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Living Room / Re: CPU Question: More Mhz per core or more cores?
« on: February 10, 2011, 03:05 PM »
Upgrading ram can be a painful experience so just to avoid that and assuming price is low it can make sense to go for 16gb. So a nice overkill and ramdisk can always make use of "too much" ram :)

If Session thingy work on places.sqlite it could be or why not. Places is the big one but there are other files. None should be corrupted for smooth operations. If not then may be session saving gets screwed up. New profile, new test - same or better? I don't think Mozilla know how it works internally so trial and error is the way to go ;)

I have tried increasing session saving interval but could never tell any difference.

Look for places.last_vacuum

Our cache code is ancient and sucks. The cache files get fragmented immediately and severely. They are accessed in insane patterns and they get laid out insanely on disk. There are some efforts to improve the code, but I suspect that’s equivalent to putting lipstick on a pig.

Looks even better. Opensource = open mouthed :)

No I am not. But from 3.6 I am confident that places.sqlite is vacuumed https://bugzilla.moz...ow_bug.cgi?id=512854 Session restore use other files or so I guess, not sure it was relevant to bring up. Programs like CCleaner vacuums all sqlite files in profile.

I have sometimes noticed a somewhat faster awesomebar after vacumming but there is a long way to starting up Process Explorer to investigate. I don't think session restore cry for being vacuumed can cause such problems. Corruption probably can.

Sqlite stuff used on 4 must be the same as on 3.6 right? Just a type of library? Then it is difficult to understand 4 feels so much faster and more responsive when it also does much more. Endless history based on automated detection for one. Like now there are no limits at all. Disk cache also 250mb. I think truth is 3.x sucks with this but just have never seen anyone complaining about session restore being such a pain when it does what it is supposed to do. Must be very weak computer then - most never notice, a non issue but when sqlite files are involved much can happen.

"Our cache code is ancient and sucks. " from a Mozilla developer last summer :) Not like they don't know though he mostly talk of file fragmentation. http://blog.mozilla..../file-fragmentation/ see under Preliminary Conclusions. More from their wiki https://wiki.mozilla...acuum#Vacuum_on_idle no date but I guess early 2009. Things move slowly with Mozilla, they talk and wiki away before they implement.

23.09.09 was birth of mini vacuum, see item 17 http://forums.mozill...415&hilit=vacuum

But vacuum'ing is build in since 3.5 and should not really be relevant on a fresh install - or even old since it just runs automatically. 10 secs bumps does fit default saving interval of 10000ms but what if sqlite file is corrupted?, what happens then is probably not optimal for fast computing. Why Avast exclude it I think. Sensitive crap on old Firefox. Sqlite Manager https://addons.mozil...ddon/sqlite-manager/ is an add on that can check for "integrity". Not sure but think 4 also has build in check for this, about time since many have had these problems. Typically cookies.sqlite (experienced when sites do not work properly!) Delete them or make new profile is only solution. Always works.

I can't imagine Firefox without session manager + text area cache so it is hard to swallow that turning it all off is a solution to anything :P

3.5? or was it 3.6 - pretty sure there is some sort of vacuum magic build in. Mozillas interval for doing this is probably once a month or something.

How did you disable that session restore? Unless you did it through about:config and settings in "Completely disabling session store" section at it is still alive.

If you have 50 tabs open and they have been running for a while then may be you will notice small pauses but you should not. Does it happen with just 1 tab open? Anything special with that Firefox? Try a new profile or Session Manager https://addons.mozil...don/session-manager/ Tab Mix Plus also has its own Session Manager. Toolbars/Plugins like AVGs can do something like this but Firefox itself should not - even with long list of potential Firefox problems in mind.

Pauses, hiccups, freezes - yes, yes but not with a std. build in feature used by millions and I think rarely complained about. We will see, I vote solved for now  8)

Tweaks, working or not, are very popular with Firefox but when did you last see interval ms mentioned? That is because no one ever notice session manager causing problems so I am skeptical. New computer, new 7, what must be close to default Firefox should not get anyone to start up Process Explorer. Avast exclude sessionrestore file per default to avoid problems but is exclusive to Avast I would think. Don't know about MSE.

Much better, and more!, I/O is one of the greatest new features of version 4 but old one should not be that bad.

