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Hi guys.

I have had a program called Ditto installed on my PC 4 over a year at least.
It keeps multiple items in the clipboard.  In theory it sounds very useful but I've found I never use it.

What I do think would work though is this.  A program that adds everything copied as a new item in the clipboard.  When I press Ctrl + V it pastes the most recent data BUT if I keep the Ctrl key depressed & press V again it instead pastes the second most recent item & so on & son...

So when U hold Ctrl you can tap the V key 2 cycle back through the items in your clipboard.  When U get 2 the end it can return 2 the most recent item.  And, if U go past the entry U were looking 4 keep the Ctrl key depressed but tap the B key (since it is next 2 the V key) 2 cycyle throught the clipboard in the opposite direction.

Can it B done?

Thanx 4 replying Mouser.

I've tried a few but nothing I've used has been better than the Task Manager so far.

A mouse hover tooltip that names the process that is hogging the CPU would also B cool.

I'm trying Process Tamer right now.  It would be good 2 know when the CPU is maxing out.

Hi guys!

My first post!  I signed up hoping someone would think my idea would B worth working on.

I run the Windows Task Manager @ startup & have it minimized 2 the system tray.  It displays a bar which moves up & down depending on the CPU load.  One thing I've noticed is that the bar can B full when the CPU is running @ something like 95%.  This gives the impression that the CPU is overloaded when it is not.

I thought if the bar was color coded green for low CPU usage & the higher the usage the color would change through greens, blues (?), oranges, yellows & finally red.

If the CPU is overloaded it would B cool if the red becomes the background color & @ the bottom a white bar moves up 2 the top & back down again 2 indicate it is maxing out.  Maybe the white bar can do something different each time it shows itself, like moving side 2 side, diagonally, the red bar following the white bar instead of the white bar moving back down after reaching the top etc.

Cool idea?

Thanx 4 looking.

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