM »
MSE does not have excellent virtual "standing" but is a lot better than your email indicate Innuendo. Actually just an average AV which any Grandma can use is enough to reach "approved" status if you ask me. I doubt MSE will ever get gold medal in whatever "test" but on the other hand less than at least average should not be optional. All depends on how much Microsoft can be bothered. They did relax a bit too much with Defender I think. Let us reevaluate in 3-4 months time. Im pretty confident it will stand public testing though very much aware not all welcome this new player - for obvious monetary reasons. They are prepared... Symantec especially and who have the biggest market share? ;) This is more math and accounting than concern for secuirty that is for sure. Microsoft is trying to sneak in by saying it is mainly for those without any AV, yeah right. Hardly anyone notice, hush, hush. They go for maximum market share as always. In this area I welcome MS lust for high numbers since alternatives are worse in one way or the other.

Which reminds me of an exception. Avast just released an almost completely functional beta 5.

General Software Discussion / Re: I'm tired of being told.
« on: October 03, 2009, 03:15 PM »
Oh dont ask to get an idea of what an 18 page Wilders thread is about sayman99, that is pushing it  8) I would guess just about everything or nothing.

Dont know Hitman, or rather have some memories of program downloading and installing a bunch of free different tools. Like a tool for the lazy, bundle scan. Spybot, Ad-aware - faded out I think? Now more or less the same, just more advanced?

I know Wilders and the nature of things there so used to see wonder-tool pop up every now and again. Possible there are meat on story but be more direct with info. From a quick-scan of thread I would say nothing is new.

If you are saying this could be the answer to all infection problems then I suggest you dig into the world of removal :) Tons of highly effective tools available for free. Hitman dude has "written" agreements with vendors because more is better as in 1+1=2 but also because Hitman is nothing on its own. Zero. Nice idea but never going to kick off.

Nope but Mozy should equal quallity. I liked their program last I tried, cant be more than 2 years old experience... Few weeks ago I was told Backblaze was the one to use for online backups Same price. Mozy strangely enough also charge those 5$ a month so why use Mcafee? May be differences when reading whole TOS, like yes you can upload all you like but download is limited. Unlimited Backup not the same as unlimited restore/download - or people would use service for temporary storage  :D

General Software Discussion / Re: I'm tired of being told.
« on: October 02, 2009, 01:25 PM »
Neat. Ive seen infections remove all signature files from Avira so good to know. I thought they only had daily updates for downloads, this includes everything. Malwarebytes also have a tool to replace hijacked update domain, http://mbam.malwareb...abase/mbam-rules.exe Might come in handy one day.

General Software Discussion / Re: I'm tired of being told.
« on: October 02, 2009, 08:26 AM »
Yeah Avira free and updates have been an issue more than once but way better today than years ago I think. Once per day should work but I had no luck encreasing that number. Worked but took like 10-15 min. Could have been another bad day I guess. If you believe in the need for 4-5 updates per day Premium is probably needed. Avira free no worse than MSE which has more than one update per day but is onlly checked for once a day, through WU.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Security Essentials
« on: October 02, 2009, 08:13 AM »
Can you give me details? like a link, Seems like it should be tried again. So after all this testing there is this gigantic bug, but by program or your friend? Not much download and installs itself unless Windows, browser including plugins are year old. Having an AV which recognize infection dont really help, heh. But often how accidents are explained :) MSE do have channels for complaints, forum too so give them hell. If you send me link, and it turns out your friend have not misunderstood something, I will gladly post on their forum. This is MS but they should be extra alert these days.

Reminds of one of the weak points. History cant be saved or exported, 1 click on "Delete history" and it is all gone. Can see some problems in a removal situation. Info and details kind of important. They have said it will be improved in future version.

Try Google Mywebtattoos, SearchGuardPlus, Faster Browser Search - install and you get all products. Typical procedure. You say yes to 1 item, then much more is sneaked in, for "free". Not detected by MSE, browser or Malwarebytes. Really annoying to remove. Another one, not detected by any AV according to Virustotal. Download not by Malwarebytes either - I would think domain is blacklisted though. Is from a list supplying Malwarebytes with IPs. Registryvictor more a scam/rouge than anything else. Scanners cant figure that out, humans better with this

You can easily find 100% reproducible slips without reading emails  :D Can go on and on. Especially easy in the gray area - stuff Malwarebytes and others are good at but in realilty only taken care of by human blocking. You can find Google ads making Malwarebytes go crazy and anyone with a min. of knowhow warn against "do not install". Tragic but how it is. No news but one of the reasons I dont mind MSE taking market shares. The others have had the chance for years. I found pcrunsfast or "errorfix" from Google ad on a malware removal forum of all places. Spells problem out. Malwarebytes know that one, 100% rouge/scam and yet there is no help from any popular AVs. They all will say this is covered, even Windows Defender did.

