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Yeah but it didn't work with the value U supplied.

Thanx anyway.

Ahhh...  My favorite script in the world. :)

If anyone's interested I haven't had the DEP problem since a clean reinstall of XP.  I guess the problem was caused by some other 3rd party addon.
Some bugs:
1.  When I used the GUI for multiple extraction WinRar asked me the password for a Rar file.  I cancelled via the WinRar prompt but Smart Unpack still deleted the archive.  Had I only been extracting 1 file I would have got an information message from Smart Unpack & the archive would remain safe & sound.

2.  I used Smart Unpack on an archive which had these characters in the filename: 专辑  It seems any of those foreign characters cause Smart Unpack to delete the archive & the temporary file leaving you with nothing!

If configured to recycle files, it'll now properly recycle split archive files in all variations (rar).

I love this.  After extraction files can be in a different order & sometimes filenames are too long to be able to see an extension.  As time has gone by I've realized how reassuring it is to have 50 split archives automatically deleted when an extraction is complete.  No chance of deleting the wrong file or not deleting one of the correct ones.

Still not working:
Prevent multiple instances. Please don't select several files and unpack them via the context menu. If you want to unpack several files at once, use the GUI.

I know this feature is not supported but I wish it was.  Maybe you have been waiting for an excuse to get back to playing with this!

When I unpack multiple archives at the same time they seem to unpack OK because the temporary folders in the root of the drive remain.  Wouldn't it be possible for Smart Unpack to check if it is already running & queue extractions like the GUI version if neccesary? 

Coding Snacks / Re: CLIPSTEP from Skrommel; Script MOD
« on: December 10, 2007, 07:29 AM »
Hey TWmailrec, you've sure been busy.

Thanks for those early posts directed to me.  I didn't receive notice of replies.  I just tried your beta but the flickering & method of displaying the selected clip is personally not userfriendly.

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Toggle Hidden Files and Folders
« on: December 10, 2007, 07:08 AM »
Barnacle isn't displaying the toolbar's buttons for me but thanks.

I may troubleshoot it when I get some time.

Sorry about my late reply.  I didn't receive email notifications of the replies.

You guys are the best.  I should have posted here sooner.  I Googled for days & couldn't turn up anything.

tinjaw, I tried your solution & it didn't work.

Daleus, I then tried your solution & it didn't work either.

So I tried TweakUI & that didn't work!!!!!

BUT I tried other settings in TweakUI & found that the GUI describes the wrong setting.  When I set TweakUI to "Never show drive letters" I in fact had the setting to place drive letters at the beginning of all my drives.

I looked in the registry & this is the key TweakUI created:

Thanx to all of you who helped.

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