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General Software Discussion / Re: Good news for any InfoSelect users
« on: November 04, 2009, 02:24 PM »
1- In the past , every time I asked Miclog about any upcoming features or some kind of hint at something I would get the standard reply about company policy not to discuss any future developments ! Go to any Mac software developer and pose any question you like ,they'll most likely answer you the same day ! You think most of these guys are your best friend they reply to everything and are so helpful , they even ask you to check out the competition and identify them for you before you purchase see for example Scrivener
2-Yes you can run Windows and all applications using emulator which is just as fast as a native windows , while running Mac apps see , I use VMware Fusion .
3-Yes, Memory Mate was clean and simple !!
4-Info select is definetly over priced, the subscription I thought was a good deal , but 3 years without upgrade its not such a great offer after all .
5-I don't think they'll ever  by an IS for OS X  , they just don't have the friendly culture and customer service .

General Software Discussion / An 'old timers' experience with InfoSel
« on: September 22, 2009, 01:37 PM »
Hello there , I just ran in to this forum and thought would register just to make this comment since I moved to Mac 3 years ago , and still trying to settle for an InfoSel equivalent !! I loved Infosel and still do, I have been using it since 1999 and used MemoryMate in the mid and late eighties , (still have the original 5 1/4 inch disks of MM!)
I proselytized every chance I got about it . When I headed a major IT dept in 2004 ,  with 50 satellite offices , I wrote to Info Sel to come to an arrangement to develop a version with RTL support so it is usable for Arabic. They told me that it would cost me $120,000 plus buying a licence for each user !!!!!! This was really a great disappointment, even a major international IT consultant laughed at their proposal : pay all the development cost and not even get a reasonable number of free user licences. I have kept checking any new release of InfoSel , as they apparently worked in a two years upgraded interval as far as I can tell , but this upgrade is delayed I guess since they were waiting to get  a new version with Windows 7 . A great software but poor customer and business relations ! So thats my InfoSel experience. As far as the Mac the best close contender is DevonThinkPro Office and Eagle filer . But they are not all in one as InfoSel is , but then you can't compare a Windows to Os X .

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