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General Software Discussion / Re: Complaint: Softwrap (nasty eula)
« on: September 21, 2009, 07:17 AM »
Just to give you some feedback on Softwrap as the DRM has progressed as it needs to over time.

The EULA is in place and follows the legal lines for software installation.

The technology will allow you to purchase and activate on your PC and with the same license you can activate it two more times if your PC crashes or for any normal reason.

If you use up your two additional activations, you can simply email [email protected] with your licensing details and they can re-set it to allow you to activate further times. The control is put on so that users cannot place their license details online for others to activate for free or for them to purchase 1 license and activate the software on any number of PC's in their office.

We are not looking to make owning software difficult and if you have an internet connection activation takes 5 seconds. Unfortunately there are just too many people who share keys and software illegally and legitimate companies are losing a lot of money which they spend on development and marketing and deserve to earn this back.

I would like to think that Softwrap looks after customers who use their DRM and our support team are friendly and efficient in doing this. Our intentions are not to penalise the honest users and work hard to keep our solution very user friendly.

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