Living Room / Re: which is more important, system ram or video ram?
« on: February 08, 2011, 01:13 PM »
4 is enough but I am confident your Gigabyte support x6. Even my old GA-MA790FX-DS5 does. They are good with bios updates. I did not take advantage of that for long but one of the positive things with AMD is you can start with a Sempron and end up with X6 on same motherboard, using same DDR2 ram as well.

One thing that annoys me about 965 is the lousy std. cooler. I guess they figured most will never tax all cores so why not save money on that. May be also a matter of bios and rpm management but mine was over sensitive. Reacted instantly to even minor tasks. Was also not comfortable doing stress-tests, temp got a bit high. Over their recommend max actually. Was better when I used cpu on that old motherboard because rpms were insane, up to 7500rpm if I remember correctly. Newer max was 3500 regardless of bios settings. Open the door for problems and strange bug reports, when some say cpu overheat with no overclocking they could be right. I think 7500rmp is the correct number once all cores are hard at work - which is like never but encoding videos can do it. 3500 is fine for games and such. Also possible 7500 was a bios bug, seems to fit cooling need in extreme situations better though.

If Intel can change vm support randomly AMD can also silently change or fix cooler. What you get might work better.

Living Room / Re: which is more important, system ram or video ram?
« on: February 08, 2011, 11:46 AM »
I use a cheap 870 version of the mentioned Gigabyte motherboard with cheap 4x4gb ram. And amd 965be, works fine. Don't need server specs but might be good to check ram vs. motherboard. With 4x4gb lowering ram speed is hopefully enough. When I first clicked them in bsods came quickly, 1333 -> 1066 necessary. Good thing is timings are a lot better at that speed, in real life no difference outside benchmarks or special task.

I would get a 6 core cpu and manually oc my way to more mhz. X6 1055T does not cost much more than a 965be does it?

Don't forget to buy a bunch of monitors or you will get dizzy from alt-tabbing :)

Developer's Corner / Re: Web Page Slideshow Recommendations?
« on: February 08, 2011, 04:00 AM »
Yeah but her product seems to be thin air and yet she succeeds in making it in to a business. She found a niche market and is good at what she does. Same with plugins for web stuff. If you make slider no. 37 it should be different in a positive way if not having unique features. Or if a typical internet marketer got the idea of charging for being a software promotion consultant that would most likely be a scam because he/she have no clue of that particular market.

Yes DNN has "Mega" menu http://www.snowcover...&PackageID=20484 140$ for admin version though. Advantage with WP version is it can hold widgets or practically any content, contact form, google map etc. Don't know it Mega can do that. That site is overkill when not in to DNN.

Developer's Corner / Re: Web Page Slideshow Recommendations?
« on: February 08, 2011, 02:12 AM »
Does DNN have something like Ubermenu? I have seen them before, pro coders do not buy scripts for 10$, but one of those plugins many probably don't know they "need". Menus have not really evolved much since those old famous ones from DynamicDrive were all over the place.

Developer's Corner / Re: Web Page Slideshow Recommendations?
« on: February 08, 2011, 01:43 AM »
Is amazing how much money there must be in marketing. Ever heard of demogirl? She made a name for her self by making screencasts, uploaded them to Youtube of course. For free, just a hobby. She still does it but way less than before because now there is a price tag :) Any idiot can do that but most are not that good.

Developer's Corner / Re: Web Page Slideshow Recommendations?
« on: February 08, 2011, 12:33 AM »
In another thread you said you knew how to promote software in a very effective way. If you are correct many will probably be happy to pay a modest sum for a well writing ebook :) Can include info on how to set up sites, may be even find a platform for spitting out sites your self. You being a developer, with web dev experience and all counts more than unrelated credentials. You can sell your self better than yet another dude who can help with a website and hosting plan.

Software devs. can be idiots with websites, promotion - don't see the point in how-to screencasts and other informative boring stuff that can mean tons to users. Whole area is confusing, loads of offers left and right - you just spend hours looking for a little slider. Targeting a specific group is more than a stupid niche idea since you are part of it. Question is how much money they want to spend ;)

Developer's Corner / Re: Web Page Slideshow Recommendations?
« on: February 07, 2011, 10:33 PM »
Site is mostly a museum of web dev history but they still update and make new scripts from time to time. There must be a few still not on cms/blog tool or able to make use of scripts without plugins.