EDIT: just had to add that if you install Tattoo stuff in IE it is still installed in Firefox. Useragent, search, homepage changed. Toolbar is not on your hd but online. A hidden Firefox extension from IE install!, does not appear in add-ons - cant be removed in other words. Is there but only 1 line in a fbstoolbar.txt file "{7B759CB6-4353-E772-CA81-4DC69D2492D9}". That ID is apparently picked up by entries in prefs.js made during IE installation. So to remove you have to clean up about:config or prefs.js All content in toolbar is online. Crap is targeted young people through spam, Facebook app and Myspace - this company will have a whole range of products. Not many will be able to remove, will instead get used to redirection and fixed sponsored results.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Security Essentials
« on: October 01, 2009, 08:26 PM »
I remember a post on Outpost forum where a moderator or rep. said the same Comodo does about their so so AV. Prevention and the package makes AV less important. Or he concluded that after giving up on chitchat about tests being valid or not. I was considering Outpost because of lifetime license so had to check them out. Pretty much dumped them because of AV. About that time I also lost interest in adblocking, a nice extra Outpost feature. There is good value in that deal you made regardless of Virusbuster not winning medals. I guess I prefer best possible AV than having to rely on my ability to handle advanced firewalls or what they are called. Seems like it is the better way to stop infections, I might lack trust in the method as well. Oh no, I clicked allow so my brilliant idiot proof setup is wasted! What happens. Had a Comodo period a while ago, almost took the fun out of computing  8) Comodo require special interest once you start tinkering but I can believe need for AV is close to zero with perfect settings. Can go wrong in so many ways I doubt that hold water. I hope Outpost Pro is more straightforward. Free version seems like it, default settings very relaxed.

If I set up a Virtualbox with Outpost Pro trial and cant get anywhere with infections while MSE is overrun I might reconsider. Im so low risk user it is boring but still want tiptop security of course  :D Real interest in "firewalls" is mainly system monitoring part not security, I welcome popups. Would much prefer Online Armor since the only one I really like to use. But no 64bit support or obvious alternatives in sight.

General Software Discussion / Re: I'm tired of being told.
« on: October 01, 2009, 05:15 PM »
I think Wilders dude forgets to mention that a good part of "average" users also race around on torrent sites, rapidshare etc.  8) I know what he mean by average and he is spot on, but all he talk about depends entirely on user and usage, no fixed ideas of needs are relevant besides the obvious - a little AV perhaps. You can say more is better, you can say less is better.

98,64% vs. 98,56% is not really much of a difference between Avira free and Premium. I would not lose sleep over that. Free version updates once per day last I tried it. You can force them but not sure that will work. Servers often slow, they might not allow more than 1 update. Regarding scanner I think only difference is "extended antispyware" protection in paid version. What I remember from release notes when version 9 got out.

Actually one of the reasons I only used Avira license for a few months was because of a "useless" internet blocker  :P I understand why Malwarebytes have started with old as dust IP-blocking. Scanners can only do so much and malware makers are of course aware of limitations. What annoys me about Avira is program already have http scanner/blocker - they just dont use it properly. Such a tool must be fed continuously with fresh links. Not easy to test with just some sort of precision but if interested do it over a period of time, get rss-feed from the most updated sources with malware domains. Made me depressed so I uninstalled. Turn off browser filters or it becomes even more tiresome. Some months since I last did such sessions but not hard to take out AV. The success and must-have status of Malwarebytes and a few other tools show this already. Some areas have simply been neglected.

Innuendo, I think Avast has an official goal of giving everyone free antivirus protection. Not a problem but opportunity :) Most other companies will either not have anything for free or limited in one way or another. But how to survive in this business? I think it is clever marketing. They might not really believe free is a goal to make money! but they realize that approach is their chance. Like when Microsoft throw almost free Office packages at students perhaps. Avast, Avast, Avast everywhere. Eventually it will pay off. Dont know but pretty sure Avast is 100% for free stuff, part of their business...

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows Security Essentials
« on: October 01, 2009, 04:33 PM »
Actually Microsoft have been looking good at AV-Comparatives for quite some time now. And they still use OneCare not MSE. Not another Windows Defender and I dont see how they can go zzzzz on this. I have used for as long as possible and can only say I understand why certain companies are busy talking it down  8)

There are some annoyances of course, if used to Kaspersky Suite you will laugh at interface, but I would guess main problem will be how high ram usage is received. Runs smoothly overall but Task Manager do not lie. Not that it matters out in the real world but surely good news for Avira, Avast. Avast soon release version 5 btw. Also looking very nice and I have read it is compatible with MSE. How that works Im not sure of but would be a wicked free package.

Innuendo, I think you should reconsider improving Outpost malware module because Virusbuster leaves something to be desired. MSE is not really unproven so if you want to get closer to magical 100% hitrate you should try it out. Im testing Outpost free right now, just because I can  8) No problems with MSE so should work fine with Pro as well.

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