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Site/Forum Features / Re: Shortcomings of DC and How to Improve
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:51 PM »
Lotus im going to move your post to a brand new thread about improving the site -- i don't think this thread is the right place for it.

Yeah right, then nobody cares. It's blast to oblivion by a single button. Go for it.

Site/Forum Features / Shortcomings of DC and How to Improve
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:36 PM »
One last thought -- I think it might be productive to have a thread on things we are doing poorly here on DC -- and ways we could improve.  There is always room for that.

Why don't we start by compiling such a list, let's say,by Day 2? Or a tangible action plan to improve the site (excluding software/site maintenance)? Or a list of new major apps (> 2000 downloads) that have been released since the last fundraiser, etc.?

Or maybe revamp the Reviews section?

Most of the entries in the reviews section are way outdated, except for the first entry which was posted in 2006, the rest were all posted in or before 2007! What happened in the last 4 years in this section?

I know there are big plans to rebuild the section, on and off, off and on since 2006:

And then?

And please, please, post a big list of detailed improvements to the site/offerings for the last 4 years (since the first fundraiser), or this fundraiser is really looking like a bit tongue-in-cheek to me. I don't represent the donors but I don't think it's good idea to drive up the enthusiasm and expectations of donors every time during the fundraisers with not much come to pass afterwards.

@ lotusrootstarch -
I'm wondering why you keep coming back - i.e. what (if anything) do you find positive here to make it worth your while coming back and posting.

Because you guys can potentially do better but with all the yes-sayers and fanboys around it's pretty hard to really move ahead you know.

Mouser u know ur argument, while seemingly valid, is like saying Red Cross does not need to have accountability for the donations they receive -- because people are free to donate whatever amount they like, whatever they feel the org is worth to them.

I know that when the fund-raising event gets scheduled, it's done on time. And to hell with the roadmap, the planned stuff, the ideas, they all get sidetracked and mothballed until next time there's an event like the fundraiser and all these get brought up to the front all over again and then forgotten again.

If we were to bring back today someone who initially visited the site and participated on the forum back in 2009 when he donated during the fundraiser, will he be able to perceive any noticeable development to the site after two years of absence?

I'll bet he'll have a strong feeling of "isn't that the same old sh*?".

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