Developer's Corner / Re: Web Page Slideshow Recommendations?
« on: February 07, 2011, 03:01 PM »
Seems like 9 out of 10 themes at Themeforest http://themeforest.n...t/category/wordpress use big ass front page sliders, find one you like and copy them - or figure out what they use. Most will be jquery based, variations of the same. Difference is tweaks from pretty graphics. If you don't use Wordpress then travel forums for that script, I will guess same jqeury is used but how-to implement should probably be looked up.

Or look at their javascript dep. for slider

Developer's Corner / Re: Web Page Slideshow Recommendations?
« on: February 07, 2011, 02:34 PM »
I think most of this is based on Jquery Cycle Plugin At least in Wordpress world. There are plugins for the plugins or something. Search "jquery cycle plugin banner" or similar. May be add "+tutorial"

Not that I would attempt to do it my self, but keywords will give hits. If you go "yes, of course" trick is to find a site which does not just copy and paste. There is always jquery forum http://forum.jquery....query-banner-rotator If you use Wordpress it is silly not to make use of existing plugins. Can be free like Meteor Slide or paid like uBillboards or Easing slider which is free but has a Premium version First impression counts = $ to be made ;) The free Meteor has the advantage of being able to use all features of jquery plugin not just a handful chosen to be visible in settings.

DynamicDrive might have something like Ultimate fade-in slideshow http://www.dynamicdr.../fadeinslideshow.htm if you have brilliant pics nothing beats precisely adjusted and slick fade-in :) Different taste but if fade-in is just right I don't think many get tired of it, does not scream for attention like perhaps more impressive effects.

Because of money and insight in how people use their computers? In it turns out that all you really really need is a browser Google wants to deliver so they can collect. They are preparing for the future, if that is next month, next year - from this or that device Google of course wants to be there. Why open the door for another Facebook monster? Make people use the browser/mini-OS -> make money with, for and from the people :)

Can also ask so why the hell is there something called Google TV??? - same answer. In Googles case they probably don't even think money or taxes, just deep thoughts about where future markets will be. Figure that out and current costs are of no importance. Control or just being first = more money than you can imagine.

Developer's Corner / Re: Choosing a CMS
« on: February 04, 2011, 10:22 AM »
Baker was one of my failed research on support. Some years ago they had internal dev. problems (or so I remember it), nothing really happened. Some talk of forking. I gave up and discovered S9Y (at that time way better than WP). I was wrong and Baker still an alternative. WP has always sucked with control/admin panel, I remember that area was a clear winner with Baker. Means a lot though much might simply be visual tricks and preferences. WP just seem clumsy and annoying in comparison to me. Plugins and hacks can fix anything but still. Same with those admin panels from themes/frameworks, if they feel hopeless nothing good comes out of efforts. Problems I focused on were not so big selection of plugins and themes. But said with tinkering as a goal, not an important feature with Baker once it is approved and in working condition. Less can be better.

But tons more can also be cool :) mahesh2k, check out Suffusion just another them it is not. Child themes (more and more hooks and filters though I doubt many use them, yet), Buddypress, custom css, custom php, import/export, own custom post type gui, constantly new stuff coming (also negative but nm for now). Don't focus on need for prettifying or optimizing, do not check number of queries - he knows. Pretend it is perfect! Can you not see this is best described as a framework for theme production? Very very wrong to use that patented term but you can understand where it comes from? If not you are hopeless.

This type of beast is probably best suited for those who strongly believe in personal websites, for better and worse. Only little build-in elegance here, good chance of blood sweat and tears. Pic show how it deals with widgets, including ad hoc widgets - each can be 1-5 columns. Add some widget logic and most is per page, per post, per category, per tag etc.

Developer's Corner / Re: Choosing a CMS
« on: February 04, 2011, 05:30 AM »
Making a website does not mean coding a theme! In the real world more advanced group use custom css via  framework type of themes like Atahulapa with 200+ settings, import/export of presets and what not. Has not much to do with the one Renegade tried but both are normal themes according to your definition. To understand obvious difference the term framework pops up again and again. Just how it is regardless you disagree because favorite criterias are not met. I doubt "production level framework" add meaning or sell tickets, so keep that for TRUE frameworks.

Business is everything from a part time hobbyist who will look at Themeforest to big companies who do not rely on other peoples code or graphical work. You cannot define business either but why should those who use or also use Woothemes not be without interst for automated design and tasks? That is probably the very reason they use Woothemes! Woothemes solves tasks via theme wide tools? The way they do is wrong! And they definitely don't make websites, only blogs - that is a very important distinction. As important as declaring Wordpress is not a CMS. Any production value must be one of those faked ones? I think you are a little biased to own choices.

Developer's Corner / Re: Choosing a CMS
« on: February 03, 2011, 04:53 PM »
Well it is how the real WP world populated with real/amateur users look like outside of dev circles - of which there are more than one btw, check Themeforest. Not everyone use frameworks but there are tons of developers. Is close to stating the obvious actually. I would guess people use what they find suit them the best not arguments of what is what. Following promises about endless opportunities, how frameworks present them self, is what make some run back or return to fixed solutions like a normal theme. You seem to miss that. There must be a match or it won't work.

Your point of view is exclusively focused on development as in producing sites, that is what I can't see being relevant. The advantages you focus on are not really useful for that many.

We can agree Woothemes call their engine for Wooframework right? That they use stuff like sidebar, shortcode manger, admin panel as basis for this? The Term is broadly used and recognized as I have described it. Google it.

I don't know what he is wants but I just saw a WP site - and mention of being let down by plugins before, no desire to invent anything, not recognizing the "fun" part of messing about seeking solutions. In other words a potential user for a theme framework preventing most typical problems/annoyances and tasks, that is the whole idea with them and reason behind success of Woothemes.

Wordpress official def.

A Theme framework is a Theme designed to be a flexible foundation for quicker WordPress development, usually serving as a robust Parent Theme for Child Themes. Some Theme frameworks can also make theme development more accessible, removing the need for programming or design knowledge with options pages.

I note they mention Atahualpa which is a theme rarely defined as a framework by either maker or users on the forum. I understand why though. You should pay attention to "usually" "can also" ;)

A better link, Woothemes discuss what is a framework and how close one of their big seller Canvas is to be "fully fledged" http://www.woothemes...theme-framework-huh/ Author of your approved framework Hybrid comments:

I would consider the WooThemes Framework an actual theme framework and Canvas an advanced parent theme built off that framework. I regularly use the WooThemes Framework and Carrington as examples of what “real” theme frameworks are.

Developer's Corner / Re: Choosing a CMS
« on: February 03, 2011, 02:00 PM »
Yes but not much of what you say if relevant if we think 1 man, 1 website or just step outside of your dev cave :) Renegade probably do not care so much about these features of some framework. He might be interested in easy to use admin panel which makes up huge part of a framework and what you typically do not get from a normal theme. Wooframework and elegantthemes epanel including stuff like shortcodes are the same in all themes, page templates the same (more or less). Woothemes sidebar manager works with all themes. That is why they are considered frameworks but not all frameworks are a like. Semantics ;)

If you find similar intros to Thesis, Headway which are those I have seen you will notice same focus on ease of use via some sort of control panel, just as must targeting newbies. They go after persons who either have little experience or have previously been fighting a theme trying to make changes. Could also be plugins since they are taken care of to some degree. Keyword is EASY not mass production. Somehow they don't focus so much on their own limitations. There might not be many but depends on match between wishes/ideas and framework, much is simply visual evaluation. If Renegade fall in love with elegantthemes but rush out and buy Genesis he is in for a surprise. Does not matter he dream of 50 child themes (all smelling big time of coming from the same mother) and have read on a forum Genesis is supposed to be good with that. Where some go wrong and later return to a more matching solution requiring less studying and experimenting. As you say they, like min. 9 out of 10, have limited needs. Most people value results higher than features they have no need for.

There are quite a few webdevelopers who buy themes for "clients" at Themeforest shop for much the same reason. Why try to make features you don't have the time or skills to do? They modify based on best fitting theme more than develop. Frameworks are not a solution since they do not have the power to produce so different output (much is eyecandy) so in a way frameworks are also fixed one shot solutions. They trap you. Any showcase page will spell that out as well and they are supposed to be top of the pops. You can typically tell what is in engine room, variations of the same - close to more of the same ;) That they are better for some developers since they can repeat code and their habits, way of thinking over and over is not relevant.

WP is a beast with bugfixing and updates but sure if you are confident whatever you use will get "3.1 ready" as it previously got "3.0 ready" there are no problems or higher risk than with other things in life. But unless you know background etc. for a plugin or a theme you cannot know, only hope. Major problem with those often unknown devs at Themeforest, less with handpicked companies that are ALWAYS mentioned and hyped but still a good idea to check out level and quality of support before jumping in bed with any of them. If foundation for Genesis were wobbling you would never base your development on that framework since you are delivering a product to customers. Will kick your butt sooner than later. Private users have same concerns or they should have.

Developer's Corner / Re: Choosing a CMS
« on: February 03, 2011, 05:11 AM »
Woothemes is based on WooFramework as per Woothemes. Is a matter of definition and who you are that decides what is called a framework. Their definition on front page is perfect since it clarifies difference to most normal themes. Purely technical but Elegantthemes with "best place for newbie" claim on frontpage is not identical to high priced stuff at Genesis site that is true. I knew you would say this but tried to avoid it by adding the group inviting to manual work :) Btw, I have seen quite a few who have been more than happy to dump every framework and instead use one of the better free themes. They can have more control panel options even. I think frameworks are a bit overrated unless you actually want to "build" for real. I also have doubts about that actually. Where are those sites? And as relevant how much did they cost? Why does Genesis have a big department of ready to go themes, sorry child themes? Don't you think they earn the most money from potential Elegantthemes buyers? They just prefer the business like Genesis smell and have more money to spend. Their stuff might be better for real developers or I would hope so. You don't really need a framework, just another and for some easier and safer environment. Easier when it fits that is. If it really does fit then site is practically done with build in modification tools - no custom design required. On my local wp forum the oldies warn against these solutions because they have seen so many run in to a brick wall and eventually figure out that the only way is the personal way! They do like Woothemes though. Last year they have improved is all I will say. Their point is tools are not super flexible even if that is how they are presented. I can agree but it also depends.

Take a look at the 900+ themes at Themeforest to see why I focus on support and who is behind. Or just My favorite is a dude who will give updates to those who follow him on Twitter. I am skeptical, need to see some established something to be sure. I would not even say these 2 frameworks are established unless I check activity level. They are on a roll because many prefer ease of use :) In the case of elegantthemes also very low price for so many themes.

Yeah I know what you meant but thought idea of anti-google autoblogs was fun. Spreading the word will also do but may be not that many will find it wise to complain loudly. Does not take much courage to comment on his blog since he kind of started the topic. Most with an interest in this area are partners with Google in one way or another.

Developer's Corner / Re: Choosing a CMS
« on: February 03, 2011, 04:09 AM »
Yes - or you could try one of the frameworks which should have better guarantee for ease of use and less risk of wasting time. If you take a look at this intro video http://www.elegantth.../features/index.html you can see how they are. Simply more options, various type of presets, can include plugins as well. Not even sure this guy call his stuff for a framework but same thing. If you find an almost perfect theme on a framework site this is easiest way to get somewhere fast.

His stuff is so designer classy that messing about with them might be limited but then find another one. Woothemes are very popular and easy, click Theme Playground at bottom, sign up for a WP account and you get own site with all there themes, can test their framework. If this type of setting up a webstie is completely out of the question you don't have to look at other frameworks. I think most will either have even more options or invite to manual work - very useful for those who make a living by doing that.

These companies can also vanish but not likely, also not likely you need to worry about plugins, compatibility problems. They have support forums where you can find answers, tricks and hacks, avoid racing around testing more or less unknown plugins etc.

If interested in one of those Elegantthemes I can probably send you a trial or something. I have license to download page. Not even sure I like many of them, too much design but he is definitely good with Photoshop. Even his FAQ theme reeks of style.

Developer's Corner / Re: Choosing a CMS
« on: February 02, 2011, 10:12 PM »
Theme was last updated 2010-04-13 so a few months before 3.0 = likely compatibility problems. Test with default theme should work then? The theme I follow a bit has 30000+ code lines, much come from tons of ever breeding theme features but changelog often have references to WP it self or popular plugins. You can get pretty screwed if what you use is dead or dying, what happens now 3.1 is around the corner? Part of the fun :)

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